Numerology & Your Life Path Number

Are you a master number? What your date of birth can reveal about your destiny…

When it comes to numerology, there are a couple of schools of thought; one says that there are 9 life path numbers, and the other says that there are 9 basic life paths and 3 or even 4 master numbers.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

You need to use all of the digits from your date of birth to calculate it down to a single digit and there is a particular “correct” way to calculate which will ensure you get the true number and not a false-positive (although I personally think that might still count).

Correct way to calculate:

(D+D) + (M+M) + (Y+Y+Y+Y) = Life Path #

For example:

(0+6) + (0+3) + (1+9+8+2)

6 + 3 + 2 = 11

You can just double-check the result by adding each number to the other to see if it gets to the same result:

6+3+1+9+8+2 = 29

2 + 9 = 11

What is a life path number and why would there be master numbers?

In numerology your name, date of birth and other key features of your identity can be broken down into single-digit numbers. To do this you have to add together individual digits until it reduces down to a single one. However, some birthdays or names end up in double-digit numbers which are referred to as masters. These are 11, 22, 33 and sometimes 44.

For some numerologists, that number should still become a single digit and there is no such thing as a master. However, if you have ever met a master number, or are one, there is something undeniably different about them. In particular, they usually have a harder time than most on this planet.

Basic Life Path Numbers

If your birthday has reduced to a single digit, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and can be just as challenging and rewarding as the masters. All souls have to go through the various life paths, sometimes in sequential order, but not usually. Some of us have to re-take a life path if we didn’t accomplish what we set out do to during a previous incarnation so it can be key to your success to know what your soul’s objective is so that you can work towards it.

If you find that your life path is challenging for you, past life regression can help to unlock some of the issues previously encountered in order to move past those same stumbling blocks.

Life Path 1 | AKA The Catalyst

Being a life-path 1 is not the same as being a basic bitch. Instead, you’re considered to be an instigator, a rebel and a creator. You’re the lone wolf and the wanderer, even if you enjoy being social.

Learning to be autonomous, independent and not let other people’s negativity hold you back is your main challenge.

Life Path 2 | AKA The Collaborator

A number 2 life path seeks to work in partnerships and to connect people. They’re brilliant at creating new things (which is connected to the archetype of partnering up) and they know how to draw people out of themselves to get the best from people.

Your challenge in life is not to resort to people-pleasing or losing yourself in relationships.

Life Path 3 | AKA The Communicator

This life path has the gift of the gab and are excellent public speakers, singers and mediators. Your gift is to impart knowledge through language.

Your challenge will be to know when silence is more strategic than speaking.

Life Path 4 | AKA The Troubleshooter

A life path 4 is someone who can solve almost any problem they’re presented with. Fours seek solutions as well as stability. They like things to be on an even-keel and they can be a bit of a stick in the mud, or potentially stubborn about doing things a certain way because they know it’s the right way. You’re very pragmatic and know how to get something done in the real world.

You big challenge is to realise that people aren’t problems and you aren’t responsibly for fixing everything.

Life Path 5 | AKA The Chameleon

You can literally do anything you set your mind to. Fives have an endless supply of talent, creativity and an ability to chip away at things. They have a lot of enthusiasm which can sometimes be tactless and overbearing for others.

You can become paralysed by perfectionism and end up doing nothing.

Life Path 6 | AKA The Lover

The number 6 is all about love, beauty and aesthetics. They bring joy to a lot of people by creating beautiful spaces, making themselves attractive and highlighting the beauty in others. They can see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower and this sense of wonder can remind others that there is much to appreciate about the world.

Remembering to be practical and realistic is your main challenge.

Life Path 7 | AKA The Analyst

Sevens can break down a complex issue into logical components and help others to understand the inner-workings. Nothing is too convoluted for them which is why they can be amazing philosophers, scientists or spiritual gurus.

Over-analysis is your potential downfall, a bit like Chidi in The Good Place. Sometimes things are actually really simple.

Life Path 8 | AKA The Magician

Like the numeral 8 would suggest, this life path is all about unlocking the secrets of the infinite. Sometimes, eights will do this without even realising they’re doing it. Manifesting comes easily, as does pattern recognition which is why you can find it easy to slip into a state of flow by figuring out when the right time is to catch the wave.

Your challenge is not to become too complacent or flippant because it’ll alienate the people around you.

Life Path 9 | AKA The Philanthropist

Nines take humanitarian efforts very seriously and see it as their mission to help others up. Championing causes, pitching in to help during a disaster, or just figuring out what an underlying problem is so it can be fixed are all strengths at your disposal.

Over-giving to the point where it becomes detrimental to you is a big challenge for this life path. You’re not responsible for everyone else and you also matter.

The Master Programs

Some souls have volunteered for the master program, which is why their life path numbers will equal 11, 22, 33 or 44. These souls have to have already gone through the previous life paths in order to be allowed to undertake this task. They’re old souls. Most of them are star-seeds as well, purely because they’ve been doing this for so long they’re really well-traveled.

It’s not for the faint-hearted because it serves a dual purpose; undertake massive soul development and raise the vibration of humanity.

In fact, duality is kind of a theme for the masters. It’s implied in the numbers, being double-digits. Their dual purpose for themselves and the collective is a big responsibility but their dual life paths make this task even harder.

Their life path isn’t just the 11 or 22 or 33, but also the single-digit life path at the same time. For example, an 11 will be required to undertake a double 1 path (the 1 path multiplied by two) plus the 2 life path. The 33 will be required to undertake a double 3 life path plus the 6 life path. The aim is to fuse both life paths into a master path.

