Destiny versus Free Will

Are you at the mercy of the universe, or are you in control of your own fate?

This is a hugely charged issue, where people will become very emotional about their respective viewpoints.

Some are strictly in the camp of God/Universe is in charge and everything in your life is destiny. This mindset is comforting on the level that it removes responsibility and uncertainty from the equation and places it into a higher power parental figure who knows what’s best for you and will provide everything you need.

This viewpoint tends to break down in the face of massive injustice and tragedy because it doesn’t fit in with a benevolent higher power. The potential to lose faith and to question the meaning of life teeters on a knifes edge depending on what destiny deals you.

The polar opposite view is that we’re so in charge of our own destiny that we can somehow “control” our lives. If something happens to us, we have in some way chosen it.

Again, this crumbles under pressure when faced with abuse, poverty and tragedy.

So where does the truth lie?

It lies somewhere in the middle, in a more neutral space away from high emotions which are always based on fear and survival.

There is higher power. There is collective consciousness. And there is free will.

The universe gives us tools and gifts to help us navigate our lives. In free will we can ignore or reject them.

The universe presents opportunities and lessons in our path which we can exercise free will and either grasp, grow from or ignore.

Developing intuition and a higher level of consciousness allows us to perceive the universe at work and make better choices accordingly. There is guidance available if you’re willing to listen and simultaneously release control issues but also step up into a proactive mindset.

The issue with polarising your opinion is that you either become too passive or too controlling. Neither is healthy. Instead you need to know when you’re in control and when you’re not.

You also need to be able to acknowledge when your choices or lack of choosing has led to a certain situation.

Sometimes you have to take the steering wheel and sometimes you have to allow the universe to drive.

Then there is the element of the collective.

Other people also have free will and can make choices to either operate from a higher level of consciousness, or react from fear and neediness.

This is something we always need to keep in mind and take into consideration before we act. Discernment is key to navigating the realm of relationships so that we don’t allow others to dictate our lives or vice versa.

You can’t control others or all circumstances but you’re not necessarily at their mercy either.

We all have the ability to tap into guidance and navigate the minefield of life to find the sweet spots or create them.

So go out there and be a powerful little co-creator!

How to Know if You’ve Been Cursed

…and how to Break It.

When it comes to energetic manipulation, some individuals are less scrupulous than others. If you’re dealing with someone who is prepared to use dark magic in the pursuit of their desires, or if you encounter a dark entity in your environment, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding what is real and what isn’t.

Some energy attacks are quite obvious and ballsy. They really don’t care if you perceive them and their true intentions or not. A full-frontal attack can be a way to inspire fear in a target in an attempt to energetically overwhelm them.

However, there are more subtle and log-term energy manipulations which utilise illusion and confusion instead.

A curse or a possession relies on the subject abdicating their own sovereign free will to another. This manipulation relies on evoking a range of emotions in the target such as fear or sympathy. They will either make you their ally, or make you fear their actions. In this way, a person may actively participate in their own subjugation.

In fact, a curse and a possession cannot take place without the willing consent of the victim.

If you, or someone you know, is under energetic attack, there may be a general sense of confusion about whether the oppressor actually knows best. The victim will stop trusting their own judgement. Even the people around them might not be able to perceive what’s really going on.

This is why lightworkers are such a vital part of the collective energy. These people generally have an innate ability to shine a light into situations, break illusions, and expose truths wherever they go.

That’s often why they experience a lot of manipulation themselves. A person who is operating from the shadows will try to bamboozle and undermine a lightworker’s intuition and sense of self in order to remain concealed in their darkness.

Sometimes when a person is operating from their shadows and they come into contact with a lightworker, they’ll instinctively recoil from them or become very aggressive without any provocation. A lot of empath’s I’ve met have similar stories about triggering people without even saying or doing anything.

Ok, but how do I know?

Now that we’ve addressed the who, how and why, it’s time to explore the subtle ways of assessing things for yourself.

First up, as an empath you’ll need to be working on your boundaries. This is the fundamental core of being able to separate your own energy from another person.

The basic technique is to pause whenever you feel strong emotions for no reason, check in with yourself and ask the question; “is this mine, or does it belong to someone else?”

