Receiving Abundance

At the moment there’s a lot of buzz around “receiving abundance” but what does that actually mean and why do we care?

Not everyone dreams of being rich and famous, or having a boat or living in a mansion or wearing fancy clothes. Some people’s ideas of paradise are being debt-free, raising chickens and growing their own fruit and vegetables. So the real question is, how importance is abundance?

First of all, I’m going to give you a test.

Q1. Are you comfortable receiving compliments?

Q2. Are you happy to receive favours from other people without feeling like there are strings attached?

Q3. Are you comfortable receiving help from others?

If you answered no to all or even any of these questions then you have a problem with receiving full-stop.

Being receptive is not about being a schmuck, which some people have been taught to believe that it is. Being able to receive with grace, thanks, and without strings is one of the greatest challenges most people have to overcome in life.

Some people deliberately offer help in order to put pressure on others to give when they don’t want to in return. This is not giving in it’s true form and it’s a lie that any kind of obligation is tied to it. You are perfectly within your rights as a sovereign human being to either decline the gift in the first place or to accept it and then reject any pressure to reciprocate.

A lot of the time we’re taught that other people owe us something or that we owe other people something, simply by existing. The truth is; nobody owes anyone anything ever. Not your parents, not your children, not your spouse, not your co-workers and not your boss. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you explicitly agree to terms, such as in a contract. All other reciprocation is purely from the goodness of our hearts and in order to maintain society and community.

If you operate from the view point that nothing is owed, then receiving something is a beautiful and gracious thing done with love and giving something is a beautiful and gracious thing done with love. When you start looking at it from that perspective, the string are cut and the weight is lifted from your shoulders. Guilt and obligation fall away and a sense of gratitude takes their place.

From that point onwards, you can generate your own abundance: abundant joy, abundant love, abundant peace within yourself. This is the true meaning of receiving abundance.

All the best. Peace /|\

The PreCognitive Heart

Did you know that your heart emits a bio-magnetic frequency which can be picked up by other living creature’s hearts and which also informs your brain about the world around you?

The term “having a heart-to-heart conversation” is as old as the hills but science has managed to prove its validity in recent years. However, it transcends human conversation and has more to do with emotional frequencies which can be picked not only by other humans but also by dogs, cats, horses and possibly plenty of other mammals which haven’t been tested yet.

A research institute called Heart Math have extensively researched the phenomenon and also developed a way of teaching people to change their own heart patterns into a healthier rhythm. A cohesive heart pattern is better for both mental and physical health overall because it manually reduces stress, which in turn reduces the stress responses your body undergoes on a daily basis.

One living creature’s emotional state can not only be picked up by others in the vicinity, it can also be replicated by them, a phenomenon termed synchronicity.

A group of people in a room will automatically synchronize with one another’s heart patterns, regardless of the external stimulus of the environment. In this situation majority tends to rule, however an individual can consciously change their heart rhythm and start a flow-on effect to the rest of the group.

All of this is pretty intriguing in and of itself, but the really surprising finding to come out of the test subjects is the discovery of pre-stimulus response in the heart’s rhythm. What is a pre-stimulus response? Basically it’s the heart processing information ahead of time and space and adjusting it’s rhythm accordingly.


This figure from the Heart Math research blog above is a graph displaying the heart rhythms of test subjects before, during and after seeing randomized computer-generated images of either a pleasant or unpleasant nature. At 4.8 seconds before the image appears, the subject’s heart rhythm changes briefly to the pattern it is about to respond with. This means that the heart knows 4.8 seconds ahead of time, what it is about to experience.

The research has invariably proved that the human heart is pre-cognitive and can accurately predict what is about to happen before it happens. How the heart accesses information outside of the normal constraints of time and space is as yet unknown. The working theory of Heart Math is that the electro-magnetic fields emitted by all living matter is part of a universal consciousness where the rules of physics don’t apply and we can tap into a knowledge source outside of time and space.

This is some pretty heavy stuff for science to be exploring and no doubt will push the boundaries of what people can and can’t accept about reality as we know it.

As for backing up this area of research, it isn’t actually the first time science has dabbled in the questions of time, space and human Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). A TED talk which was dropped by the organisation talks about the phenomenon of remote viewing.

Physicist Russel Targ discusses his work with the US Intelligence organisations and the training he did with their staff on remote viewing of inaccessible or unknown sites. Some of the descriptions of sites were incredibly accurate and it could be used to track down where wanted criminals were located at that time, or even where they were going to be and when.

One remotely viewed site was described quite inaccurately, which seemed to prove at the time that it wasn’t a science at all. However, when archival records of the site were brought up, the subject doing the viewing exercise had accurately described the site as it had been 75 years ago.

These two areas of research have managed to stumble upon an innate human ability which most of us don’t use or even know that we have. Our physical bodies are subject to rules in line with the physical world, but our spiritual bodies are not. What would you like to do with this ability?

