Month: August 2019

How to Connect to Spirit Guides

If you have been noticing strange synchronicites like the number 11:11 or a particular animal hanging around you like a lady bug, then you probably have spirit guides and angels trying to reach out to you and let you know that they’re around if… Continue Reading “How to Connect to Spirit Guides”

How to Understand Dark Magic

There’s a lot of freedom in the pagan community to “do as thou will” in your personal practice. But how does different types of magic affect your energy, and where exactly is the line between “light” and “dark” magic? Unlike dogmatic religion, pagan practices… Continue Reading “How to Understand Dark Magic”

Dragon Spirit Guides

Can Dragons be spirit guides and how do you know if you have connected with one? Which dimension do they live in and what is the best way to connect with your dragon guide? We all have spirit guides in some form or another.… Continue Reading “Dragon Spirit Guides”

What is Grounding and Why do we Need it?

Whether you are on a spiritual path or just trying to live a regular urban life, we all need grounding more than ever before. Why is that? Because we have never been more disconnected from nature than we are in this day and age.… Continue Reading “What is Grounding and Why do we Need it?”

Twin Flames, Magnetic Torsion Fields and Quantum Entanglement

How Twin Flames are Energetically Linked If you are a rare individual who has a twin flame during this lifetime, it can be the most challenging relationship you’ll ever have. A lot of twins can’t manage to get themselves together enough to actually establish… Continue Reading “Twin Flames, Magnetic Torsion Fields and Quantum Entanglement”