Month: November 2019

What are your Psychic Senses and how do you Develop them?

What are some of the less obvious signs that you have a psychic ability? Of course, there are obvious signs such as seeing an apparition, or getting a premonition about something which hasn’t happened yet, but a lot of the time psychic ability is… Continue Reading “What are your Psychic Senses and how do you Develop them?”

Are You Struggling to Find Your Life Purpose?

Why your unique gifts will unlock joy, help you discover meaning, and re-kindle creativity in your life… If you have been searching for your purpose in life, you’re not alone. Many people, especially those with unique gifts and special life-paths have this problem. So… Continue Reading “Are You Struggling to Find Your Life Purpose?”

Creating a Book of Shadows or Grimoire

In your witchcraft journey, never underestimate the importance of recording the things that you’re learning. Does this mean that it has to be fancy or perfectly curated? Not necessarily… You can watch a video of how I do my journals and create a grimoire… Continue Reading “Creating a Book of Shadows or Grimoire”

Numerology & Your Life Path Number

Are you a master number? What your date of birth can reveal about your destiny… When it comes to numerology, there are a couple of schools of thought; one says that there are 9 life path numbers, and the other says that there are… Continue Reading “Numerology & Your Life Path Number”

The True Meaning of Alchemy

What the Gnostics Knew and What We’re Re-learning in Esoteric Schools like Druidry A long time ago there was a legend about wise men turning lead into gold and discovering the secret to eternal life. This school of mysticism was known as Alchemy and… Continue Reading “The True Meaning of Alchemy”

The Wild Feminine

Gender Norms and Sexuality from a Pagan Perspective What is it about female sexuality and independent women which our Christian Western society has always found so threatening? In Paganism the feminine is given as much reverence and gratitude as the masculine, unlike Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions… Continue Reading “The Wild Feminine”