On top of this, a lot of them might be sent their twin-flame to act as a catalyst for the master path and force them into it. If their twin is another master number they might be meant to work together, but it could be that only one of them has volunteered for this in this lifetime and holding onto the twin will prevent them from surging forward on their life path.

It’s no wonder they start cracking under the pressure.

When a master starts to become scared, or overwhelmed they generally try to hide in the single-digit life path. So a 22 will try to be a basic 4 and they’ll only deal in the material world and try to find stability in careers and family. An 11 might try to be a housewife who gives everything to her partner and neglects herself.

The single-digit life path tends to be the shadow aspect but shadow can also be found in the master number if the ego starts to be pursued instead of the higher self.

Masters cannot self-serve, or they will self-destruct. This isn’t the same as taking care of yourself or putting your needs first, but it is about needing to grasp at possessions and people in order to avoid doing the work.

When you avoid the path, the universe will send you course-corrections. These can be subtle, or they can be absolute destruction, depending on how soon you pick up on them and act accordingly.

If you’re a master number, you will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. When you start clinging to a security blanket the universe will start prying your fingers off to make you let go. The art of Detachment is a key to the process of undertaking your life path.

You will not be able to play it safe in this life without encountering major obstacles. For you, playing it safe is actually the unsafe option. Because of this, you will probably scare the shit out of people in your life who look at your maneuvers and decisions as truly reckless. You might get labelled as a loose canon, or people will find you odd, even if they like you.

Struggling in love, despite being the most loving people is a common theme and settling down to have a family is difficult unless it is combined with their soul’s purpose. The earlier they can find flow, the better, but it is common for masters to be late bloomers as they often resist the process and try to be normal for a long time.

Serious life challenges are part of the growth process for masters. As one life path 11 master, Chris Martin, wrote;

Under this pressure, under this weight,

We are diamonds taking shape.

Life Path 11 | AKA The Seer

It’s important to note that everyone has intuitive abilities, but somehow for an 11 it’ll be off the chain. An 11 can have psychic abilities which others only dream about, but because it’s such an integral part of their being it can be difficult to switch it off in order to have peace and quiet.

Seers know people at a level which is almost invasive. They can see through another person’s soul, usually within ten seconds of meeting them. Because of this, two things usually happen; first of all they get conditioned by society to give people the benefit of the doubt and neglect their instincts, even though eventually they’ll prove correct; and they will hold back in relationships / friendships because if they told people what they really know it would freak them out.

11s tend to hide quite a bit because they’re too intense in their true form for most people to handle. They see too much about others, they see things which aren’t there, and they see the truth behind the facade. You can imagine this a bit like Neo in The Matrix when he starts seeing the world in code.

One of the things an 11 does is seeing other’s potential and how to unlock it. However, that person would have to put in the actual work if they really want to bring that insight into reality. They have the collaborative pull from the 2 life path as well as an ability to strike out on their own and be autonomous if they have to. They don’t need others, but they understand that success is only meaningful if it can be shared.

11s make amazing counselors because they see all angles of the situation and how they interplay with each other. When people appreciate their honesty a lot can be achieved, but many people prefer the sugar-coated version and an 11 will hold them accountable instead which they find very confronting.

Barack and Michelle Obama are both life path 11 alumni, as are a number of other politicians, plus Chris Martin from Coldplay and Michael Jordan. They’re people who know how to lead by example and make everyone around them braver as a result. They’re also loyal to their teams and make their success collective rather than individual.

Life Path 22 | AKA The Alchemist

Anyone can develop the skill of alchemy, but a 22 is the master of it. This master can transmute the esoteric into the material world and essentially alter reality. They can create things which don’t even exist yet and their true potential is only limited by their imagination.

This group is the most grounded of the masters and are able to make that connection between the higher realms of consciousness/spirit, and the earthly 3D reality we currently experience. They can use practical things to be transcendent and they can bring transcendence into practical use.

22s are the most likely to have health family units which are examples for others to follow, or to become environmental activists. Science and psychology appeal to them equally and they’re great at applying one discipline to the other.

Famous alumni for this group include Will Smith, The Dalai Lama and David Attenborough, who’re all enlightened visionaries in their own ways, but also very down-to-earth.

Life Path 33 | AKA The Guru

Spiritual enlightenment is a path we all need to take at some point in the soul journey, but a 33 is the designated leader. They forge the path through the jungle so that others can follow more easily and they make it look effortless, although behind the scenes they can be going through a pretty traumatic life (like all masters). Creative and inventive, they can hack the universe and then teach others how it is done.

True to the 6 life path they enjoy beauty in all things, often appearing almost goddess-like (or god-like) and producing transcendent art such as music, design or photography. Their star quality will shine bright, even in the darkest of times.

For a 33, creativity can be a vehicle for their teachings. They use art to convey their insights in order to make it more palatable for mass-consumption, even if some people are unconscious about what they’re really saying. Hidden meanings in song lyrics, or subliminal messages in a painting can plant a seed in people’s minds which takes root and eventually blooms into a deeper understanding at a later date.

Some 33 alumni are John Lennon, Stargirl the Practical Witch and Delta Goodrem, who’re all singer/songwriters as well as spiritually insightful after battling huge odds in life. A lot of their music can teach us eternal truths about life and love. Also in the 33’s are Einstein and Edison who cracked many scientific discoveries and have left a legacy of learning decades after their deaths.

Help for Master Numbers

If you’re a master number and in need of advice, or just someone to talk to, you can find my Services page for coaching sessions. I’m a life path 11 so I have been through a lot of the challenges already.

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