Love Spell

Rune Magic Hot Chocolate

When it comes to using runes, most witches are familiar with the divination tool of rune stones, but they can be used for so much more.

Carving runes into your magical tools, creating sigils for a spell, or in this case, carving runes into chocolate for consumption into the body are all very effective ways to use them.

For a romance spell I would recommend three particular runes:

Sowilo – the sun. A symbol of hope and good times ahead.

Wunjo – Venus. A symbol of joy and wish fulfillment. Feminine archetype.

Uruz – Mars. A symbol of vigor, vitality and dreams come true. Masculine archetype.


Enough milk for two mugs

1 Tsp cream

Spices (cinnamon quill, cardamom pods, star anise & cloves)

Vanilla essence

Coco powder

Block of milk chocolate

Cream liqueur (Baileys or Kahlua) – can be substituted with a pinch of chili powder




Measuring spoons and jug

Wooden spoon to stir

Paring knife


Wooden board


Smooth and creamy,

Rich and sweet.

Sweep my loved one,

Off their feet.


Use a small paring knife to carve the runes into the chocolate. You can research and use any runes you like, but my suggestions would be the following;

hot choc

Put the milk and cream into a saucepan and gently warm up so that it steams, but doesn’t bubble. Add the spices, sifted coco powder, vanilla and salt.

Allow those ingredients to infuse for a few minutes and then perform your incantation as you break up the chocolate and melt it into the milk mixture.

When the milk smells warm and creamy, remove it from the heat and pour into mugs using the sifter to filter out any whole spices.

Add a shot of cream liqueur or a pinch of chili for oomph, then a couple of marshmallows.


The Light Body & Heart Chakra

The Heart Centre and Infinity Symbol

Light Spectrums

Human beings can see light within a very specific range of frequencies: between infra-red at the base range and ultra-violet at the top range. It’s the spectrum of light which we see in a rainbow when light is refracted through water.

Light moves in waves of frequencies, or cycles per second and the slower it is moving, the more red it will appear, changing colour as it moves faster until it appears violet. When spiritual practitioners advise you to change your frequency, they’re referring to your light body; the aura which extends in a broad field around your physical form and is anchored to your core by the chakras.


The chakra system in your body is made up of the seven different base colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They start at the root, which is underneath your torso and ascend to the top of your head where the crown-chakra sits.

light body

The lower three chakras are associated with the physical expression of your form and survival in the 3D realm. The top three chakras are concerned with higher knowledge, spiritual insight and self-expression.

Then there’s the central chakra: the Heart.

The heart is the blending point between your higher self and your base self. It’s also primarily how you connect with other people on a meaningful level. Because of this central meeting point, you can think of the heart as being the crossing of an infinity symbol.

When the heart is restricted or under attack, you may find that you start to live from your base instincts of survival and fear, or that you get lost in the mental realm of thought and cannot ground yourself. Being able to enjoy the physical experience while also seeking higher consciousness won’t happen without a healthy heart centre.

This is why the light body relies on us healing our emotional wounds, especially the inner-child.


The reason why people find healing so difficult, is because it makes you face truths you would rather not see and deal with pain which has been repressed or weaponsied into anger. This can manifest as either being overly nice and pleasing, or volatile and explosive.

One key way you can tell if you need to heal the heart chakra is if you find that love is always attached to pain. If someone insulting you means nothing but someone showing kindness will break you, that’s a level of deep trauma which needs to be dealt with.

If you enter into addictive and toxic relationships, where you either inflict pain or endure it from someone else, but seem unable to let go of it… that’s a strong indicator of codependency and an inability to find solace from within.

Your system is trying to plug into others to get what it needs because it cannot find it from within.

Joy, love and inspiration can only be accessed from within. When you try to get it from external sources, it is invariably less sustaining, meager and often drains more energy than it supplies.

Basically, if you feel like Taylor Swift really gets your lived-experience, you got problems.

Processing that trauma so you can plug back into yourself without it being overwhelmingly painful is the aim of shadow work. However, it’s an arduous process requiring time, space, patience and self-kindness. For it to work you need to have space from other people without all their demands to overwhelm. Whatever comes up needs to be dealt with in a judgement-free zone where you stop punishing yourself for things you have done or didn’t do. As for time… it is an ongoing process which can take years of gradual work and you’ll find yourself cycling through things you thought had already been dealt with.

