How to Know if You’ve Been Cursed

…and how to Break It.

When it comes to energetic manipulation, some individuals are less scrupulous than others. If you’re dealing with someone who is prepared to use dark magic in the pursuit of their desires, or if you encounter a dark entity in your environment, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding what is real and what isn’t.

Some energy attacks are quite obvious and ballsy. They really don’t care if you perceive them and their true intentions or not. A full-frontal attack can be a way to inspire fear in a target in an attempt to energetically overwhelm them.

However, there are more subtle and log-term energy manipulations which utilise illusion and confusion instead.

A curse or a possession relies on the subject abdicating their own sovereign free will to another. This manipulation relies on evoking a range of emotions in the target such as fear or sympathy. They will either make you their ally, or make you fear their actions. In this way, a person may actively participate in their own subjugation.

In fact, a curse and a possession cannot take place without the willing consent of the victim.

If you, or someone you know, is under energetic attack, there may be a general sense of confusion about whether the oppressor actually knows best. The victim will stop trusting their own judgement. Even the people around them might not be able to perceive what’s really going on.

This is why lightworkers are such a vital part of the collective energy. These people generally have an innate ability to shine a light into situations, break illusions, and expose truths wherever they go.

That’s often why they experience a lot of manipulation themselves. A person who is operating from the shadows will try to bamboozle and undermine a lightworker’s intuition and sense of self in order to remain concealed in their darkness.

Sometimes when a person is operating from their shadows and they come into contact with a lightworker, they’ll instinctively recoil from them or become very aggressive without any provocation. A lot of empath’s I’ve met have similar stories about triggering people without even saying or doing anything.

Ok, but how do I know?

Now that we’ve addressed the who, how and why, it’s time to explore the subtle ways of assessing things for yourself.

First up, as an empath you’ll need to be working on your boundaries. This is the fundamental core of being able to separate your own energy from another person.

The basic technique is to pause whenever you feel strong emotions for no reason, check in with yourself and ask the question; “is this mine, or does it belong to someone else?”

You may find that at times it’s caused by triggers which bring up past wounds, but as you develop the skill of sorting what’s yours and what isn’t, you’ll be able to energetically trace the thread back to it’s source in order to know where it comes from. You can then very politely return it to the owner.

In a full-frontal attack, knowing the source is the easy part. In a more subtle manipulation it can be tricky to untangle yourself because the energy may have become intertwined and latched into your system. A cord-cutting ritual is very beneficial in these circumstances.

Some illusions are more complex than others, and the previous technique may not work, but the basis of all illusion is lies. This means that you can employ the resonance technique instead to lift the veil.

Resonance Technique

This is an extremely powerful tool for exposing shadow energy manipulations.

If you’re a witch who operates in truth magic, or if you’re a natural lightworker, this may be something you do without knowing what to call it.

Basically, truths and lies have different energy frequencies which can be picked up in the body when they are spoken aloud. Lies feel like a jangle of nerves similar to hearing a high-pitched scraping sound. Truth has a peace and clarity to it which are undeniable. A blending of the two will feel like confusion and you may find yourself tilting your head like a dog listening to a whistle.

However, in order to perceive this resonance, you have to speak out loud to another person about whatever subject it is.

A good example was when a business I used regularly changed premises and the new digs were haunted as hell. I would feel malevolent eyes on me whenever I waited in a certain area of the building. This went on for months and eventually I asked the owner about it, since we knew enough about each other that it wouldn’t be weird. She said she was aware of it, but had no idea what it was or how to get rid of it.

As we talked out loud about the entity, I could suddenly perceive it when I had never been able to before.

That old saying; “Speak of the devil and he will appear” is actually more true than people realise, but not in the way that we usually think.

It’s not so much conjuring as exposing.

Speaking about something aloud or sharing a secret with another person, even over text message, can start to expose the truth.

Sometimes, when we’re involved with toxic people they will insist on secrecy, or they will shame or inspire fear to force someone into not speaking out about their experiences. This silencing is both the lock and the key to freedom from an energetic manipulation.

Remaining silent will prolong the entrapment.

Speaking out will begin the process of liberation and illumination.

When it comes to helping another person to free themselves, this is the biggest hurdle. They won’t want to talk about what they’re going through.

On some level, they may know that speaking out will break the bond and they may feel frightened of losing that attachment, as toxic as it might be. However, it may be the only way of freeing them and is usually the most potent way to begin cutting cords.

Never be afraid to speak your truth.

Remember, a lie will never survive the blinding light of day.

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