You may find that at times it’s caused by triggers which bring up past wounds, but as you develop the skill of sorting what’s yours and what isn’t, you’ll be able to energetically trace the thread back to it’s source in order to know where it comes from. You can then very politely return it to the owner.

In a full-frontal attack, knowing the source is the easy part. In a more subtle manipulation it can be tricky to untangle yourself because the energy may have become intertwined and latched into your system. A cord-cutting ritual is very beneficial in these circumstances.

Some illusions are more complex than others, and the previous technique may not work, but the basis of all illusion is lies. This means that you can employ the resonance technique instead to lift the veil.

Resonance Technique

This is an extremely powerful tool for exposing shadow energy manipulations.

If you’re a witch who operates in truth magic, or if you’re a natural lightworker, this may be something you do without knowing what to call it.

Basically, truths and lies have different energy frequencies which can be picked up in the body when they are spoken aloud. Lies feel like a jangle of nerves similar to hearing a high-pitched scraping sound. Truth has a peace and clarity to it which are undeniable. A blending of the two will feel like confusion and you may find yourself tilting your head like a dog listening to a whistle.

However, in order to perceive this resonance, you have to speak out loud to another person about whatever subject it is.

A good example was when a business I used regularly changed premises and the new digs were haunted as hell. I would feel malevolent eyes on me whenever I waited in a certain area of the building. This went on for months and eventually I asked the owner about it, since we knew enough about each other that it wouldn’t be weird. She said she was aware of it, but had no idea what it was or how to get rid of it.

As we talked out loud about the entity, I could suddenly perceive it when I had never been able to before.

That old saying; “Speak of the devil and he will appear” is actually more true than people realise, but not in the way that we usually think.

It’s not so much conjuring as exposing.

Speaking about something aloud or sharing a secret with another person, even over text message, can start to expose the truth.

Sometimes, when we’re involved with toxic people they will insist on secrecy, or they will shame or inspire fear to force someone into not speaking out about their experiences. This silencing is both the lock and the key to freedom from an energetic manipulation.

Remaining silent will prolong the entrapment.

Speaking out will begin the process of liberation and illumination.

When it comes to helping another person to free themselves, this is the biggest hurdle. They won’t want to talk about what they’re going through.

On some level, they may know that speaking out will break the bond and they may feel frightened of losing that attachment, as toxic as it might be. However, it may be the only way of freeing them and is usually the most potent way to begin cutting cords.

Never be afraid to speak your truth.

Remember, a lie will never survive the blinding light of day.

What is the Twin Flame Soul Contract?

You may have heard of soul contracts before, but why do we have them and how do they apply to the twin flame phenomenon?

Firstly, for those who aren’t familiar with soul contracts, they’re agreements made in the energetic fields before incarnation in order to either strengthen soul bonds or release them.

In other words, they clear your karma.

How does that work?

Well, in past lives we all interact with different souls in order to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and each other. Those interactions, if they are not resolved during that lifetime will create a bond between those two (or more) souls which is still there long after the incarnation is over.

Some bonds are beneficial to us and constitute our soul family.

Other bonds are formed by trauma and they create toxic self identity and beliefs.

A soul contract is when you agree to cross paths again in another incarnation in order to release the karma or the bond and move past that lesson into a better vibration.

Those are karmic relationships where the energetic resonance is misaligned or mismatched but somehow irresistible all the same.

How do twin flames fit into all of this?

For one thing, your twin will be your energetic match and mirror image at the same time. A twin is the best way to see yourself more clearly.

Sometimes that triggers our internal wounds centred around the ego and self identity. Areas where we either let ourselves down or are ashamed of or dislike within ourselves. That person will reflect that aspect of your personality in confronting ways.

What twins sometimes loose sight of is that your twin also reflects your best aspects. Your true inner beauty can be seen in that person. If you’re struggling with healing the self, this will trigger issues around worthiness.

If you’re not worthy of your twin, or reject them as unworthy, that’s something you need to work on.

And that’s the crux of the twin soul contract.

You’re not here to save each other. You’re meant to be in one another’s lives when you are done with settling for less from other people.

