Divine Timing

I was talking to my Dad who is almost 80 years old now and a Druid himself back in the day. We were discussing the lockdown situation unfolding and how he had been born during WW2 but he had never seen times like this.

At the end of our very normal conversation about staying safe and not going crazy, I remembered something which had happened just one month before.

I was previously living in Queensland at my brother’s farm and it was taking me a very long time to get a job in the place I wanted to live, close to my partner in Tasmania. The months of applying had worn away my ego and thoroughly convinced me that I had zero ability to manifest whatsoever. In fact I had stopped sending in applications a week before I got an offer.

However, I was aware that bigger things were playing out at the time, in particular unprecedented massive bushfires covering most of the terrain between where I was and where I wanted to be. If I had gotten a job sooner I would have had to postpone or turn it down because I literally couldn’t have transported myself, my things and my pets through the fire zones.

Shortly after the rain came I got the job.

I described driving through the charred bushland with melted signs to my dad and thinking as I traveled; something else is coming. This is my one window of opportunity and it’s going to shut behind me.

Sure enough, a few weeks later the borders are closing and no one knows when they will reopen or who can come through.

“That’s your witchiness kicking in,” my Dad laughed.

“True,” I smiled, appreciating the fact that he doesn’t bat an eyelid to such things. “But it’s interesting how often things will work out like that for me.”

“Oh yes,” he said, suddenly thoughtful, “those things would often happen to me too. I always had to make the decision first though. If I wasn’t working towards it, it wasn’t just going to happen, but yes; strange timing.”

“It’s like meeting something halfway,” I added, “like a trapeze artist. The thing you want is swinging and you have to swing out as well and grab hold at just the right moment.”

“Yes, that’s a good way of describing it,” he agreed. “If you miss taking that leap of faith you end up falling.”

And that’s divine timing in a nutshell.

We can’t always see clearly why things happen the way they do, and we certainly have to put in the work, but sometimes we just have to wait for the right moment when we reach out in perfect synchronicity and grasp that swinging opportunity.

6 Comments on “Divine Timing

  1. I think this happens for everyone, but few are cognitively aware of it. My family has always felt that things happen for a reason and I have seen it over and over in my life and now those of my adult children. It’s an awareness – a subliminal channel that is out there for everyone but few of us tap into it. Whether you call it oneness with God, simply physics, the laws of attraction or connecting to a higher plain, it’s all the same thing – the current of the universe.

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  2. After many years of wanting to return to nz (My home) everything fell into place and i moved with my daughter. However, the anxiety i had over the move did not dissipate once I was there and 12 months later she returned to Aussie and 14 months I followed her. Eveything fell into place when we were there and i was finally coming happy again. Dam anxiety. I am not coping here in Aussie. Is it too late now to return after 3yrs absence?


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