What is Grounding and Why do we Need it?

Whether you are on a spiritual path or just trying to live a regular urban life, we all need grounding more than ever before. Why is that? Because we have never been more disconnected from nature than we are in this day and age.

Everything about modern life is designed to separate us from nature, seemingly for our own good if you consider advances in hygiene and medicine. However, becoming overzealous in the war against microbes has left us weaker in our natural defenses and less robust overall as well as creating a plastic-filled throw-away society which is destroying the planet.

Grounding is more than just meditating on a rock under a tree.

It needs to be a way of life which puts us back into the realm of nature instead of segregating us and creating distance.

One of the big hazards in following a spiritual path is further disconnection from the 3D and natural realm. This can lead to all kinds of mental health problems.

Something which I see frequently when people start out in spiritual practice is they start rejecting the simple needs and enjoyment of life because they’re not “enlightened” enough to be valuable. There can be an over-balance into the higher mind and super-consciousness which creates distance from the physical self and starts turning things into a hierarchy, which they’re not.

Higher mind is not superior to playing with puppies. Super consciousness is not superior to brewing tea. They’re all part of a bigger picture where we become holistic beings who’re in touch with our bodies and accepting of our failings while also striving to improve ourselves through self-reflection and communicating with the higher realms.

Grounding itself is a holistic practice where we observe the moment instead of just floating through life in the thought-realm, or emotional realm. Enjoy that piece of fruit. Luxuriate in that bathtub. Appreciate the shade of a tree on a sunny day.

Practicing mindfulness or grounding doesn’t have to be complex, you just have to start remembering to savour the moments as they happen.

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