Why the Universe is Breaking You Down

Does it ever seem like life is out to get you, or everything is crumbling around you? Are you stuck in stagnation or experiencing repetitive “tower moments” which seem like nothing will ever go your way again?

The universe we live in is full of abundant opportunity and it will always want what is best for us.

But if this is the case, why does it go through times when it takes everything away?

The biggest reason the universe steps in and messes with your life in massive shifts is because sometimes we need to be pushed.

Too comfortable in your job and relationship and life in general? Maybe you’re not exploring bigger themes because it’s not necessary…


Suddenly the job is redundant, your partner leaves and the house you bought is riddled with termites.

Or maybe you were always very attractive and robust and active, then all of a sudden you’re struck down with a debilitating disease.

Whenever anyone talks about their “awakening” it usually kicks off with catastrophic life events designed to push them out of a comfortable place and into an uncomfortable place.

Asides from the obvious purpose of being a catalyst for substantial change, there is another reason why this may be happening long after someone has started their journey into consciousness.

The bigger theme of breaking someone down is to force them to stop defining themselves by external factors and to start searching within for who they really are and their purpose in life.

Do you define yourself by your occupation? The universe will strip that from you.

Are you reliant on good health? Say goodbye to that for a while.

Do you measure success against the car you drive and where you live? That’ll be taken away.

The universe wants you to know who you are when you don’t have the job, or the partner or the house or the [insert bullshit stuff here].

Who are you?

Why do you matter?

Don’t tell me what you have a degree in or what martial arts you mastered. Tell me…

Who. You. Are.

When you’re stripped of all the external factors and you have to face the world in your naked form, will you stand tall in who you are with all of your flaws, or will you crumble under the pressure?

That’s what the universe is trying to show you:

You don’t need to have things or achieve stuff in order to have value.

Your existence and perseverance are enough to earn your place at the table.

Have a seat.

One Comment on “Why the Universe is Breaking You Down

  1. Yep, the past 14 months has been exactly like this lol. I’ve been totally upended and still sorting myself out. If asked these days who I am, I usually reply with something like, “I’m a soul having a VERY interesting journey” 😂

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