Fae, Fairies and Elementals

What is the Difference?

I sat crying in the back seat of the car, refusing to get out.

“Ok then, you’re on your own,” my mother said.

She and my brother left me to go on their bush walk through the karri forest of southern Western Australia.

I could not explain to them the abject terror I had felt as the car pulled in and I could see a multitude of angry faces appearing and disappearing throughout the trees. Even at the age of seven I knew it wasn’t normal.

Contrast that disturbing experience with my stumbling across a fairy grove in Tasmania last year and deciding to live next door to it.

Fairies and nature spirits can be a real mixed bag. Sometimes they’re soothing and benevolent while other times they can be hostile and aggressive.

One thing they’re not is the Fae or an elemental.

These three types of spirits get confused and lumped together all the time but it’s as wildly inaccurate as saying that Indigenous Australians are from India, just because they have similar skin tone.

So what are the key differences to understand?

Nature Spirits / Fairies

Nature spirits are literally that; they’re tied to this particular planet and it’s lifespan of cycles in a way which we can only ever be jealous of.

Asides from Fairies you can include various other 4th and 5th dimension beings such as sprites, gnomes and dryads. The key characteristic they all share is being tethered to location.

Nature spirits are only found in very specific locations and the environment is their portal to this dimension. Certain “ingredients” need to be present for this to happen; rocks, water, plants and a wildness where the environment has not been messed with by man.

As development encroaches, these portals are wiped out and those spirits leave our dimension in a way where we may not see them again for a very long time.

The earth goes through waves and cycles referred to as Yugas in the old Sanskrit texts. These last for thousands of years and coincide with the transit of the sun through its 25,000 year orbit. One Yuga of roughly 2000 years equals one solar month.

The Mayan calendar is also based on this extremely long cycle.

At the moment we’re ending a Kali Yuga and starting a Dwapara Yuga which means we’ve been through the lowest point and are coming into the upswing. During the “winter” of consciousness, all the other dimensions are less perceptible and we forget that reality is a layering of different frequencies which contain different populations.

Nature spirits exist in the higher layer of the fourth dimension and lower layer of the fifth, which makes them some of our closest neighbours. They’re attached to the earth through plants and rocks which they resonate with so if those things are disturbed or destroyed they can become disconnected.

Understandably, they will defend their territories. That’s why some places feel wonderful and some feel malevolent.

Fae or Elves

I’m actually not a fan of the term “Fae” since it is used to lump Elves with Fairies and also has negative connotations. Think of it in terms of the “N word”.

Elves are as different from fairies as elephants are from pigs. This is no shade on either of them, they’re just… that different.

Where nature spirits reside in 4/5 dimensions and are deeply connected to the planet, Elves reside in the 11th dimension and have a completely different purpose in life.

Just to clarify, dimensions are more like layers than some sort of hierarchy, but even so it can be difficult to connect to a being which is in such a different layer to this one.

This isn’t just a case of training your perception to shift, this is more like serious inter-dimensional travel.

Like I said earlier, earth goes through cycles of consciousness, but more than that, it goes through cycles of dimensional shifts. This is why we have so many legends of things which have never really existed in 3D form. It isn’t that they weren’t here, it’s that their form is in a dimension which earth currently can’t access.

As the planet starts to ascend again, these beings will return to our reality. Of course, we probably won’t be alive to see that because it’ll take a few thousand years.

Elves are beings of higher consciousness. They’re masters of technology, science and the mind but not just human consciousnesses. They have a real gift for connecting to plants, minerals and colours in order to hack the frequencies for medicinal purposes.

This is the main reason why they get intermingled with nature spirits. Where fairies are part plant in their essence, elves “speak plant” on a different frequency for a different reason.


The elemental beings are another type altogether.

Most spiritual practices talk about four elements as being earth, wind, fire and water. However, I have a different theory.

For me, gnomes and the earth is part of the nature spirit collective, specifically tied to the path and story of this planet.

Elements are more like forces of nature. Wind, fire and water are all energy in motion and the spirits tied to them are distinctly different to nature spirits.

For one thing, they’re not tethered to a place.

Elementals are called in by motion.

