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Love Spell

Rune Magic Hot Chocolate When it comes to using runes, most witches are familiar with the divination tool of rune stones, but they can be used for so much more. Carving runes into your magical tools, creating sigils for a spell, or in this… Continue Reading “Love Spell”

The Light Body & Heart Chakra

The Heart Centre and Infinity Symbol Light Spectrums Human beings can see light within a very specific range of frequencies: between infra-red at the base range and ultra-violet at the top range. It’s the spectrum of light which we see in a rainbow when… Continue Reading “The Light Body & Heart Chakra”

Curse Repellent

Reverse a Curse with Mirror Magic and the Evil-Eye It’s rare to actually experience someone actively attacking your life energetically. However, when you do come under fire, rather than waste your own energy on retaliation, it’s far more effective to bounce their negativity back… Continue Reading “Curse Repellent”

Hecate: Goddess of Witchcraft

Hecate or Hekate is a fascinating figure within Ancient Greek mythology. Known in the Wiccan and witchcraft community as the Goddess of Witchcraft, she is often conflated with the triple moon goddess for a number of reasons which I’ll explain below, however she is… Continue Reading “Hecate: Goddess of Witchcraft”

Wands & Circle Casting

The Basics of Ritual When it comes to practicing witchcraft, it’s important to know the basics of ritual. This can apply to both solo practitioners as well as covens. The basic building blocks of a ritual are cleansing the space, setting up your quarters… Continue Reading “Wands & Circle Casting”

Good Luck Spell & Wreath Magic

A door wreath is often something we only think about doing at Christmas (or Yule for the pagans) but it should be a regular part of your witchy practice to draw in positive energy and good luck throughout the year. A wreath is a… Continue Reading “Good Luck Spell & Wreath Magic”

Alchemy & Astrology

When it comes to the study of alchemy, the symbolism carries a lot of hidden meaning. In particular the symbols which represent both the astrological bodies and common metals can convey a lot of layered messaging. Lets take a look at how the concept… Continue Reading “Alchemy & Astrology”

Divine Timing

I was talking to my Dad who is almost 80 years old now and a Druid himself back in the day. We were discussing the lockdown situation unfolding and how he had been born during WW2 but he had never seen times like this.… Continue Reading “Divine Timing”