Month: October 2019

Samhain AKA Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday around the world and lots of people engage in trick-or-treating with their kids, but where does the tradition come from? In Gaelic history it was originally called Samhain (pronounced sow-win) and it is one of the fire festivals on… Continue Reading “Samhain AKA Halloween”

Creating an Altar Space

If you’re just starting your journey into witchcraft, one of the important first steps is creating an altar. But what do you need an altar for, and is there a “correct” way to arrange everything? A lot of people think of altars like they… Continue Reading “Creating an Altar Space”

Ouija Boards & The Tarot

What are Ouija boards and the Tarot? Where do they come from and are they safe to use? These are highly contensious questions which are still hotly debated so I thought I would give you my personal experience with both of these things. Ouija… Continue Reading “Ouija Boards & The Tarot”