Salamanders will come to the smallest flame if you invite them and leave once it goes out. Sylphs follow the winds and can redirect them if you need to herd together a rainstorm. Water nymphs or mermaids flow with ocean currents and they can’t survive in stagnant water.

All of these elements can exist on different planets and their consciousness can travel to other worlds. They can also abandon this planet if these elements they are tethered to become toxic. In those situations you’ll find other beings take over which are less playful and more destructive.

In Short…

The various layers of dimensions and how they relate and connect to the 3D planet we live on are quite diverse and complex. They’re also separate from us in a lot of ways, but not separate from nature.

As human beings segregate themselves and discontent from the natural environment, we lose our ability to interact with the higher frequencies.

If we want to return to a state of reconnection we must leave our egos and selfishness at the door. You can only approach these beings from a humble and playful frame of mind. Never assume you’re above them, show respect and gratitude for their presence, and generally don’t mess with their territory.

As delightful and magical as these beings can be, they have zero time for assholes.

Messy Death of the Toxic Ego

You Can See the Cracks Already

If you’re in the process of your spiritual awakening you may have started to notice some of the egos around you on both the personal level and the collective level.

We’re going through a shift on earth as we begin the upswing from a Kali Yuga and leave the age of Pisces in order to enter the age of Aquarius and begin Dwapara Yuga. The Dwapara phase is an era of energy work, whereas the Kali era was focused on materialism. It began with the Victorian spiritualist movement and has continued to develop from there.

This transition phase is busy highlighting where materialism is toxic and where energy holds greater truth. We’re practicing discernment on a mass scale and it’s a painful process.

One of the materialist concepts currently dying (and raging against its natural demise) is “might is right” and the clinging to old power dynamics.

Examples of this can be seen in obvious areas such as Me Too and Black Lives Matter where a reasonable person can see how the imbalance of power has manifested in death, poverty, sexual exploitation and systemic divides.

But there are less obvious examples that I want to discuss today and they centre around subtle toxic ego on both a collective scale and a personal scale.

My prime example at the moment is Brexit.

If you’re confused as to what this is, don’t worry because no one knows what this is, including the people in charge of it. You can search for news articles if you need further clarification and I recommend using the BBC as a reference point.

Brexit started with an idea that Britain was being exploited by the European Union which it is/was a part of. That somehow poorer nations were coming to the UK to “steal jobs” and that there was an imbalance of benefits in trade.

However this viewpoint failed to take into consideration how many British people live in mainland Europe or how open trade made selling their products to the rest of Europe so much easier. The truth was that Britain got their fair share of perks just like the rest of Europe.

The biggest issue was the sense of entitlement.

The UK believes that by virtue of who they are, this in itself is somehow a gift to the rest of Europe. That they condescend to grace them with their presence.

You can see this rhetoric in political speeches from politicians who are supremely confident that all their demands will be met in a Brexit deal which will give the UK everything they want without having to exchange anything in return.

On a micro scale you can see an example of this in the fictional work of Fifty Shades of Grey (it’s badly written but an interesting examination of relationships). In this story Christian and Ana negotiate the terms of their “relationship” and Ana points out how skewed it is to benefit him over her. When she asks what she will get from the exchange he replies “me” as though this is sufficient.

In dynamics of power, the “might is right” camp rely on the unspoken concept that they hold all bargaining chips and anyone should be grateful for their breadcrumbs. The value of these crumbs hinges entirely on the idea that association in itself holds value and that the subordinate can’t create wealth or happiness for themselves.

As Europe has demonstrated during Brexit negotiations, they feel no need to be associated with Britain or rely on their contribution in order to forge ahead in economic development. This has been shocking and demoralising for the UK, who assumed everything would go their way and are having a reality check on their own insignificance to Europe.

Likewise, if you have a relationship where one person believes they can dictate terms simply because they’re a gift from God, if this is not reflected back to them, it can seriously disrupt their ego.

When ego is built on narcissism, you get situations where egoic shock can occur and reality slaps them in the face.

The usual response is to try and flex.

The individual or collective who are perceiving egoic attack will try and enforce their will and regain dominance. How successful this is depends heavily on how much real power they hold and not their perceived power.

