How to Understand Dark Magic

There’s a lot of freedom in the pagan community to “do as thou will” in your personal practice. But how does different types of magic affect your energy, and where exactly is the line between “light” and “dark” magic?

Unlike dogmatic religion, pagan practices are not based on a set of rules which have to be followed by all devotees to the letter. Instead, an emphasis on personal responsibility and autonomy is the basis for spirituality.

Black magic is not to be confused with our shadow-selves. That aspect of our personality is supposed to be there in order to teach us about our own inner-complexity and to make us more understanding of others and humble about our own failings.

This article is not about shadow work.

This article is about performing magic which affects others (and ultimately yourself) in a negative way.

So where exactly is the line?

The key difference between positive magic and negative magic is purely that: one contributes to the collective and the other takes away.

Don’t worry, I’m about to explain that a bit more in-depth.

Dark magic is designed to take away another being’s personal power and sovereignty. It is purpose-built to impose the will of the practitioner over another’s and to either render them helpless, or to steal something from them.

As a practice, it usually involves taking something in order to perform the ritual. For example, there is a variety of blood magic out there, some of which is negative and some of which is positive. That might seem strange to you, but if you think about someone using a drop of their own blood to add life-force to a spell, that is very different from someone cutting off a chicken’s head to do their spell.

Blood, hair, clothes and other highly personal materials can be gifted for a spell, or they can be stolen. The energy entwined with how a spell-caster comes to possess an item will affect the overall energy of the spell.

Basically, even if your “intention” is “good” in your own opinion, if you use material which was not freely given for the purpose of that spell, the whole spell will be negative.

At the same time, if you use your own blood or other personal items to cast a spell with removes another person’s free will or which inflicts harm upon them, that is also a dark spell.

Stealing energy is a big no-no and it can seriously affect your personal karma as well as your ability to manifest or attract positivity into your life.

Ultimately, a material is neutral (even blood) but HOW you obtain it, and what your INTENTIONS are will determine the energy of a spell, and as with all aspects of witchcraft, you have to take personal responsibility for that.

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