Curse Repellent

Reverse a Curse with Mirror Magic and the Evil-Eye

It’s rare to actually experience someone actively attacking your life energetically. However, when you do come under fire, rather than waste your own energy on retaliation, it’s far more effective to bounce their negativity back

When you’re dealing with are people with no conscience and no limits, they’ll be eager for a fight and they’ll deliberately provoke you because they need you to react.

Reacting = permission

They want you to engage because it gives them permission to escalate and justify what they have already done.

Don’t respond. It’s a trap.

Instead, make them deal with their own ugly nature while you get on with living your life in peace.

You’ll need some supplies to get started…


  • Blue paint in 2 or 3 shades + white and black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Mirror tile (preferably round, but square or hexagonal is ok)
  • Tile glue
  • Plywood board or a blank wall
  • Drop-sheet, bucket of water and other cleaning supplies
  • Candle
  • Incense blend of your choice and a burner
  • Playlist or noise making instruments (pots and pans will do)

You can go subtle with a protection spell, but this one is for hardcore problems and requires a large statement piece to work on that level.

To get started, you might want to create your large painting of the evil-eye (pictured at top) on the board or on a wall facing the direction of the bad energy. This is going to be an external shield for your home so it needs to be in an appropriate position. If you live in an apartment, position it directly facing your front door so that it’s basically the first thing anyone would see as they step inside.

Remember, this is a repellent spell.

Once you have your painting in place, it’s time to perform a ceremony for the mirror tile.


Clear a space inside your home to work with, open up all the windows to get fresh air and sunlight, and cast a circle before you begin. Light your candle and start burning the incense in its burner.

Wave the mirror through the smoke and set your intentions:

I take no part in anyone’s feelings which are not mine.

I refuse to take on junk.

They can look themselves in the mirror and see who they really are.

So mote it be.

Take the incense around your home to cleanse the space and drive out bad mojo.

Once you have driven it out, set the mirror in the middle of the eye.

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