Destiny versus Free Will

Are you at the mercy of the universe, or are you in control of your own fate?

This is a hugely charged issue, where people will become very emotional about their respective viewpoints.

Some are strictly in the camp of God/Universe is in charge and everything in your life is destiny. This mindset is comforting on the level that it removes responsibility and uncertainty from the equation and places it into a higher power parental figure who knows what’s best for you and will provide everything you need.

This viewpoint tends to break down in the face of massive injustice and tragedy because it doesn’t fit in with a benevolent higher power. The potential to lose faith and to question the meaning of life teeters on a knifes edge depending on what destiny deals you.

The polar opposite view is that we’re so in charge of our own destiny that we can somehow “control” our lives. If something happens to us, we have in some way chosen it.

Again, this crumbles under pressure when faced with abuse, poverty and tragedy.

So where does the truth lie?

It lies somewhere in the middle, in a more neutral space away from high emotions which are always based on fear and survival.

There is higher power. There is collective consciousness. And there is free will.

The universe gives us tools and gifts to help us navigate our lives. In free will we can ignore or reject them.

The universe presents opportunities and lessons in our path which we can exercise free will and either grasp, grow from or ignore.

Developing intuition and a higher level of consciousness allows us to perceive the universe at work and make better choices accordingly. There is guidance available if you’re willing to listen and simultaneously release control issues but also step up into a proactive mindset.

The issue with polarising your opinion is that you either become too passive or too controlling. Neither is healthy. Instead you need to know when you’re in control and when you’re not.

You also need to be able to acknowledge when your choices or lack of choosing has led to a certain situation.

Sometimes you have to take the steering wheel and sometimes you have to allow the universe to drive.

Then there is the element of the collective.

Other people also have free will and can make choices to either operate from a higher level of consciousness, or react from fear and neediness.

This is something we always need to keep in mind and take into consideration before we act. Discernment is key to navigating the realm of relationships so that we don’t allow others to dictate our lives or vice versa.

You can’t control others or all circumstances but you’re not necessarily at their mercy either.

We all have the ability to tap into guidance and navigate the minefield of life to find the sweet spots or create them.

So go out there and be a powerful little co-creator!

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