The Light Body & Heart Chakra

The Heart Centre and Infinity Symbol

Light Spectrums

Human beings can see light within a very specific range of frequencies: between infra-red at the base range and ultra-violet at the top range. It’s the spectrum of light which we see in a rainbow when light is refracted through water.

Light moves in waves of frequencies, or cycles per second and the slower it is moving, the more red it will appear, changing colour as it moves faster until it appears violet. When spiritual practitioners advise you to change your frequency, they’re referring to your light body; the aura which extends in a broad field around your physical form and is anchored to your core by the chakras.


The chakra system in your body is made up of the seven different base colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They start at the root, which is underneath your torso and ascend to the top of your head where the crown-chakra sits.

light body

The lower three chakras are associated with the physical expression of your form and survival in the 3D realm. The top three chakras are concerned with higher knowledge, spiritual insight and self-expression.

Then there’s the central chakra: the Heart.

The heart is the blending point between your higher self and your base self. It’s also primarily how you connect with other people on a meaningful level. Because of this central meeting point, you can think of the heart as being the crossing of an infinity symbol.

When the heart is restricted or under attack, you may find that you start to live from your base instincts of survival and fear, or that you get lost in the mental realm of thought and cannot ground yourself. Being able to enjoy the physical experience while also seeking higher consciousness won’t happen without a healthy heart centre.

This is why the light body relies on us healing our emotional wounds, especially the inner-child.


The reason why people find healing so difficult, is because it makes you face truths you would rather not see and deal with pain which has been repressed or weaponsied into anger. This can manifest as either being overly nice and pleasing, or volatile and explosive.

One key way you can tell if you need to heal the heart chakra is if you find that love is always attached to pain. If someone insulting you means nothing but someone showing kindness will break you, that’s a level of deep trauma which needs to be dealt with.

If you enter into addictive and toxic relationships, where you either inflict pain or endure it from someone else, but seem unable to let go of it… that’s a strong indicator of codependency and an inability to find solace from within.

Your system is trying to plug into others to get what it needs because it cannot find it from within.

Joy, love and inspiration can only be accessed from within. When you try to get it from external sources, it is invariably less sustaining, meager and often drains more energy than it supplies.

Basically, if you feel like Taylor Swift really gets your lived-experience, you got problems.

Processing that trauma so you can plug back into yourself without it being overwhelmingly painful is the aim of shadow work. However, it’s an arduous process requiring time, space, patience and self-kindness. For it to work you need to have space from other people without all their demands to overwhelm. Whatever comes up needs to be dealt with in a judgement-free zone where you stop punishing yourself for things you have done or didn’t do. As for time… it is an ongoing process which can take years of gradual work and you’ll find yourself cycling through things you thought had already been dealt with.

I highly recommend finding yourself a decent counselor who can help you work through it, at least to get started and then periodically when you encounter rough patches.

The alongside that, you need to start nurturing the heart.

The Green Ray

The colour spectrum of the heart chakra is the green ray of light.

It’s associated with Archangel Raphael and represents the balance between objective rationale and subjective feelings. In this central realm can be found the truth, if you have the bravery to look at it fully.

The easiest way to connect with the green ray is to start spending time with plants.

You can either grow them in pots, or visit the park. Why not enjoy some hiking on the weekend? Connecting with nature tends to be a very innocent and slow experience. You’re not going to be in a rush while sitting under a tree to watch birds fossick for worms. It pulls you out of the human crap we all wallow in and reminds you that things grow and drink sunlight.

Another exercise to practice is meditation on the heart centre and green light. You can visualise green light filling the heart space during meditation, or actually place a hand over your heart to help concentrate energy there.

Whatever comes up during this process, allow the thoughts to pop in, make curious note of it, and then let them float on by. You’re not required to dwell on anything or analyse it.

Instead, thank your heart for doing the job of nourishing your body with lifeblood. Send it gratitude and appreciation. Let it know that you’ll look after it just as much as it looks after you. These affirmations can either be thought or said out loud for a stronger effect.

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