I highly recommend finding yourself a decent counselor who can help you work through it, at least to get started and then periodically when you encounter rough patches.

The alongside that, you need to start nurturing the heart.

The Green Ray

The colour spectrum of the heart chakra is the green ray of light.

It’s associated with Archangel Raphael and represents the balance between objective rationale and subjective feelings. In this central realm can be found the truth, if you have the bravery to look at it fully.

The easiest way to connect with the green ray is to start spending time with plants.

You can either grow them in pots, or visit the park. Why not enjoy some hiking on the weekend? Connecting with nature tends to be a very innocent and slow experience. You’re not going to be in a rush while sitting under a tree to watch birds fossick for worms. It pulls you out of the human crap we all wallow in and reminds you that things grow and drink sunlight.

Another exercise to practice is meditation on the heart centre and green light. You can visualise green light filling the heart space during meditation, or actually place a hand over your heart to help concentrate energy there.

Whatever comes up during this process, allow the thoughts to pop in, make curious note of it, and then let them float on by. You’re not required to dwell on anything or analyse it.

Instead, thank your heart for doing the job of nourishing your body with lifeblood. Send it gratitude and appreciation. Let it know that you’ll look after it just as much as it looks after you. These affirmations can either be thought or said out loud for a stronger effect.

Curse Repellent

Reverse a Curse with Mirror Magic and the Evil-Eye

It’s rare to actually experience someone actively attacking your life energetically. However, when you do come under fire, rather than waste your own energy on retaliation, it’s far more effective to bounce their negativity back

When you’re dealing with are people with no conscience and no limits, they’ll be eager for a fight and they’ll deliberately provoke you because they need you to react.

Reacting = permission

They want you to engage because it gives them permission to escalate and justify what they have already done.

Don’t respond. It’s a trap.

Instead, make them deal with their own ugly nature while you get on with living your life in peace.

You’ll need some supplies to get started…


  • Blue paint in 2 or 3 shades + white and black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Mirror tile (preferably round, but square or hexagonal is ok)
  • Tile glue
  • Plywood board or a blank wall
  • Drop-sheet, bucket of water and other cleaning supplies
  • Candle
  • Incense blend of your choice and a burner
  • Playlist or noise making instruments (pots and pans will do)

You can go subtle with a protection spell, but this one is for hardcore problems and requires a large statement piece to work on that level.

To get started, you might want to create your large painting of the evil-eye (pictured at top) on the board or on a wall facing the direction of the bad energy. This is going to be an external shield for your home so it needs to be in an appropriate position. If you live in an apartment, position it directly facing your front door so that it’s basically the first thing anyone would see as they step inside.

Remember, this is a repellent spell.

Once you have your painting in place, it’s time to perform a ceremony for the mirror tile.


Clear a space inside your home to work with, open up all the windows to get fresh air and sunlight, and cast a circle before you begin. Light your candle and start burning the incense in its burner.

Wave the mirror through the smoke and set your intentions:

I take no part in anyone’s feelings which are not mine.

I refuse to take on junk.

They can look themselves in the mirror and see who they really are.

So mote it be.

Take the incense around your home to cleanse the space and drive out bad mojo.

Once you have driven it out, set the mirror in the middle of the eye.

Hecate: Goddess of Witchcraft

Hecate or Hekate is a fascinating figure within Ancient Greek mythology. Known in the Wiccan and witchcraft community as the Goddess of Witchcraft, she is often conflated with the triple moon goddess for a number of reasons which I’ll explain below, however she is distinct from that generic “goddess” figure of Maiden/Mother/Crone in many more ways.


According to sources such as Britannica, worship of Hecate began in a region known as Caria in Southern Anatolia which is now part of modern-day Turkey. It’s very close to the Greek Islands which meant that eventually cultures intertwined and Hecate was incorporated into the Greek Pantheon of Olympus.

In Caria she was worshiped as a primordial goddess of the heavens, earth and seas. Her dominion was that of a principle goddess, however in the Greek hierarchy, that position wasn’t possible. Instead she was demoted to a lesser figure with rumours of great power swirling around in the background. From all accounts, Hecate didn’t care.

She was considered to be one of the Titans who sided with Zeus and her parents are usually described as Perses, the Titan of Destruction, and Asteria, the Titan goddess of prophetic dreams, divination and falling stars (or asteroids). Having such parents bestowed Hecate with an understanding of deep magic from the stars as well as her primordial influence on the earth.

