Fae, Fairies and Elementals

What is the Difference?

I sat crying in the back seat of the car, refusing to get out.

“Ok then, you’re on your own,” my mother said.

She and my brother left me to go on their bush walk through the karri forest of southern Western Australia.

I could not explain to them the abject terror I had felt as the car pulled in and I could see a multitude of angry faces appearing and disappearing throughout the trees. Even at the age of seven I knew it wasn’t normal.

Contrast that disturbing experience with my stumbling across a fairy grove in Tasmania last year and deciding to live next door to it.

Fairies and nature spirits can be a real mixed bag. Sometimes they’re soothing and benevolent while other times they can be hostile and aggressive.

One thing they’re not is the Fae or an elemental.

These three types of spirits get confused and lumped together all the time but it’s as wildly inaccurate as saying that Indigenous Australians are from India, just because they have similar skin tone.

So what are the key differences to understand?

Nature Spirits / Fairies

Nature spirits are literally that; they’re tied to this particular planet and it’s lifespan of cycles in a way which we can only ever be jealous of.

Asides from Fairies you can include various other 4th and 5th dimension beings such as sprites, gnomes and dryads. The key characteristic they all share is being tethered to location.

Nature spirits are only found in very specific locations and the environment is their portal to this dimension. Certain “ingredients” need to be present for this to happen; rocks, water, plants and a wildness where the environment has not been messed with by man.

As development encroaches, these portals are wiped out and those spirits leave our dimension in a way where we may not see them again for a very long time.

The earth goes through waves and cycles referred to as Yugas in the old Sanskrit texts. These last for thousands of years and coincide with the transit of the sun through its 25,000 year orbit. One Yuga of roughly 2000 years equals one solar month.

The Mayan calendar is also based on this extremely long cycle.

At the moment we’re ending a Kali Yuga and starting a Dwapara Yuga which means we’ve been through the lowest point and are coming into the upswing. During the “winter” of consciousness, all the other dimensions are less perceptible and we forget that reality is a layering of different frequencies which contain different populations.

Nature spirits exist in the higher layer of the fourth dimension and lower layer of the fifth, which makes them some of our closest neighbours. They’re attached to the earth through plants and rocks which they resonate with so if those things are disturbed or destroyed they can become disconnected.

Understandably, they will defend their territories. That’s why some places feel wonderful and some feel malevolent.

Fae or Elves

I’m actually not a fan of the term “Fae” since it is used to lump Elves with Fairies and also has negative connotations. Think of it in terms of the “N word”.

Elves are as different from fairies as elephants are from pigs. This is no shade on either of them, they’re just… that different.

Where nature spirits reside in 4/5 dimensions and are deeply connected to the planet, Elves reside in the 11th dimension and have a completely different purpose in life.

Just to clarify, dimensions are more like layers than some sort of hierarchy, but even so it can be difficult to connect to a being which is in such a different layer to this one.

This isn’t just a case of training your perception to shift, this is more like serious inter-dimensional travel.

Like I said earlier, earth goes through cycles of consciousness, but more than that, it goes through cycles of dimensional shifts. This is why we have so many legends of things which have never really existed in 3D form. It isn’t that they weren’t here, it’s that their form is in a dimension which earth currently can’t access.

As the planet starts to ascend again, these beings will return to our reality. Of course, we probably won’t be alive to see that because it’ll take a few thousand years.

Elves are beings of higher consciousness. They’re masters of technology, science and the mind but not just human consciousnesses. They have a real gift for connecting to plants, minerals and colours in order to hack the frequencies for medicinal purposes.

This is the main reason why they get intermingled with nature spirits. Where fairies are part plant in their essence, elves “speak plant” on a different frequency for a different reason.


The elemental beings are another type altogether.

Most spiritual practices talk about four elements as being earth, wind, fire and water. However, I have a different theory.

For me, gnomes and the earth is part of the nature spirit collective, specifically tied to the path and story of this planet.

Elements are more like forces of nature. Wind, fire and water are all energy in motion and the spirits tied to them are distinctly different to nature spirits.

For one thing, they’re not tethered to a place.

Elementals are called in by motion.

Salamanders will come to the smallest flame if you invite them and leave once it goes out. Sylphs follow the winds and can redirect them if you need to herd together a rainstorm. Water nymphs or mermaids flow with ocean currents and they can’t survive in stagnant water.

All of these elements can exist on different planets and their consciousness can travel to other worlds. They can also abandon this planet if these elements they are tethered to become toxic. In those situations you’ll find other beings take over which are less playful and more destructive.

In Short…

The various layers of dimensions and how they relate and connect to the 3D planet we live on are quite diverse and complex. They’re also separate from us in a lot of ways, but not separate from nature.

As human beings segregate themselves and discontent from the natural environment, we lose our ability to interact with the higher frequencies.

If we want to return to a state of reconnection we must leave our egos and selfishness at the door. You can only approach these beings from a humble and playful frame of mind. Never assume you’re above them, show respect and gratitude for their presence, and generally don’t mess with their territory.

As delightful and magical as these beings can be, they have zero time for assholes.

3 Comments on “Fae, Fairies and Elementals

  1. Hi Louise, just stumbled upon your YouTube re Faeries. Where about in Tassie did you live? Since moving here I feel them all over the place, especially at my new home in Gunns Plains. Interestingly, and area full of caves. Limestone karsts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was at Claude Road near Sheffield, not that far from Gunns plains and I’m not surprised you have them around. I’m in qld atm, otherwise it would be cool to investigate the areas you know about


  2. Hello! A thought came to me after reading your posts.
    “Becareful” and ask permission to come there from the spirits. Also, ask your spirits guides and other spirits( at that place)for safe passage. You’re there only to learn not to harm them. Please be safe and go in a group. Just a strongly suggestions. Love, peace and protection


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