Creating a Book of Shadows or Grimoire

In your witchcraft journey, never underestimate the importance of recording the things that you’re learning. Does this mean that it has to be fancy or perfectly curated? Not necessarily…

You can watch a video of how I do my journals and create a grimoire below…

What I recommend for people starting out, is to have a variety of journals and use all of them in different ways:

The Calendar Diary

Never underestimate how a diary of the year can help to facilitate journal-keeping. It’s already got a layout which helps to prompt keeping records and is especially great for mapping out astrological events for the year ahead. You can plan your moon-phase rituals, make notes of what you have planted at different times, and see if predictions have come true or not.

The Fancy Grimoire

This is usually a nice book which you will hopefully keep for a long time and use it to record concise and important facts about esoteric subjects so that you can use it later like a reference book.

The Recipe Book

Literally, this can be a recipe book for cooking. A lot of witches include kitchen-witchery in their practice and having a nice collection of your most successful recipes is such a great thing. It can also teach you the practice of creating spell journals.

The Spell Book (aka Book of Shadows)

Very similar to a recipe book, this one can be used to record your ingredients and methodology for various spells as you either learn them or develop them yourself.

The Shit-Kicker Journal(s)

This is a journal which you might throw out at a later date when you no longer need that information, or if you have transcribed it into your fancy grimoire in a more cohesive fashion. I use these a lot when it comes to writing my blog and making YouTube videos because I can keep one in my bag at all times and just scribble notes for myself while I’m out and about.

There’s probably also an app for that, but I find physical writing is faster so I don’t lose the information.

Basic Notepads

Post-its and blank notepads are great for dot-point lists and short notes which will be expanded upon at a later date. Keep them all over the house so you’re never far from one when inspiration strikes and especially keep one of these or one of the shit-kicker journals next to your bed for those times when you get an information dump while you’re trying to sleep.

Visual Art Journal

For anyone who prefers to express themselves through drawings rather than words, this is especially great. There’s a lot of symbolism in esoteric studies and being able to refer to that is especially important so that you can learn more about astrology, alchemy and various types of Gnosticism.

In short…

There are no fixed “rules” about what your book of shadows or grimoire should be and everybody’s practice and journey are different. Don’t feel like you have to do what someone else is doing. Take the bits which work for you and ditch the bits which don’t.

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