Good Luck Spell & Wreath Magic

A door wreath is often something we only think about doing at Christmas (or Yule for the pagans) but it should be a regular part of your witchy practice to draw in positive energy and good luck throughout the year.

A wreath is a type of portal, similar in principal to the dream-catcher but without a trap set in the middle. The circle is made from twisted and intertwined strips of branch and can be made from rattan or willow straps. You can make it yourself by weaving green strips and then drying it, or you can buy a ready-made base at a craft store.

The other element of the wreath is a collection of flowers and herbs. These should also be fresh when you make it, but suitable for drying as the wreath “sets” over time. Which herbs and flowers you choose is personal, but they should be congruent with cleansing and abundance. For my wreath I chose lavender, rosemary and everlasting daisies as I’m constructing it for the celebration of Imbolc and the onset of spring.

I find the portal works better when the fresh greenery is lined up in one direction, preferably anti-clockwise to pull inwards.

When you have constructed the wreath, perform a blessing with either incense smoke, anointing oils, or both. State your intentions for the wreath as you bless it and be as specific as you like with what you’re wanting to attract into your home.

Next, set a hook in the middle of your front door at about eye-level and then hang it up.

The wreath can serve you until the next seasonal celebration where you might like to thank it for it’s work and ceremonially burn it before making a new one.

One Comment on “Good Luck Spell & Wreath Magic

  1. Ooh! I like this! Never thought about placing a wreath on the door before. This is something I’ll look into doing when Autumn comes around. Does it matter which door you hang it on? Is it necessary to burn it? Or can you just discard the flowers and make a new wreath?


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