Have a look at how the European negotiators are handling Brexit because it’s delightful to see. They’re almost completely unruffled and have no intention of being intimidated into compliance by the political equivalent of a temper tantrum.

For Britain, this is a whole new era of discovering that the world has moved on without them. That they are no longer a power house who can call shots, dictate terms or use force to get their own way. If they do, the global economy will shun them. This behaviour is no longer acceptable.

Colonialism is officially dead.

The same process is happening in personal relationships. Whether parents, partners or workplaces, the tolerance for accepting grotesquely inadequate exchanges is thinning out. It isn’t sustainable. It isn’t equitable. It is not ok.

However, old systems don’t go down without a fight and you’ll probably see this kick-back in many ways. It could get nasty.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in.

And never sell yourself short.

How to Connect to Spirit Guides

If you have been noticing strange synchronicites like the number 11:11 or a particular animal hanging around you like a lady bug, then you probably have spirit guides and angels trying to reach out to you and let you know that they’re around if you need them.

The general rule of a spirit guide, whether they’re an ancestor, angel, alien or animal totem, is that they can give you nudges, but they can’t intrude or impose on you. They’re not a toxic entity which will infringe on your boundaries to brow-beat you into letting them in (kind of like a narcissistic relationship) and they always respect your free will.

This means that they can’t fully connect to you unless you meet them halfway.

How do you meet your guides for the first time?

The initial key to connection is that you need to shed your fears. If you’re connecting to guides, they’ll be light beings who’re part of your support team and only want whatever is best for you. At any point if you get scared, they will back off. If something doesn’t back off, then it isn’t a guide but you should know that you are still in control and have the authority to tell them to leave.

Keep an open mind about who your guides might be. They might not look the way you expect, so try to shed expectations.

The next step is to create a safe physical space. Find a peaceful spot and spend some time clearing it out energetically and physically at the same time. Literally clean it from top to bottom. Make it comfortable. When that is done, use music or singing bowls or drums or singing to change the sound resonance of the space. YouTube has a huge variety of free meditation music you can use for this purpose if you don’t have the funds to invest in this just yet. Once that’s done, you can light a white candle and burn some white sage or an incense stick. Again, this is to fill the space with cleansing energy.

Once you have prepared the physical space and found a comfortable place to sit down, you are now reading to either close your eyes, or soften your gaze as though daydreaming and allow your inner vision to take over.

In your mind, establish a launching place. It can literally be a familiar landscape such as your front porch, or it can be a clearing in the middle of a forest. Whatever you choose as your starting point, know that you can always come back to it whenever you’re ready.

From the starting place, establish a time of day or night and ensure that you have ample light-source to navigate by such as a bright moon over the desert, lamps in a public garden or perhaps an open roaring bonfire surrounded by tall trees. For the sake of practice, this visual is going to be in a forest clearing with a campfire in the middle. Feel free to change this if you want to repeat the exercise at a later date and make it more personal to yourself.

Take a short walk towards the source of light, noticing that others are already gathered in that area. They may be standing around, or seated on logs. Some of them are chatting among themselves, while others are in quiet contemplation. Go and join them, taking a seat on the last spare log beside the campfire.

As you’re seated around the fire, notice the other creatures and people also gathered in this area. You may recognise some of them, while others are new to you. Feel free to observe what they look like.

At this point you may wish to leave the forest and walk back to your house, or you may choose to engage in light conversation with some of the guides gathered around before you do so. Whatever makes you comfortable. Feel free to ask for names from the guides. Notice how the presence of each guide resonates for you on a soul level.

You can repeat this exercise whenever you want to get to know who your guides are and get used to their energies. Your guides should be familiar in some way to you, whether at an energetic level or on a visual level. Even if they happen to be alien in nature, there should be something about them which makes sense to you.

If you need any further assistance with this journey, feel free to seek out my services.

How to Understand Dark Magic

There’s a lot of freedom in the pagan community to “do as thou will” in your personal practice. But how does different types of magic affect your energy, and where exactly is the line between “light” and “dark” magic?

Unlike dogmatic religion, pagan practices are not based on a set of rules which have to be followed by all devotees to the letter. Instead, an emphasis on personal responsibility and autonomy is the basis for spirituality.

