Moon Manifestation Ritual

Whenever we set an intention it can be frustrating not to see results straight away, which is why using the lunar cycle is such a helpful tool as well as being powerful energy to assist the process, and using new growth from a seed is a powerful visual tool to help you see the results coming to life.

A new moon is an energy of pure potential, much like a seed. The full moon is the energy of harvest when everything fruits and is ready to be picked. That being said, different moons have different energies and some full moons can be great for planting while other new moons are times of inner reflection where you should not be trying to manifest. Using your intuition is an important part of getting in sync with the universe.

You can garden with the moon and you can also set intentions by the moon. Doing both is even better for visually watching something come to fruition.

This is my favourite ritual to plant an intention with the power of the moon.

You can do this alone, or get a group of friends together to raise even more positive vibes.

Ingredients/ Tools


You’ll need to have the following supplies before the night of the new moon so make sure to plan in advance…

  • Seed paper or seeds and paper (cut into a small enough square or circle for a small pot)
  • Pen (as special as you can make it)
  • Watering can (metal or glass but not plastic)
  • Crystals of choice (my pick is clear quartz, tigers eye and dragon stone)
  • An incense mix (my mix is white sage, cinnamon, rosemary, frankincense, juniper & myrrh)
  • charcoal
  • Heat-proof bowl or plate
  • Little pot (preferably terracotta)
  • Potting mix
  • Clean rainwater or filtered tap water
  • White candle and matches



You’ll need to time your ritual to when the new moon is most visible. That’s generally around sunset or sunrise because a new moon is in conjunction with the sun and travels close to it.

Fill the watering can with clean water and put your crystals in the bottom of it. Leave the can in the open where it can absorb any moonlight available.

While your water is charging, light your candle and meditate on what your heart desires. Imagine how it feels to have that thing in your life. Embrace all of those positive emotions around the thing which is already happening.

Say to yourself that it is already here and you’re moving into alignment with it so that it can manifest in the 3D.

Once you have meditated for a while, light the charcoal (outside and in the heat-proof bowl) and then sprinkle your incense over the top. Take your little bit of seed paper and waft it through the smoke to bless it and also waft the smoke around yourself to cleanse your energy and uplift your vibrations.

To bless you can say something like: “I welcome this change within my life and am ready to meet it. May everything be for my highest and greatest good. Thank you universe for being so generous to me.”

Bless your special pen through the smoke as well, then use it to write the intention on the seed paper.

Hold the seed paper to your heart and thank the universe for bringing blessings into your life.

Wait patiently for the incense and charcoal to burn out completely, then take the crystals out of your watering can and pour the incense ashes into the water. Mix well in a clockwise direction.

Now mostly fill the pot with potting mix and place the seed paper on top. Cover it with a shallow layer of soil.

Use the water to water it in and utilise any leftover water on the rest of your garden.

Finish off by saying “and so it is” as you blow out the candle.

Now you get to spend the next 2 weeks watching the seeds grow. When it comes to the full moon your manifestation should be completed and visible in your life.


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