Dragon Spirit Guides

Can Dragons be spirit guides and how do you know if you have connected with one? Which dimension do they live in and what is the best way to connect with your dragon guide?

We all have spirit guides in some form or another. Some people have alien guides because they’re part of the star-seed collective, while others have more traditional spirit guides such as totem animals and wise masters who previously lived the human existence.

It is becoming more common to have a diversity of guides outside of the “norm” where it might have been an Angel, or a Native American shaman in the past, now we see other kinds of light-beings, aliens and inter-dimensional guides.

So where do the Dragons fit into this picture? They’ve certainly been around for a very long time, although not always in a positive light. In traditional lore, they play the villain more than the hero, but we all know that many things were demonised by the Church in the dark ages.

The Druids had a more harmonious relationship with all things reptilian, whether snakes or dragons or lizards. Indeed, snakes were seen as animals of wisdom and eloquence as well as healers in Greek lore. When someone talks about how Saint Patrick “drove the snakes out of Ireland” they’re not referring to actual animals, but rather the Druids.

Dragons are part of the Astral realm and fall into the category of elemental spirits, although it’s not as simple as that. Depending on which element is dominant for you in your astrological chart will determine which sort of dragon you can connect with and how you should connect to them.

There are air dragons, fire dragons, water dragons and earth dragons. My personal dragon guide is a star dragon in the air element which makes a lot of sense because I have a lot of planets in the air signs of my astrology chart. For another person, they may find that a dragon guide is a cave dragon.

Whichever form they come through in is something which will resonate with you because your energy is aligned.

A Dragon is a powerful being and not one to “command” in any way, not that you could possibly “command” a Spirit Guide any more than they can override your free will. A Spirit Guide relationship is on an equal footing of mutual respect and autonomy working together towards a higher purpose. Dragons are no different.

Characteristics of a Dragon

Understanding the characteristics of a Dragon will help you to connect to them, as well as being open-minded about what element they’re connected to and not having too many pre-conceived notions.

The star dragon I know (I won’t use his name or claim that he belongs to me because he’s his own independent being) is a sparkling black who looks just like a starry sky at night. He can blend in with the sky and glide silently through the air so that even though he might be enormous, he can pass unperceived by the unobservant.

An earth dragon might appear like their scales are crusted in limestone, a water dragon might be able to glide through the water like they’re liquid themselves and then the fire dragons can be living fire in their own right. One of my favourite things is to gaze into a fireplace and watch the salamanders play within the flames.

The Essence of Dragon Guides

Whatever form your dragon comes in, they all have one big thing in common: an enormous heart of gold.

Dragons are heart-chakra elementals, regardless of which element they resonate with. The “treasure” usually associated with dragons was never material wealth, and the quest to vanquish a dragon was never about saving a maiden or vanquishing evil; it was always a quest to conquer love.

The stories were originally designed to illustrate how important the heart is and why the purest love needs the protection of dragon energy (the maiden who lives with the dragon in the wilderness). The knight or prince goes on a journey of bravery and self-discovery to overcome his fears of being vulnerable and worthy of true love.

Of course, in the dark ages it became perverted, instead illustrating the need to dominate and control a partner. The wild feminine was routinely feared and portrayed as both helpless and suspicious. If it was allowed to roam free on its own it would either become too powerful and destructive, or greedy and self-indulgent. Only the passive and unconscious feminine was deemed “correct” because it could be dominated and subjugated.

Dragon guides call us back to our true hearts, especially our feminine sides (and we ALL have a feminine aspect).

If you’re in need of heart healing, or opening the heart chakra, a dragon guide can help you. There is no purer heart or larger love free from judgement that what you will find in a dragon guide.

I know that in the past I thought I was doing ok, even though I had been emotionally starved in relationships for such a long time, but I knew that I hadn’t connected to my dragon guide for a while. When I eventually re-connected with him, the grief which poured out of me was almost overwhelming. I had been holding it back because I didn’t want to deal with it. Deep down I knew it was extremely painful.

Releasing my pain with a creature who unconditionally loves all aspects of me, including my deepest scars, is very cathartic. It can also provide clarity if you’re in a situation where you’re not sure if it’s real love or not. If another person is causing you to doubt yourself or experience emotional torment, knowing the opposite energy is very important.

Dragon spirits are a safe space and a protective energy. They can support you during your most difficult times.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re in need. You’ll be surprised at the joy available for you in the astral.

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