The twin flame promise is this:

“I will be there when you’re ready for real love.”

Only when you’re done with meagre, fake crap based on shallow and needy connections will you be ready for twin flame union.

Are you ready to offer genuine love, unhampered by conditions and bartering? Are you secure enough within yourself to receive that kind of love without suspicion or fear?

Can you see that other person and yourself as a truly wonderful being worthy of being loved wholeheartedly purely because you both exist?

If you can transform your heart into a space of sanctuary for yourself and your counterpart, you’ll be ready to love no matter what life throws in your path.

Why the Universe is Breaking You Down

Does it ever seem like life is out to get you, or everything is crumbling around you? Are you stuck in stagnation or experiencing repetitive “tower moments” which seem like nothing will ever go your way again?

The universe we live in is full of abundant opportunity and it will always want what is best for us.

But if this is the case, why does it go through times when it takes everything away?

The biggest reason the universe steps in and messes with your life in massive shifts is because sometimes we need to be pushed.

Too comfortable in your job and relationship and life in general? Maybe you’re not exploring bigger themes because it’s not necessary…


Suddenly the job is redundant, your partner leaves and the house you bought is riddled with termites.

Or maybe you were always very attractive and robust and active, then all of a sudden you’re struck down with a debilitating disease.

Whenever anyone talks about their “awakening” it usually kicks off with catastrophic life events designed to push them out of a comfortable place and into an uncomfortable place.

Asides from the obvious purpose of being a catalyst for substantial change, there is another reason why this may be happening long after someone has started their journey into consciousness.

The bigger theme of breaking someone down is to force them to stop defining themselves by external factors and to start searching within for who they really are and their purpose in life.

Do you define yourself by your occupation? The universe will strip that from you.

Are you reliant on good health? Say goodbye to that for a while.

Do you measure success against the car you drive and where you live? That’ll be taken away.

The universe wants you to know who you are when you don’t have the job, or the partner or the house or the [insert bullshit stuff here].

Who are you?

Why do you matter?

Don’t tell me what you have a degree in or what martial arts you mastered. Tell me…

Who. You. Are.

When you’re stripped of all the external factors and you have to face the world in your naked form, will you stand tall in who you are with all of your flaws, or will you crumble under the pressure?

That’s what the universe is trying to show you:

You don’t need to have things or achieve stuff in order to have value.

Your existence and perseverance are enough to earn your place at the table.

Have a seat.

Moon Manifestation Ritual

Whenever we set an intention it can be frustrating not to see results straight away, which is why using the lunar cycle is such a helpful tool as well as being powerful energy to assist the process, and using new growth from a seed is a powerful visual tool to help you see the results coming to life.

A new moon is an energy of pure potential, much like a seed. The full moon is the energy of harvest when everything fruits and is ready to be picked. That being said, different moons have different energies and some full moons can be great for planting while other new moons are times of inner reflection where you should not be trying to manifest. Using your intuition is an important part of getting in sync with the universe.

You can garden with the moon and you can also set intentions by the moon. Doing both is even better for visually watching something come to fruition.

This is my favourite ritual to plant an intention with the power of the moon.

You can do this alone, or get a group of friends together to raise even more positive vibes.

Ingredients/ Tools


You’ll need to have the following supplies before the night of the new moon so make sure to plan in advance…

  • Seed paper or seeds and paper (cut into a small enough square or circle for a small pot)
  • Pen (as special as you can make it)
  • Watering can (metal or glass but not plastic)
  • Crystals of choice (my pick is clear quartz, tigers eye and dragon stone)
  • An incense mix (my mix is white sage, cinnamon, rosemary, frankincense, juniper & myrrh)
  • charcoal
  • Heat-proof bowl or plate
  • Little pot (preferably terracotta)
  • Potting mix
  • Clean rainwater or filtered tap water
  • White candle and matches



You’ll need to time your ritual to when the new moon is most visible. That’s generally around sunset or sunrise because a new moon is in conjunction with the sun and travels close to it.

Fill the watering can with clean water and put your crystals in the bottom of it. Leave the can in the open where it can absorb any moonlight available.