Black magic is not to be confused with our shadow-selves. That aspect of our personality is supposed to be there in order to teach us about our own inner-complexity and to make us more understanding of others and humble about our own failings.

This article is not about shadow work.

This article is about performing magic which affects others (and ultimately yourself) in a negative way.

So where exactly is the line?

The key difference between positive magic and negative magic is purely that: one contributes to the collective and the other takes away.

Don’t worry, I’m about to explain that a bit more in-depth.

Dark magic is designed to take away another being’s personal power and sovereignty. It is purpose-built to impose the will of the practitioner over another’s and to either render them helpless, or to steal something from them.

As a practice, it usually involves taking something in order to perform the ritual. For example, there is a variety of blood magic out there, some of which is negative and some of which is positive. That might seem strange to you, but if you think about someone using a drop of their own blood to add life-force to a spell, that is very different from someone cutting off a chicken’s head to do their spell.

Blood, hair, clothes and other highly personal materials can be gifted for a spell, or they can be stolen. The energy entwined with how a spell-caster comes to possess an item will affect the overall energy of the spell.

Basically, even if your “intention” is “good” in your own opinion, if you use material which was not freely given for the purpose of that spell, the whole spell will be negative.

At the same time, if you use your own blood or other personal items to cast a spell with removes another person’s free will or which inflicts harm upon them, that is also a dark spell.

Stealing energy is a big no-no and it can seriously affect your personal karma as well as your ability to manifest or attract positivity into your life.

Ultimately, a material is neutral (even blood) but HOW you obtain it, and what your INTENTIONS are will determine the energy of a spell, and as with all aspects of witchcraft, you have to take personal responsibility for that.

Dragon Spirit Guides

Can Dragons be spirit guides and how do you know if you have connected with one? Which dimension do they live in and what is the best way to connect with your dragon guide?

We all have spirit guides in some form or another. Some people have alien guides because they’re part of the star-seed collective, while others have more traditional spirit guides such as totem animals and wise masters who previously lived the human existence.

It is becoming more common to have a diversity of guides outside of the “norm” where it might have been an Angel, or a Native American shaman in the past, now we see other kinds of light-beings, aliens and inter-dimensional guides.

So where do the Dragons fit into this picture? They’ve certainly been around for a very long time, although not always in a positive light. In traditional lore, they play the villain more than the hero, but we all know that many things were demonised by the Church in the dark ages.

The Druids had a more harmonious relationship with all things reptilian, whether snakes or dragons or lizards. Indeed, snakes were seen as animals of wisdom and eloquence as well as healers in Greek lore. When someone talks about how Saint Patrick “drove the snakes out of Ireland” they’re not referring to actual animals, but rather the Druids.

Dragons are part of the Astral realm and fall into the category of elemental spirits, although it’s not as simple as that. Depending on which element is dominant for you in your astrological chart will determine which sort of dragon you can connect with and how you should connect to them.

There are air dragons, fire dragons, water dragons and earth dragons. My personal dragon guide is a star dragon in the air element which makes a lot of sense because I have a lot of planets in the air signs of my astrology chart. For another person, they may find that a dragon guide is a cave dragon.

Whichever form they come through in is something which will resonate with you because your energy is aligned.

A Dragon is a powerful being and not one to “command” in any way, not that you could possibly “command” a Spirit Guide any more than they can override your free will. A Spirit Guide relationship is on an equal footing of mutual respect and autonomy working together towards a higher purpose. Dragons are no different.

Characteristics of a Dragon

Understanding the characteristics of a Dragon will help you to connect to them, as well as being open-minded about what element they’re connected to and not having too many pre-conceived notions.

The star dragon I know (I won’t use his name or claim that he belongs to me because he’s his own independent being) is a sparkling black who looks just like a starry sky at night. He can blend in with the sky and glide silently through the air so that even though he might be enormous, he can pass unperceived by the unobservant.

An earth dragon might appear like their scales are crusted in limestone, a water dragon might be able to glide through the water like they’re liquid themselves and then the fire dragons can be living fire in their own right. One of my favourite things is to gaze into a fireplace and watch the salamanders play within the flames.

