The Grimmwood Book Project is a GoFundMe campaign to get my book published independently. The first four chapters are available here on this page to read for free and if you like it, you can click on the link to the fund page and pre-purchase a copy of the finished product. Hardcopy books are AU$20 and eBooks are AU$13 per copy.

Thanks so much for your support and also any feedback you would like to leave via the blog. I appreciate all of it.


Luna Grimmwood is a woman with a dark history she’s desperately trying to shed, but when an in-human killer starts dropping bodies, she realises that no matter how far she runs, or how much she denies her true nature, it refuses to be ignored.

Chapters 1-4

Gw chap 1

Gw Chap 2

Gw chap 3

Gw chap 4



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