Love Spell

Rune Magic Hot Chocolate

When it comes to using runes, most witches are familiar with the divination tool of rune stones, but they can be used for so much more.

Carving runes into your magical tools, creating sigils for a spell, or in this case, carving runes into chocolate for consumption into the body are all very effective ways to use them.

For a romance spell I would recommend three particular runes:

Sowilo – the sun. A symbol of hope and good times ahead.

Wunjo – Venus. A symbol of joy and wish fulfillment. Feminine archetype.

Uruz – Mars. A symbol of vigor, vitality and dreams come true. Masculine archetype.


Enough milk for two mugs

1 Tsp cream

Spices (cinnamon quill, cardamom pods, star anise & cloves)

Vanilla essence

Coco powder

Block of milk chocolate

Cream liqueur (Baileys or Kahlua) – can be substituted with a pinch of chili powder




Measuring spoons and jug

Wooden spoon to stir

Paring knife


Wooden board


Smooth and creamy,

Rich and sweet.

Sweep my loved one,

Off their feet.


Use a small paring knife to carve the runes into the chocolate. You can research and use any runes you like, but my suggestions would be the following;

hot choc

Put the milk and cream into a saucepan and gently warm up so that it steams, but doesn’t bubble. Add the spices, sifted coco powder, vanilla and salt.

Allow those ingredients to infuse for a few minutes and then perform your incantation as you break up the chocolate and melt it into the milk mixture.

When the milk smells warm and creamy, remove it from the heat and pour into mugs using the sifter to filter out any whole spices.

Add a shot of cream liqueur or a pinch of chili for oomph, then a couple of marshmallows.


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