Twin Flames, Magnetic Torsion Fields and Quantum Entanglement

How Twin Flames are Energetically Linked

If you are a rare individual who has a twin flame during this lifetime, it can be the most challenging relationship you’ll ever have. A lot of twins can’t manage to get themselves together enough to actually establish a relationship or “union” or will spend years resisting the connection.

But why?

Why is the connection both so intense and undeniable, yet impossible to bring to fruition?

It’s unclear if every soul has a twin, or if this is as rare as physical twin births, but what is clear is that very few incarnate simultaneously during the same lifetime.

Most people won’t experience this and unless you have, it’s impossible to comprehend the connection. From an outside perspective it looks irrational at best and toxic at worst.

From my own twin flame experience and subsequent research I have come to understand a few things:

1. Your connection is based on the relationship you have with yourself.

2. You cannot escape the connection, whether you’re together or not.

3. You will always be drawn back together.

4. As individuals you are powerful manifestors

5. Other people are always drawn to you or repelled by you (rarely a neutral reaction)

6. When twins are together, their energy is phenomenal to observe.

7. A twin will feel like home and being in their presence will have a calming effect on both of them.

8. Being separated is possible but stressful.

9. They can trigger your trauma and shadow like no one else.

These are common signs of meeting your twin, but why is this connection so different to any other?

Quantum Entanglement

If you have never heard of this phenomenon, you can do plenty of further research, as it’s a fascinating subject on its own.

A basic explanation of this field of study within physics is this;

Two particles fused into one, when separated once more, still behave as though they are still one particle and whatever stimulation is given to one will be seen in both regardless of distance and time.

On a quantum level they are permanently one energy, forever.

How does this apply to twins?

A pair of twin flames were created from the same over-soul and like physical twins the egg split to create two separate individuals who share energetic DNA. Twin flames appear to have been conjoined at the heart, which makes their separation difficult yet necessary for growth and development.

However, they will eternally feel the absence, unless they can be in the same energetic space.

Having been one on an energetic level, twins can find one another or share emotions whether they’re aware of the other person or not. Twins may go through ups and downs in life simultaneously.

Unlike other strong soul relationships where you also feel the other person, time and distance do not affect the connection.

You never get to the “fade” phase with your twin because they literally have the other half of your heart.

In a positive way, one twin can do a lot of self-healing which benefits both of them. On the negative side, if one twin resists healing then the other can be subject to bouts of depression and emotional turmoil in response.

Again, this will happen whether they’re together or not.

Neither of you can escape it or control it.

Magnetic Torsion Fields

Research has documented that the heart, whether human or animal, is an electromagnetic organ which emits a magnetic field around the body.

To learn more, research the Heart Math Institute, you won’t regret it.

When two hearts are energetically linked, they produce a torsion field. Most relationships require upkeep to maintain this connection and if the connection is severed in the 3D world, it will eventually fade in the energetic realm.

Not so with twins. Even before both of them are born, let alone meet in the 3D, this magnetic field exists.

It allows them to remain connected no matter what and to find one another even if they’re unconscious of the others existence.

The side effect of this field is that twins are highly magnetic people as individuals. They find manifesting easy and can draw almost anything they desire towards them.

Other people unconsciously pick up this field and will either be heavily drawn to a twin or repelled by them, depending on that person’s heart.

Twins expose the hearts of others, whether positive or negative. It’s very hard to hide your true nature from a twin for regular people.

However the twin themselves can be a master chameleon, often hiding their own true nature because it is invariably an essence of pure love. They learn to be secretive as a way of protecting themselves.

Because of the magnetic field they generate as a pair, they can attract energy vampires too easily.

A result of growing up so powerful but unaware of why, can lead to things like a huge ego, psychological trauma, mistrust of others, or serious detachment and depression.

Twins generally have hard childhoods.

But it isn’t the individual who is this powerful, but actually the creation of an electromagnetic love torsion field which is created by the both of them.

If twins ever achieve union in the 3D they can generate a really powerful force which will propel them into higher levels of manifestation and consciousness.

The trick is getting into sync with one another.

Loving that other person isn’t enough.

The Twin Flame Mirror

The other phenomenon common to twins is mirroring each other.

Your twin doesn’t just have the other half of your heart, they also show you your own. In the same way that twins expose others true hearts, they will expose each other’s as well.

This can be very confronting for someone who is used to easily hiding and seeing through others. Suddenly all their wounds are exposed. Their true self is revealed.

If they haven’t been dealing with their trauma beforehand, it will ultimately repel each other. Separation is pretty much guaranteed.

The only way to get past that point is to work on themselves as an individual and to integrate the shadow. They must also be able to love themselves in their authentic version, not the egoic version.

Twins have huge potential as a unit, but the road to get there is hard and requires both to work at it.

However, if the twins can make it, they can redefine love for generations to come.

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