What are your Psychic Senses and how do you Develop them?

What are some of the less obvious signs that you have a psychic ability?

Of course, there are obvious signs such as seeing an apparition, or getting a premonition about something which hasn’t happened yet, but a lot of the time psychic ability is more subtle and doesn’t give you lots of great confirmation to go on.

So how do you tell if you’re crazy, or just perceiving things outside of the “normal” range?

Most psychic senses are tied to the physical ones and in a way they can be easier to deal with because they’re more obvious and undeniable, like visions, sounds, smells and tastes. Then there’s the sense of touch which can be somewhat liminal in nature as it straddles the physical senses and the intuitive senses through material portals.

What do I mean by material portals? It’s when an object either holds a lot of psychic energy in and of itself, or when it acts as a conduit for someone who has psychic senses to tap into the energy of another person.

I think I’m skipping ahead too far, so lets wind it back and start with the physical senses…

People with psychic abilities usually have a dominant ability which is their strongest “muscle” and it’s usually how they tap into other energies to start with. It’ll be the key which unlocks the door to everything else and figuring out what your dominant ability is can help if you’re wanting to develop all of the psychic senses.

Clairvoyance – Psychic Vision

This is the one everyone knows and is familiar with, but it can also be one of the last senses to get developed. This is the sense of vision and being able to visualise.

Sometimes it will manifest in a full 3D apparition, and sometimes this can be witnessed by more than one person, but the majority of the time it is more like getting something in your mind’s eye. In order for an entity or ghost to be perceived by more than one person at the same time in the physical world, that spirit has to be very power in itself. Otherwise, it requires the observer to be the powerful one.

Some vision can be out of the corner of your eye, some of it can be right in front of you for a split second and some can be purely in your mind’s eye.

To develop this sense it is important to engage the imagination and use visualisation. This can be done through reading books, meditations, shamanic journeying, or writing stories. You can also explore exercises in spacial awareness, or start doing visual art.

Clairaudience – Psychic Hearing

Just like clairvoyance, this gift can manifest in full-blown auditory experiences like hearing your name yelled out when there is no one around, or perhaps hearing whispers.

In the more subtle form it can be times when you get a random song stuck in your head, even though you haven’t heard it lately, or it could be a phrase of words popping into your head.

Because this one can be so subtle at times, one of the best indications that you can develop this gift is if you have a natural musical inclination, or if you are particularly good at picking accents. On the downside, you might be someone who has trouble separating ambient noise, but can pick up whispered conversations which others wouldn’t normally be able to hear.

Developing the sense can be as easy as listening to music, particularly music tuned to the sacred geometry of the golden ratio such as 432hz, 528hz, 639hz, and 963hz. Shamanic drumming can also alter states of consciousness with a rhythm known as sonic driving. There’s been some research into how these sound frequencies affect brain patterns and can put someone into a hypnagogic state.

Clairolfactance – Psychic Smell

Knowing that a deceased loved-one is nearby because you can smell their perfume is more common than we sometimes think. Scent is closely tied to memory and is the sense which can access those memories the fastest. For this reason it can be a signature used by visiting ghosts to indicate that they’re nearby.

People who have this gift in spades tend to be overly sensitive to perfumes and often notice smells before other people do. They can also dissect layers within a fragrance and might be good at identifying a species of plant from the smell rather than the appearance.

Clairgustance – Psychic Taste

Some people can taste things which aren’t actually present when they encounter spirit activity, or do mediumship. This can be affirming for people if a deceased loved one had a penchant for certain foods.

Our sense of taste can also encompass other areas such as if we taste blood, or seawater, or something like dirt. Forensic mediums find this useful when tracing the movements of a missing person or deceased person.

If this is a gift you have, you might be someone who vividly recalls specific meals and might find it the easiest way to associate places in your mind.

Developing this sense can be a very pleasurable pursuit, but you’ll have to watch your waistline…

Psychometry – Psychic Touch / Objects

This one isn’t so much a sense as it is to do with objects. If you pick up energy from antiques, family heirlooms, or second-hand junk, this might be something which comes naturally to you.

Objects absorb energy from the environment and from close personal interaction. The stronger the energy, the stronger the imprint so an object which was used in a murder will have a very intense connection to that event, but an object which sat in a kitchen cupboard inside a very ordinary house probably won’t. Not unless that object happened to be someone’s favourite frying pan.

You can develop this sense by browsing thrift shops and exploring museums. There are some crazy items inside slick display cases.

One of the most interesting things I have seen was at Port Arthur in Tasmania and it’s a display case full of innocuous little objects which people found lying on the ground at the site, took home with them and then returned by post because they got relentlessly haunted.

Clairsentience – Psychic Knowing

This is where we start getting into fuzzier territory because knowledge can be subjective if the truth has been concealed and no one can verify the information for you. This psychic knowing can hit you from nowhere and you’ll know what it is by the complete certainty of truth without a story of explanation surrounding it.

People with this gift get constantly frustrated because they know things which they can’t prove and others will deny until they’re blue in the face rather than own up to it.

Usually time wins out, but in the interim you can be branded paranoid, delusional, or a trouble-maker.

There’s not a lot you can do about this gift, except learn the art of letting it go and not needing to satisfy your own curiosity. At the same time, you can stop feeling the need to apologise to people when you get a hunch and act upon it.

Trust your intuition, don’t allow others to shame you into denying what you know, and leave others to their denial if that’s where they choose to be.

Clairsentience – Psychic Feeling / Empath

Again, this one is a little subjective and woolly, relying on external confirmation in order to know whether you’re correct or not. Feeling all the feels of other people can make you averse to crowds and subject to intense mood-swings which actually aren’t your own.

Again, its a case of listening to your intuition, but not forcing other’s to acknowledge things they’re uncomfortable talking about.

In a lot of ways, you need to work on separating yourself from this gift and working on your boundaries, rather than plunging further into it.

In Short…

The interesting thing about the psychic senses is that the objective ones help you to ground into your physical experience and to practice mindfulness, while the more vague senses can overwhelm your sense of self and put you in a situation where you become lost.

Finding the balance between using all of them is crucial to remaining grounded and in touch with reality.

If you can master that, you’ll find greater control over the psychic senses and become able to use them more precisely.

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