All the best. Peace /|\

What are Negative Entities?

Negative entities are spiritual parasites who feed off living energy because they don’t have access to Source.

“Oh, well, I guess that explains everything” I hear you say. Don’t worry, I am going to delve further into the lore and how you can get rid of them.

First of all; what is Source?

Source is the divine energy we all have within us which is not only our soul-bodies but is also connected to all other spirit in the universe. Some people think that we recharge by borrowing or stealing other people’s energy but if a human being is in touch with their core, they don’t need to do that.

We can energetically recharge during sleep, meditation, going for a walk, sitting under a tree, listening to peaceful music etc. Recharging actually needs to be a solo activity in order to truly access the source of divine energy at the core of our being.

Human beings can become cut off from this source by denying their true selves and rejecting their inner being. You’ll find that narcissists and sociopaths fall into this category and it isn’t because they’re evil people, it is because the way back to their core being is littered with a minefield of shame and pain and they can’t face it. In order to survive mentally, they have resorted to stealing other people’s inner light.

The funny thing is, empaths freely give out this inner light and often volunteer to share it with narcissists, the narcissists don’t understand unconditional love because they don’t experience it for themselves. They don’t believe it’s real and they don’t believe it’s genuine.

In a similar fashion to a narcissist, negative entities have no access to Source. For whatever reason, they have been cut off from it. If you’re Christian, you may liken this to the damned souls of demons who have been rejected by God. However, God/ess or Source does not reject anyone. Beings of free will have the power to reject Source, but not the other way around.

Usually the reason why someone or something has cut themselves off is because they have done things which they cannot take responsibility for. Things which are so bad that if they had to face them, it would feel like being destroyed. However, this is the only path back to your own source; through accountability of your actions and acceptance of who you are, good or bad.

Evil doesn’t happen because “God or the Devil made us”. Evil happens because we rejected love and we rejected Source and we rejected our own inner child. If you turn away from your own inner truth out of fear, then you live a shell of a life riddled with fear.

This is what the negative entity exists with. I don’t want to say “live” because they aren’t living in any sense of the word.

Other spirit beings are part of the Source and seek to help us if we listen to their wisdom, but we can’t do that if we’re riddled with fear.

If you’re fearful, negative entities will come to feed from that energy because they don’t like being in the same space as love, joy, or peace. If there is a negative entity around, they will cause chaos and incite anger, fear and jealousy. Once you have generated these emotional energies, they feed from it.

The only way to rid yourself of dark entities is to start accessing Source within yourself. Start with something achievable like listening to happy, positive music and watching comedy. Stop putting unhappy thoughts in your own head with music and movies which make you sad, or fearful or angry. I’m not saying these can’t be enjoyed at other times, but not while you’re battling inner and outer demons.

The second step is to clean and organize your personal space. You don’t need to use sage or smudging sticks to smoke your house out, cleansing is far more practical than that. True cleansing of a space is literally cleaning it as well as changing the energy of the space at the same time.

The other important factor is to claim the space as your own. You’ll often find with negative entities that you start living in a fearful way; you don’t go into certain rooms, or perhaps avoid them; you don’t make too much noise; you might even make yourself physically smaller by hunching over or only using one or two chairs to sit in.

Only cleanse during daylight hours. To cleanse, you first need to put on some cheerful music. Make a playlist and then let it run as loudly as you can without pissing-off the neighbors. You want to fill your home with sound. Sing with the music. You might not think you have a good voice, but that’s irrelevant. It isn’t a test or performance, you’re exerting your presence and claiming your space and you’re doing it out loud.

Once you have this going, open up all curtains and windows. Let in light and let in fresh air.

Now, clean your home. Vacuum, sweep, dust, wash, scrub, cleanse. Do it as thoroughly as you can. Pull the house apart, sort everything into it’s own place and claim your frickin space back. Think of the dark, negative entity as a cockroach infestation and you’re getting them out.

Once you have done a thorough clean of the space, maintain it on a weekly basis and try not to let it become messy or chaotic. Some disorder is fine, too much is mentally draining.

In between cleanses, practice self-care. It isn’t just the space which needs claiming and nurturing. Your body is your soul’s earthly home and as such should be treated with care and respect.

Treat yourself to a massage, or have a nice bubble-bath (that goes for men too). Take walks out in nature, get plenty of sunlight, eat good food and most importantly; laugh. You need to laugh and to do it loudly and often. Laughter and joy lift your energy and can stave off a number of ailments. It’s both mentally and physically necessary.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up rather than tear you down. If you don’t have a good balance of this, you need to change it, even if that means being alone a lot more. You’re better off having a few positive encounters than having frequent negative encounters with others.

If you need to, try either joining a church or a charity organisation and getting a sense of community. Giving back is sometimes our own best therapy.

If you feel like all of this is beyond your capabilities, seek counselling or energy healing. Don’t forget that it is OK to reach out for help.

All the best. Peace /|\