The Essence of Dragon Guides

Whatever form your dragon comes in, they all have one big thing in common: an enormous heart of gold.

Dragons are heart-chakra elementals, regardless of which element they resonate with. The “treasure” usually associated with dragons was never material wealth, and the quest to vanquish a dragon was never about saving a maiden or vanquishing evil; it was always a quest to conquer love.

The stories were originally designed to illustrate how important the heart is and why the purest love needs the protection of dragon energy (the maiden who lives with the dragon in the wilderness). The knight or prince goes on a journey of bravery and self-discovery to overcome his fears of being vulnerable and worthy of true love.

Of course, in the dark ages it became perverted, instead illustrating the need to dominate and control a partner. The wild feminine was routinely feared and portrayed as both helpless and suspicious. If it was allowed to roam free on its own it would either become too powerful and destructive, or greedy and self-indulgent. Only the passive and unconscious feminine was deemed “correct” because it could be dominated and subjugated.

Dragon guides call us back to our true hearts, especially our feminine sides (and we ALL have a feminine aspect).

If you’re in need of heart healing, or opening the heart chakra, a dragon guide can help you. There is no purer heart or larger love free from judgement that what you will find in a dragon guide.

I know that in the past I thought I was doing ok, even though I had been emotionally starved in relationships for such a long time, but I knew that I hadn’t connected to my dragon guide for a while. When I eventually re-connected with him, the grief which poured out of me was almost overwhelming. I had been holding it back because I didn’t want to deal with it. Deep down I knew it was extremely painful.

Releasing my pain with a creature who unconditionally loves all aspects of me, including my deepest scars, is very cathartic. It can also provide clarity if you’re in a situation where you’re not sure if it’s real love or not. If another person is causing you to doubt yourself or experience emotional torment, knowing the opposite energy is very important.

Dragon spirits are a safe space and a protective energy. They can support you during your most difficult times.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re in need. You’ll be surprised at the joy available for you in the astral.

What is Grounding and Why do we Need it?

Whether you are on a spiritual path or just trying to live a regular urban life, we all need grounding more than ever before. Why is that? Because we have never been more disconnected from nature than we are in this day and age.

Everything about modern life is designed to separate us from nature, seemingly for our own good if you consider advances in hygiene and medicine. However, becoming overzealous in the war against microbes has left us weaker in our natural defenses and less robust overall as well as creating a plastic-filled throw-away society which is destroying the planet.

Grounding is more than just meditating on a rock under a tree.

It needs to be a way of life which puts us back into the realm of nature instead of segregating us and creating distance.

One of the big hazards in following a spiritual path is further disconnection from the 3D and natural realm. This can lead to all kinds of mental health problems.

Something which I see frequently when people start out in spiritual practice is they start rejecting the simple needs and enjoyment of life because they’re not “enlightened” enough to be valuable. There can be an over-balance into the higher mind and super-consciousness which creates distance from the physical self and starts turning things into a hierarchy, which they’re not.

Higher mind is not superior to playing with puppies. Super consciousness is not superior to brewing tea. They’re all part of a bigger picture where we become holistic beings who’re in touch with our bodies and accepting of our failings while also striving to improve ourselves through self-reflection and communicating with the higher realms.

Grounding itself is a holistic practice where we observe the moment instead of just floating through life in the thought-realm, or emotional realm. Enjoy that piece of fruit. Luxuriate in that bathtub. Appreciate the shade of a tree on a sunny day.

Practicing mindfulness or grounding doesn’t have to be complex, you just have to start remembering to savour the moments as they happen.

Twin Flames, Magnetic Torsion Fields and Quantum Entanglement

How Twin Flames are Energetically Linked

If you are a rare individual who has a twin flame during this lifetime, it can be the most challenging relationship you’ll ever have. A lot of twins can’t manage to get themselves together enough to actually establish a relationship or “union” or will spend years resisting the connection.

But why?

Why is the connection both so intense and undeniable, yet impossible to bring to fruition?

It’s unclear if every soul has a twin, or if this is as rare as physical twin births, but what is clear is that very few incarnate simultaneously during the same lifetime.

Most people won’t experience this and unless you have, it’s impossible to comprehend the connection. From an outside perspective it looks irrational at best and toxic at worst.