However, the myth she is best known for is the story of Persephone.

According to the Theogony of Hesiod, Hecate witnessed the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades, god of the underworld. When Persephone’s mother, Demeter, came to find her, Hecate led the way through the underworld with a flaming torch in each hand. When the goddesses found Persephone and Hades, a deal was made; Demeter would have her daughter back for half of the year and Hades would have his bride for the other half, thereby causing the seasons of summer and winter.

As for Hecate, Hades was impressed and offered her key positions in the underworld. One of her roles would be to provide guidance and companionship for Persephone, and the other role would be to guard the threshold between the living realm and the realm of the dead. As such, she was given the key to the underworld.

For this reason, she became the goddess of necromancy, thresholds and restless spirits.


Hecate is often depicted holding the two torches to light the way through the underworld, but in some renditions she is holding a key instead. Her head is usually crowned with moonbeams and she is often portrayed as a triple goddess standing back-to-back in order to look out in all directions at once.

Because of her status as the goddess of liminal spaces, thresholds and portals, her statues or columns would be set at crossroads and in doorways. The pillars were known as Hecataea and were said to ward against malevolent spirits.

Although Hecate is usually depicted to be a childbearing age, she was never said to be married or to have children. Unlike other virgin goddesses, though, she had no ill-will towards men, but was simply a bit of a loner and not particularly interested. Instead of suitors or maidens or other humanoid beings surrounding her, Hecate chose animal companions. She is associated with packs of dogs due to the legend of hell-hounds, but according to myth the animals she adopted were previously humans cursed by the gods and transformed into animals.

Hecate’s Wheel, also known as the Strophalos, was a spinning wheel used as a divination tool to access the subconscious and replicate the soul’s journey through the underworld labyrinth. At the centre is a star, which seems to be reference to her mother, Asteria.


Ritual Practice

Hecate is a lunar goddess, however she rules one particular phase known as the dark night, or a very new moon. During this dark night of the soul every month she was said to lead restless spirits out of the underworld to seek their vengeance or justice as they saw fit.

To protect their households, residents of Ancient Greece would conduct a monthly cleanse of their homes, settle all their bills and generally have everything in order. All the dust, food scraps and waste materials from altars would be piled up either outside the boundaries of the property or at a 3-way crossroad.

Just before nightfall the household would put out a ritual meal known as Hecate’s Supper, or Deipnon, to feed the spirits and appease their wrath. Supper was compiled of onion, leeks, garlic, small cakes, eggs and occasionally the meat of a sacrificed dog. They would set the meal outside threshold of the property, turn their back on it and go lock themselves inside for the night. It was dangerous to look upon the hungry ghosts feeding upon their meal.

The Ancient Greeks sacrificed dogs the same way Ancient Hebrews sent a scapegoat out into the desert: to carry the sins of the household and appease the gods.

Modern Ritual

In this day and age we don’t generally leave our crap by the side of the road and we don’t sacrifice animals, especially dogs. Instead, if you would like to be a devotee of Hecate, you may want to donate either time or money to a dog shelter, as the goddess seemed to believe in rescuing animals rather than slaughtering them.

You can use the darkest moon of the month to thoroughly clean your house; go through the fridge and dispose of bad food, sweep up dust, clean your altar space, empty out fireplaces, and then perform a cleansing ritual. This is best done during daylight hours.

As darkness falls, lay out a meal for the spirits beyond any doorways so as not invite anyone inside. It can use traditional ingredients like onion and garlic, or just make a little cupcake.

You may also use the night of the new moon as an opportunity to seek out prophetic dreams. Set an intention before bed and make sure to have a relaxing cup of chamomile tea to help you float off into the ether.

Wands & Circle Casting

The Basics of Ritual

When it comes to practicing witchcraft, it’s important to know the basics of ritual. This can apply to both solo practitioners as well as covens. The basic building blocks of a ritual are cleansing the space, setting up your quarters and boundaries, casting a circle and then calling the quarters.

To cast a circle you can just point your finger, but using a wand is much more effective.

Finding the right wand for you is a personal thing and can take a bit of time, but it is worth having the right tool for the job which resonates with your energy. There are a few ways you can approach it; research different types of wood or crystals and then make a wand yourself or have it made out of raw material; or, set an intention to find the right tool for yourself and then keep a lookout for that special fit.

Once you have what you need, you can use it as part of your rituals.

