How to Connect to Spirit Guides

If you have been noticing strange synchronicites like the number 11:11 or a particular animal hanging around you like a lady bug, then you probably have spirit guides and angels trying to reach out to you and let you know that they’re around if you need them.

The general rule of a spirit guide, whether they’re an ancestor, angel, alien or animal totem, is that they can give you nudges, but they can’t intrude or impose on you. They’re not a toxic entity which will infringe on your boundaries to brow-beat you into letting them in (kind of like a narcissistic relationship) and they always respect your free will.

This means that they can’t fully connect to you unless you meet them halfway.

How do you meet your guides for the first time?

The initial key to connection is that you need to shed your fears. If you’re connecting to guides, they’ll be light beings who’re part of your support team and only want whatever is best for you. At any point if you get scared, they will back off. If something doesn’t back off, then it isn’t a guide but you should know that you are still in control and have the authority to tell them to leave.

Keep an open mind about who your guides might be. They might not look the way you expect, so try to shed expectations.

The next step is to create a safe physical space. Find a peaceful spot and spend some time clearing it out energetically and physically at the same time. Literally clean it from top to bottom. Make it comfortable. When that is done, use music or singing bowls or drums or singing to change the sound resonance of the space. YouTube has a huge variety of free meditation music you can use for this purpose if you don’t have the funds to invest in this just yet. Once that’s done, you can light a white candle and burn some white sage or an incense stick. Again, this is to fill the space with cleansing energy.

Once you have prepared the physical space and found a comfortable place to sit down, you are now reading to either close your eyes, or soften your gaze as though daydreaming and allow your inner vision to take over.

In your mind, establish a launching place. It can literally be a familiar landscape such as your front porch, or it can be a clearing in the middle of a forest. Whatever you choose as your starting point, know that you can always come back to it whenever you’re ready.

From the starting place, establish a time of day or night and ensure that you have ample light-source to navigate by such as a bright moon over the desert, lamps in a public garden or perhaps an open roaring bonfire surrounded by tall trees. For the sake of practice, this visual is going to be in a forest clearing with a campfire in the middle. Feel free to change this if you want to repeat the exercise at a later date and make it more personal to yourself.

Take a short walk towards the source of light, noticing that others are already gathered in that area. They may be standing around, or seated on logs. Some of them are chatting among themselves, while others are in quiet contemplation. Go and join them, taking a seat on the last spare log beside the campfire.

As you’re seated around the fire, notice the other creatures and people also gathered in this area. You may recognise some of them, while others are new to you. Feel free to observe what they look like.

At this point you may wish to leave the forest and walk back to your house, or you may choose to engage in light conversation with some of the guides gathered around before you do so. Whatever makes you comfortable. Feel free to ask for names from the guides. Notice how the presence of each guide resonates for you on a soul level.

You can repeat this exercise whenever you want to get to know who your guides are and get used to their energies. Your guides should be familiar in some way to you, whether at an energetic level or on a visual level. Even if they happen to be alien in nature, there should be something about them which makes sense to you.

If you need any further assistance with this journey, feel free to seek out my services.

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