How to Choose a Tarot Deck

My very first tarot deck was the traditional Rider-Waite which a lot of people are familiar with, but I can’t say that I ever really connected with them.

However, I took the advice of Jess from Behati Life and worked at learning the symbolism and how to read them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good advice. As a tarot reader I now understand the cards and can do very accurate readings for others in my career as a psychic. If you haven’t seen Jess’ videos, please check out her channel, it’s brilliant stuff.

That being said, I couldn’t connect to them for myself on a personal level.

This was frustrating as I had previously used the Druid Animal Oracle deck with consistent success and had a strong connection to those cards.

I continued to use the traditional tarot and sought clarity through various oracle decks I collected, but I’m pretty sure a lot of the messages were lost on me.


I burned the deck.

It was such a relief and I didn’t feel bad in the slightest for destroying something which had somewhat served me for a while.

A few days later I found a different tarot deck, strangely enough made by someone who lives close to where I used to be in Queensland. Her name is S’Roya Rose and you’re welcome to check her out too.

The connection to her cards was immediate and it made me realise what had been missing from the traditional tarot.

Essentially my heart wasn’t in it.

Tarot and oracle cards are a heart-based art of mystery. If you cannot connect to them through your heart, you won’t hear messages from the divine through them.

I’ve heard some people say that tarot is evil and will open you up to demons, but in my experience your intentions are everything.

If you’re using tarot to try and control situations or people, then they can be addictive and destructive like alcohol. If you’re using them to find guidance from your higher self or the Divine then they can be a healthy tool.

It all hinges on using your heart to guide you and being led by joy rather than fears.

Seek joy, love and optimism and that’s what you’ll move towards. Forget fear, suspicion, hurt and anger. They never serve you in the end.

So my advice for choosing tarot and oracle cards is to find something that sparks joy in your heart and solar plexus. When you feel the leap, buy them. If you feel a sinking in the lower chakras, don’t get that deck.

Always follow your intuition above any advice you get.

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