 Setting up a Ritual Space

To set out the boundaries of your working space start with putting elements into the corresponding directions at the outskirts.

North = Earth

South = Fire

East = Air

West = Water

When you have an element in each direction, you can cleanse the space with a bessom (ritual broom) either literally or metaphorically.

Now you can set up a working altar and/or fire in the centre of the ritual space. This will be the focal point of your work within the ritual so make sure you have everything you need before casting the circle.

Every ritual is different so that’s the part you’ll make up for yourself and change to suit the purpose.

Casting a Circle

I cast a circle

all around

Within its field

I’m safe and sound

As you cast your circle you want to set the intention that your ritual space is sacred and secure. A chant will help with this.

To cast the circle, hold your wand in your right hand and cross your arm over your body to point the wand on the left. This should mean you walk in a clockwise direction (Deosil) and the metaphysical line is outside the boundaries of your quarters.

In Scottish Gaelic the term for clockwise is Deosil and the term for anti-clockwise is Widdershins.

Part of circle casting is visualising the line you’re drawing as a boundary but also imagining it as a sphere which surrounds above and below.

When the circle is cast, no one enters and no one leaves the ritual space until it is complete. At the end of the ritual you use the wand again to cut an imaginary slit and step through.

Good Luck Spell & Wreath Magic

A door wreath is often something we only think about doing at Christmas (or Yule for the pagans) but it should be a regular part of your witchy practice to draw in positive energy and good luck throughout the year.

A wreath is a type of portal, similar in principal to the dream-catcher but without a trap set in the middle. The circle is made from twisted and intertwined strips of branch and can be made from rattan or willow straps. You can make it yourself by weaving green strips and then drying it, or you can buy a ready-made base at a craft store.

The other element of the wreath is a collection of flowers and herbs. These should also be fresh when you make it, but suitable for drying as the wreath “sets” over time. Which herbs and flowers you choose is personal, but they should be congruent with cleansing and abundance. For my wreath I chose lavender, rosemary and everlasting daisies as I’m constructing it for the celebration of Imbolc and the onset of spring.

I find the portal works better when the fresh greenery is lined up in one direction, preferably anti-clockwise to pull inwards.

When you have constructed the wreath, perform a blessing with either incense smoke, anointing oils, or both. State your intentions for the wreath as you bless it and be as specific as you like with what you’re wanting to attract into your home.

Next, set a hook in the middle of your front door at about eye-level and then hang it up.

The wreath can serve you until the next seasonal celebration where you might like to thank it for it’s work and ceremonially burn it before making a new one.

Alchemy & Astrology

When it comes to the study of alchemy, the symbolism carries a lot of hidden meaning. In particular the symbols which represent both the astrological bodies and common metals can convey a lot of layered messaging.

Lets take a look at how the concept of transmutation of metals can be applied to the transmutation of human consciousness.

sun_ gold


Saturn / Lead

Dark, heavy and poisonous, lead is also an impenetrable substance when it comes to things like radiation. It protects through containment and is the ultimate shield.

In the same way Saturn is renowned as being a planet of restrictions and boundaries, but we all need parameters in our lives so that we understand what is possible and what is not. Saturn can feel like being held down and limited in a lot of ways, but can also teach us the art of timing.

After all, timing is everything.

Jupiter / Tin

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and material gain, but it can also be hedonistic and frivolous. It’s the planet of optimism, gumption and pluckiness required to forge ahead or throw caution to the wind.

Tin is a strong but light-weight material which is very useful, resistant to corrosion, and food-safe, but melts easily under heat and is highly malleable. It might be good for the short-term, but won’t be able to hack it over the long-term the way other metals can.

This energy will get you places, but it won’t necessarily keep you there.

Mars / Iron

Strong, uncompromising, masculine. Iron is synonymous with the will and so is Mars, the planet named after the god of war. The blood which flows in our veins is red from the oxidisation of iron in haemoglobin and the red planet reflect this hot, surging life-force within all of us.

As a metal it is rarely beaten and once smelted properly and alloyed with carbon, iron becomes steel. At times in life we need this steely resolve to give us the nerve to do things which are difficult and a lot of our braver aspects can be found in our Mars placement.

Venus / Copper

Shiny, feminine, rich and also conductive, copper is a metal we associate in modern times with both safe plumbing waters and electrical wiring.