While your water is charging, light your candle and meditate on what your heart desires. Imagine how it feels to have that thing in your life. Embrace all of those positive emotions around the thing which is already happening.

Say to yourself that it is already here and you’re moving into alignment with it so that it can manifest in the 3D.

Once you have meditated for a while, light the charcoal (outside and in the heat-proof bowl) and then sprinkle your incense over the top. Take your little bit of seed paper and waft it through the smoke to bless it and also waft the smoke around yourself to cleanse your energy and uplift your vibrations.

To bless you can say something like: “I welcome this change within my life and am ready to meet it. May everything be for my highest and greatest good. Thank you universe for being so generous to me.”

Bless your special pen through the smoke as well, then use it to write the intention on the seed paper.

Hold the seed paper to your heart and thank the universe for bringing blessings into your life.

Wait patiently for the incense and charcoal to burn out completely, then take the crystals out of your watering can and pour the incense ashes into the water. Mix well in a clockwise direction.

Now mostly fill the pot with potting mix and place the seed paper on top. Cover it with a shallow layer of soil.

Use the water to water it in and utilise any leftover water on the rest of your garden.

Finish off by saying “and so it is” as you blow out the candle.

Now you get to spend the next 2 weeks watching the seeds grow. When it comes to the full moon your manifestation should be completed and visible in your life.


How to Choose a Tarot Deck

My very first tarot deck was the traditional Rider-Waite which a lot of people are familiar with, but I can’t say that I ever really connected with them.

However, I took the advice of Jess from Behati Life and worked at learning the symbolism and how to read them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good advice. As a tarot reader I now understand the cards and can do very accurate readings for others in my career as a psychic. If you haven’t seen Jess’ videos, please check out her channel, it’s brilliant stuff.

That being said, I couldn’t connect to them for myself on a personal level.

This was frustrating as I had previously used the Druid Animal Oracle deck with consistent success and had a strong connection to those cards.

I continued to use the traditional tarot and sought clarity through various oracle decks I collected, but I’m pretty sure a lot of the messages were lost on me.


I burned the deck.

It was such a relief and I didn’t feel bad in the slightest for destroying something which had somewhat served me for a while.

A few days later I found a different tarot deck, strangely enough made by someone who lives close to where I used to be in Queensland. Her name is S’Roya Rose and you’re welcome to check her out too.

The connection to her cards was immediate and it made me realise what had been missing from the traditional tarot.

Essentially my heart wasn’t in it.

Tarot and oracle cards are a heart-based art of mystery. If you cannot connect to them through your heart, you won’t hear messages from the divine through them.

I’ve heard some people say that tarot is evil and will open you up to demons, but in my experience your intentions are everything.

If you’re using tarot to try and control situations or people, then they can be addictive and destructive like alcohol. If you’re using them to find guidance from your higher self or the Divine then they can be a healthy tool.

It all hinges on using your heart to guide you and being led by joy rather than fears.

Seek joy, love and optimism and that’s what you’ll move towards. Forget fear, suspicion, hurt and anger. They never serve you in the end.

So my advice for choosing tarot and oracle cards is to find something that sparks joy in your heart and solar plexus. When you feel the leap, buy them. If you feel a sinking in the lower chakras, don’t get that deck.

Always follow your intuition above any advice you get.

Different Types of Hauntings

You may not realise that there are different types of hauntings caused by different types of spirit activity. Not all hauntings are the same and therefore need to be treated differently if you want to remove them.

Most people’s perception of a haunting is where the spirit of a deceased person is stuck in the place where they died due to tragic circumstances. This can definitely happen, however not all ghosts of humans linger due to the circumstances of their death.

Sometimes what happens is a loved one will continue to check in on their family after their passing, so they may pop up in subtle ways at different places to re-connect with their family or even their friends.

I had a friend, Keith, who popped up during a psychic reading (I wasn’t doing the reading, another lady I had never met was) and she said he had hitched along for my journey just out of curiosity. This was very much in keeping with his character and I wasn’t surprised. Keith seriously found any excuse to travel.

