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Cord Cutting Ritual

Human connection is a funny thing. Sometimes it is a civilized and conscious act, other times it is purely instinctual and occasionally it is intentionally possessive or toxic. In spiritual terms, this is referred to as cords, barbs and hooks. The purpose of a… Continue Reading “Cord Cutting Ritual”

Being an Empath

The mirror reflects in reverse, a perfectly backwards representation of the self. Some people avoid their reflection, ashamed of the imperfections it reveals while others become enamored with what they see, using it to feed their empty ego. Others see nothing more than what… Continue Reading “Being an Empath”

Shadow People, Watchers & Zozo

Perhaps you have seen something tall, dark and hooded from the corner of your eye. It may have been watching you. You may have caught a glimpse of it directly and seen the glowing red eyes. If you have ever experienced the shadow people… Continue Reading “Shadow People, Watchers & Zozo”

Self Care Ritual

If you start a spiritual path, chances are you will need to start practicing self-care first. Everyone needs to do it, but often empaths and people who’re hyper-aware of the spirit world need to do it a lot more and to a higher degree… Continue Reading “Self Care Ritual”

Cleansing Ritual

So you’ve come to a cross-roads in life. Embrace the spiritual, or live in fear of it. Take life by the horns, or become it’s bitch. If you’re living with a negative or dark entity, there are ways to push them out of your… Continue Reading “Cleansing Ritual”

Pre-Cognitive Abilities

Have you ever known something with absolute certainty, but it is impossible to know because it hasn’t happened yet? I once had lunch with my uncle at a local pub where there’s a tradition of raffling a tray of fresh meats for people to… Continue Reading “Pre-Cognitive Abilities”

Body Shaming

OK people, we need to talk. First up, when did we start believing that having bones, muscles, skin, ligaments, vital organs and fat deposits warranted shaming? A lot of people would say that religion is at the root of all this trouble, but I’m… Continue Reading “Body Shaming”

Receiving Abundance

At the moment there’s a lot of buzz around “receiving abundance” but what does that actually mean and why do we care? Not everyone dreams of being rich and famous, or having a boat or living in a mansion or wearing fancy clothes. Some… Continue Reading “Receiving Abundance”