The planet is known as both the evening star and the morning star, switching position in our night sky from one to the other after travelling close to the sun for a year and a half in between. Venus is our brightest star when it is visible and heralds either the beginning of the night, or its ending.

As a planet shrouded in mystery it has been likened to the feminine aspects which are part of the hidden realms. It has also been dismissed by Christians as an evil omen of wild and untamed magics.

It’s little wonder, then, that copper is so valued by the Fae, who also inhabit the liminal spaces between our waking and sleeping states, appearing on the edges of our consciousness. The hidden dimensions of the Otherworld are unlocked by this Key of Life, represented by the Ankh.

Mercury / Quicksilver

The only metal in this family known to exist in a liquid state at room-temperature, quicksilver is thus named for the speed at which it can move and it’s brilliant appearance.

Mercury is known as the planet of communication and is named after the messenger god who flew with winged feet to deliver news. It is also the planet known to affect technology, which is the modern equivalent of lightning-speed communication and information.

Being in such a fluid state is beneficial if you would like to makes moves outside of the box or if you don’t want to be constricted by impositions of others.

Moon / Silver

The moon rules our subconscious and emotional aspects and in it’s likeness silver is considered to be a medium of mystery. Here, the psychic realm opens up as the moon wanes from shining silver into the tarnished blackness of night. It does this in order to initiate a person into a deeper understanding of their own mind, wandering through the night in order to see what is not seen during the daylight.

Silver is the metal within our mirrors, reflecting back to us how we truly appear to others. When we understand this aspect of ourselves, we can form better relationships where we practice self-awareness instead of projecting our insecurities for others to see plainly while we ourselves remain oblivious.

Sun / Gold

Obviously, gold is considered the most precious metal and the main objective in alchemy. Gold is synonymous with wealth, power and beauty, but it can also be seen as the light which shines truth on a situation.

The sun provides us with warmth, maintains the seasons, gives life to plants and shines a light for us to go about in a flurry of activity. It also washes away the fears and insecurities so prevalent in the night.

The sun is our logical, philosophical self. It is the self that we can be when we’re at our best; operating from a place of kindness, patience, rational thought and calm demeanor. Our higher-self if you will. The self who knows intrinsically that they have a connection with the universe at large as well as the world in it’s micro form.

As the famed alchemist William Blake wrote, it is an ability to see beyond the mundane and appreciate the world in gratitude at how miraculous it can be;

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour

Divine Timing

I was talking to my Dad who is almost 80 years old now and a Druid himself back in the day. We were discussing the lockdown situation unfolding and how he had been born during WW2 but he had never seen times like this.

At the end of our very normal conversation about staying safe and not going crazy, I remembered something which had happened just one month before.

I was previously living in Queensland at my brother’s farm and it was taking me a very long time to get a job in the place I wanted to live, close to my partner in Tasmania. The months of applying had worn away my ego and thoroughly convinced me that I had zero ability to manifest whatsoever. In fact I had stopped sending in applications a week before I got an offer.

However, I was aware that bigger things were playing out at the time, in particular unprecedented massive bushfires covering most of the terrain between where I was and where I wanted to be. If I had gotten a job sooner I would have had to postpone or turn it down because I literally couldn’t have transported myself, my things and my pets through the fire zones.

Shortly after the rain came I got the job.

I described driving through the charred bushland with melted signs to my dad and thinking as I traveled; something else is coming. This is my one window of opportunity and it’s going to shut behind me.

Sure enough, a few weeks later the borders are closing and no one knows when they will reopen or who can come through.

“That’s your witchiness kicking in,” my Dad laughed.

“True,” I smiled, appreciating the fact that he doesn’t bat an eyelid to such things. “But it’s interesting how often things will work out like that for me.”

“Oh yes,” he said, suddenly thoughtful, “those things would often happen to me too. I always had to make the decision first though. If I wasn’t working towards it, it wasn’t just going to happen, but yes; strange timing.”

“It’s like meeting something halfway,” I added, “like a trapeze artist. The thing you want is swinging and you have to swing out as well and grab hold at just the right moment.”

“Yes, that’s a good way of describing it,” he agreed. “If you miss taking that leap of faith you end up falling.”

And that’s divine timing in a nutshell.

We can’t always see clearly why things happen the way they do, and we certainly have to put in the work, but sometimes we just have to wait for the right moment when we reach out in perfect synchronicity and grasp that swinging opportunity.