Hearth Witch is a site dedicated to spiritual healing and enlightenment at a grass-roots level. I believe everyone has the power to heal themselves and that the information to do so should be freely available.

As for me, I am an eclectic mix of races and spiritual paths. The majority of my ancestry is Celtic so I resonate more with natural western witchcraft and am a member of OBOD, undertaking the study of Druidry. However, I live in Australia and hold a deep respect for the indigenous spiritual practices and do my best to acknowledge their precedence.

I am also part Indian so Ayurveda and yoga are an interest area. On top of that, my maternal lineage is native Fijian and my mother’s, mother’s, mother’s, mother’s mother was a tribal priestess. The mantle of Shamanic duties has also fallen on me as the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter etc. Being a breach baby and dyslexic has also put me into the category of Heyoka, although I don’t know of a term for that outside of American Shamanism.

It can be very confusing to be connected to so many different paths and to not have guidance for any of them in this physical world.

I have been fortunate to find a mentor in mediumship, which has been extremely helpful in figuring out what to do with my spiritual gifts since my mother shirked her lineage and has been extremely Christian for as long as I have known her.

This site is to help anyone also looking for grounding in this spiritual soup we call life. I’ll be sharing my understanding of various phenomenon and practices as I learn them.

If you seek knowledge and understanding with an open heart and an open mind, not seeking power over others or selfish gains, then your path will remain true and you will find yourself entering the flow of the universe.

May you find whatever you seek.