In those cases, you’re not being haunted so much as having a friend or relative pop in unannounced to see what you’re doing and if they can watch while they raid your fridge for snacks. This most often happens when big life events are in motion, such as my own journey from Queensland to Tasmania in search of a fresh start. They usually produce a sense of joy, peace or companionship because the spirit isn’t restless, as such, just curious and caring.

What a lot of people don’t know is that being dead isn’t really the end at all. The soul continues on in different dimensions/frequencies/planes of existence or whatever you want to call it. This is the classic version of heaven, although its not as separate from our reality as we think it is.

Souls that no longer have the confines of a body can do some amazing things, like pop in and out of their loved-one’s lives at will and in perfect timing, be in multiple places at once (time is not as linear as we think either) and offer assistance during times of stress.

That’s the positive aspect of wandering souls.

The negative aspect is when a soul is stuck and can’t move into the higher dimensions because they are either afraid or so badly traumatised that they aren’t really aware that they’re supposed to transition.

Then there’s the dicks.

You know those guys; people so evil that they can’t find rest in death because all they see is their own shit staring back at them. That’s mostly what hell is; having to really look at what you did in life and to see it from a higher perspective where you can’t justify it anymore.

Those guys stay around because moving on can only be achieved by facing the truth and accepting responsibility for it. The higher realms vibrate at the frequency of love and if you’re not vibrating at the same frequency, you can’t access them.

Some of those souls choose to go into other dimensions like the lower astral where shadows live. There they become darker and more lost than they were as a person.

This leads to the next type of haunting: shadows and demons.

Not every haunting has a human soul behind it. There are all kinds of different spirit beings out there and while the majority come from the higher realms and offer guidance, protection and love, there are others which don’t.

Those are the hauntings which feel awful. Where you have the prickling sensation of being watched and you know that whatever is watching you is filled with hate and loathing. You know that if it could, it would choose to hurt you.

A lot of those hauntings happen when a human opens a portal to the lower astral. This is done in a variety of ways including violent acts, summoning evil spirits willingly, or living in a state of depression and wallowing in it for so long that vampiric, parasitic entities start latching on.

These spirits feed off lower emotions such as fear, anger, pain and depression. If you move into a house which already has a haunting like this, they’ll start inducing those emotions in the living occupants so that they can feed.

Another way that negative entities can pop up is when a place is abandoned and no living energy is present anymore. Sometimes this happens in nature like in a dark and creepy pocket of forest where the animals refuse to go, but humans create a lot of these places by leaving abandoned buildings to rot.

Stagnant energy is a favourite of these parasitic spirits because they’re the etheric version of cockroaches. Living and moving energy is grating to them, so they try to keep their environment stagnant, cold, decaying and depressed.

Why do these spirits even bother haunting the 3D realm? Because even though they hate the vibrations of joyful living, they also crave it. They can’t find that source of love and light within themselves anymore, so they have to steal it from other sources. However, it’s not consumable to them in its pure form so they have to distort it first into fear and other low-vibration emotions.

Basically, humans are their cows, but they’re lactose intolerant.

The last type of haunting you’re likely to encounter is an echo.

Echos are simply an energetic imprint which has burned itself into a particular location. Time is essentially stuck in that place so the same event keeps looping back in tandem to natural time and you get layers of time within one location. Kind of like a photo-shopped image.

These can be cleared, but it takes an emotional processing of the event to release it. You’ll need an empathic psychic to do this for you and it can be very taxing for that person to process the pain through their emotional and physical body.

The crux of the matter is that processing heavy emotions requires a physical state of being. Without the physical body, the energy becomes stuck and can’t be processed. That’s why we need others to grieve our passing in life. It doesn’t just help them to deal with the loss, it also helps the departed soul to actually depart.

We’re attached to the 3D world through our etheric and emotional bodies also known as the soul. To detach from the 3D we have to release emotions. Those emotions are sometimes our own, but are sometimes other people’s. A loved one can keep their deceased relative stuck by refusing to let go.

Both sides have to willingly detach and allow the other to move forward. That’s why learning the difference between authentic love and attachment issues is so important in life; because it can help you to move onto the next phase in a much healthier way.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a haunting, please contact the resident witch, Louisa, for help.