Ouija Boards & The Tarot

What are Ouija boards and the Tarot? Where do they come from and are they safe to use?

These are highly contensious questions which are still hotly debated so I thought I would give you my personal experience with both of these things.


The board was originally invented in the Victorian era when “Spiritualism” was a big thing. This movement became popular after the American Civil War because of how many people died young and often unidentified. Their families wanted to know what happened because they never got the bodies back for a proper burial.

If you want to watch a great and informative video on this subject, check out Gigi Young.

In terms of Ouija, my personal experience is limited because I have always refused to use it myself. A lot of what I know is from other people and what happened to them, in particular one friend I had who was Wiccan long before I ever got into witchcraft. In fact, I would say that I resisted walking the path of witchery because she was such a bad example of a witch. She was one of those people who’s life is messy and chaotic to put it politely and eventually I saw her abusing her husband and decided to have nothing more to do with her.

She had a lot of negative experiences, but rather than learning from it and evolving a sound spiritual practice, she saw it as proof of her “power” and got off on the trip. She gave access to negative energies all the time and it really showed in her mental state and her life in general.

She had a cheap, plastic, glow-in-the-dark Ouija board that she liked to mess with and somehow years after we stopped being friends it turned up at my house in a box of stuff from our old sharehouse. I put it straight in the bin.

The thing about Ouija boards is that they are portals. When you use one you create a portal and invite spirits to cross over. That’s literally the game. If you are not stringent about how it is used and what is invited, you can end up with negative entities taking over the session and not leaving at the end. They can even attach themselves to particular people and start feeding off them.

Like any kind of channeling, it must never be done in a fear vibration and must not be a blanket invitation.

The problem with Ouija is that it’s often “played” in a group and a lot of people are scared when they do it. You have no control over the emotions of the other people in the group and what might come through as a result.

Mediumship and channeling are not things to “play” with or “mess around” with. It takes a lot of personal discipline, strong barriers and discernment to control the situation and amateurs will leave themselves open to opportunistic entities.

The games don’t have proper guidelines of use and the people who generally use them are too young to fully understand what they’re doing. It should be a controlled sale item similar to guns, but because most people don’t believe it’s real, that level of caution isn’t exercised.

For a group of high-functioning spiritualists to use it is probably fine, but people at that level don’t need a board to get answers. It’s kind of ironic that the people who can use it responsibly are the very people who don’t need it.


Once again, Tarot cards started out as an ordinary game for competition and gambling similar to the regular card deck we use in casinos, although much earlier in the Middle Ages. In the 1700’s they were adopted by Occultists as a form of divination and the deck we’re most familiar with, the Rider Waite, was produced in 1909.

Rather than receiving words in response to questions like the Ouija board, Tarot uses symbolic imagery and old Christian allegories to show themes.

The Tarot is a bit different to Ouija because the cards are generally used by one individual rather than a group. This significantly changes the dynamic of the situation.

A deck of Tarot cards is very much a personal item and becomes infused with the owner’s energetic state. In this way, it can be both positive and negative.

Again, it really depends on the user as to what comes through and it should never be used by someone who does not understand spiritual hygiene. Your emotional/vibrational level needs to be high, you should be cleansing properly, and you should be practicing discernment with what you’re connecting to.

There is an old bible passage about consulting oracles and how dangerous this is. That can certainly be the case. There’s multiple arguments for and against divination in general and if you’re going to see a psychic or trying it out for yourself there needs to be precautions taken. Never blindly accept the word of an oracle, always take it with a grain of salt and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the reader focusing on negativity?
  2. If its negative have they told me how to work through those energies?
  3. Is the reader giving me a purely optimistic reading which is not realistic?
  4. Am I being asked to wait around for external factors to present themselves?
  5. Are they giving me insight into underlying psychology and motivations?
  6. Do I feel a sense of calm empowerment from this reading or chaotic anxiety?

If you’re using Tarot cards for yourself, also ask the above questions after a reading but also understand that a reading is just food for thought and an indication of CURRENT energies, which are subject to change depending on your future choices.

Free-will is a divine right which every soul has and it cannot be usurped in any way by another.

In terms of whether you need to be worried about external energies which are flagged in a reading as potentially coming towards you, they might be or they might not. Either way you need to continue to move forward in your life and never wait around for a lottery win or the love of your life to sweep you off your feet. Readings like that tend to be BS.

Don’t obsessively watch general Tarot readings on YouTube, they’ll just mess with your head. If you need to know how to proceed with a situation, get a personal reading.

If you want to learn the Tarot for yourself, I have a series of videos which outline the meaning of the cards. If you would like to book a reading from me, you can do so through the Services on this website.

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