From my own twin flame experience and subsequent research I have come to understand a few things:

1. Your connection is based on the relationship you have with yourself.

2. You cannot escape the connection, whether you’re together or not.

3. You will always be drawn back together.

4. As individuals you are powerful manifestors

5. Other people are always drawn to you or repelled by you (rarely a neutral reaction)

6. When twins are together, their energy is phenomenal to observe.

7. A twin will feel like home and being in their presence will have a calming effect on both of them.

8. Being separated is possible but stressful.

9. They can trigger your trauma and shadow like no one else.

These are common signs of meeting your twin, but why is this connection so different to any other?

Quantum Entanglement

If you have never heard of this phenomenon, you can do plenty of further research, as it’s a fascinating subject on its own.

A basic explanation of this field of study within physics is this;

Two particles fused into one, when separated once more, still behave as though they are still one particle and whatever stimulation is given to one will be seen in both regardless of distance and time.

On a quantum level they are permanently one energy, forever.

How does this apply to twins?

A pair of twin flames were created from the same over-soul and like physical twins the egg split to create two separate individuals who share energetic DNA. Twin flames appear to have been conjoined at the heart, which makes their separation difficult yet necessary for growth and development.

However, they will eternally feel the absence, unless they can be in the same energetic space.

Having been one on an energetic level, twins can find one another or share emotions whether they’re aware of the other person or not. Twins may go through ups and downs in life simultaneously.

Unlike other strong soul relationships where you also feel the other person, time and distance do not affect the connection.

You never get to the “fade” phase with your twin because they literally have the other half of your heart.

In a positive way, one twin can do a lot of self-healing which benefits both of them. On the negative side, if one twin resists healing then the other can be subject to bouts of depression and emotional turmoil in response.

Again, this will happen whether they’re together or not.

Neither of you can escape it or control it.

Magnetic Torsion Fields

Research has documented that the heart, whether human or animal, is an electromagnetic organ which emits a magnetic field around the body.

To learn more, research the Heart Math Institute, you won’t regret it.

When two hearts are energetically linked, they produce a torsion field. Most relationships require upkeep to maintain this connection and if the connection is severed in the 3D world, it will eventually fade in the energetic realm.

Not so with twins. Even before both of them are born, let alone meet in the 3D, this magnetic field exists.

It allows them to remain connected no matter what and to find one another even if they’re unconscious of the others existence.

The side effect of this field is that twins are highly magnetic people as individuals. They find manifesting easy and can draw almost anything they desire towards them.

Other people unconsciously pick up this field and will either be heavily drawn to a twin or repelled by them, depending on that person’s heart.

Twins expose the hearts of others, whether positive or negative. It’s very hard to hide your true nature from a twin for regular people.

However the twin themselves can be a master chameleon, often hiding their own true nature because it is invariably an essence of pure love. They learn to be secretive as a way of protecting themselves.

Because of the magnetic field they generate as a pair, they can attract energy vampires too easily.

A result of growing up so powerful but unaware of why, can lead to things like a huge ego, psychological trauma, mistrust of others, or serious detachment and depression.

Twins generally have hard childhoods.

But it isn’t the individual who is this powerful, but actually the creation of an electromagnetic love torsion field which is created by the both of them.

If twins ever achieve union in the 3D they can generate a really powerful force which will propel them into higher levels of manifestation and consciousness.

The trick is getting into sync with one another.

Loving that other person isn’t enough.

The Twin Flame Mirror

The other phenomenon common to twins is mirroring each other.

Your twin doesn’t just have the other half of your heart, they also show you your own. In the same way that twins expose others true hearts, they will expose each other’s as well.

This can be very confronting for someone who is used to easily hiding and seeing through others. Suddenly all their wounds are exposed. Their true self is revealed.

If they haven’t been dealing with their trauma beforehand, it will ultimately repel each other. Separation is pretty much guaranteed.

The only way to get past that point is to work on themselves as an individual and to integrate the shadow. They must also be able to love themselves in their authentic version, not the egoic version.

Twins have huge potential as a unit, but the road to get there is hard and requires both to work at it.

However, if the twins can make it, they can redefine love for generations to come.