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The Wild Feminine

Gender Norms and Sexuality from a Pagan Perspective What is it about female sexuality and independent women which our Christian Western society has always found so threatening? In Paganism the feminine is given as much reverence and gratitude as the masculine, unlike Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions… Continue Reading “The Wild Feminine”

Samhain AKA Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday around the world and lots of people engage in trick-or-treating with their kids, but where does the tradition come from? In Gaelic history it was originally called Samhain (pronounced sow-win) and it is one of the fire festivals on… Continue Reading “Samhain AKA Halloween”

Creating an Altar Space

If you’re just starting your journey into witchcraft, one of the important first steps is creating an altar. But what do you need an altar for, and is there a “correct” way to arrange everything? A lot of people think of altars like they… Continue Reading “Creating an Altar Space”

Ouija Boards & The Tarot

What are Ouija boards and the Tarot? Where do they come from and are they safe to use? These are highly contensious questions which are still hotly debated so I thought I would give you my personal experience with both of these things. Ouija… Continue Reading “Ouija Boards & The Tarot”

Different Types of Witchcraft

If you’re interested in starting a witchcraft practice of your own, there are many different paths you can choose to explore. Witchcraft allows for people to self-determine their spirituality and also to change their minds throughout the journey. What works for you at one… Continue Reading “Different Types of Witchcraft”

How to Set Boundaries

If you suffer from chronic people-pleasing, or find that other people are constantly using you, there are things you need to start doing to set up healthy boundaries for yourself. You can also watch the video version below; When it comes to boundaries, prevention… Continue Reading “How to Set Boundaries”

Emapths and Codependent Relationships

What happens when you get two empaths or two codependents, or one of each, in a relationship? Is it a match made in heaven or hell? Can they help each other out, or do they just create a toxic mess? To be honest, that… Continue Reading “Emapths and Codependent Relationships”

What do Tattoos Signify?

What is the deeper meaning behind why we mark our skin? Tattooing, branding and ceremonial scarring could be as old as cave art and can be found in different cultures across the globe. From South Pacific Islands and Australia to the Vikings and ancient… Continue Reading “What do Tattoos Signify?”