What is the Twin Flame Soul Contract?

You may have heard of soul contracts before, but why do we have them and how do they apply to the twin flame phenomenon?

Firstly, for those who aren’t familiar with soul contracts, they’re agreements made in the energetic fields before incarnation in order to either strengthen soul bonds or release them.

In other words, they clear your karma.

How does that work?

Well, in past lives we all interact with different souls in order to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and each other. Those interactions, if they are not resolved during that lifetime will create a bond between those two (or more) souls which is still there long after the incarnation is over.

Some bonds are beneficial to us and constitute our soul family.

Other bonds are formed by trauma and they create toxic self identity and beliefs.

A soul contract is when you agree to cross paths again in another incarnation in order to release the karma or the bond and move past that lesson into a better vibration.

Those are karmic relationships where the energetic resonance is misaligned or mismatched but somehow irresistible all the same.

How do twin flames fit into all of this?

For one thing, your twin will be your energetic match and mirror image at the same time. A twin is the best way to see yourself more clearly.

Sometimes that triggers our internal wounds centred around the ego and self identity. Areas where we either let ourselves down or are ashamed of or dislike within ourselves. That person will reflect that aspect of your personality in confronting ways.

What twins sometimes loose sight of is that your twin also reflects your best aspects. Your true inner beauty can be seen in that person. If you’re struggling with healing the self, this will trigger issues around worthiness.

If you’re not worthy of your twin, or reject them as unworthy, that’s something you need to work on.

And that’s the crux of the twin soul contract.

You’re not here to save each other. You’re meant to be in one another’s lives when you are done with settling for less from other people.

The twin flame promise is this:

“I will be there when you’re ready for real love.”

Only when you’re done with meagre, fake crap based on shallow and needy connections will you be ready for twin flame union.

Are you ready to offer genuine love, unhampered by conditions and bartering? Are you secure enough within yourself to receive that kind of love without suspicion or fear?

Can you see that other person and yourself as a truly wonderful being worthy of being loved wholeheartedly purely because you both exist?

If you can transform your heart into a space of sanctuary for yourself and your counterpart, you’ll be ready to love no matter what life throws in your path.

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