Different Types of Hauntings

You may not realise that there are different types of hauntings caused by different types of spirit activity. Not all hauntings are the same and therefore need to be treated differently if you want to remove them.

Most people’s perception of a haunting is where the spirit of a deceased person is stuck in the place where they died due to tragic circumstances. This can definitely happen, however not all ghosts of humans linger due to the circumstances of their death.

Sometimes what happens is a loved one will continue to check in on their family after their passing, so they may pop up in subtle ways at different places to re-connect with their family or even their friends.

I had a friend, Keith, who popped up during a psychic reading (I wasn’t doing the reading, another lady I had never met was) and she said he had hitched along for my journey just out of curiosity. This was very much in keeping with his character and I wasn’t surprised. Keith seriously found any excuse to travel.

In those cases, you’re not being haunted so much as having a friend or relative pop in unannounced to see what you’re doing and if they can watch while they raid your fridge for snacks. This most often happens when big life events are in motion, such as my own journey from Queensland to Tasmania in search of a fresh start. They usually produce a sense of joy, peace or companionship because the spirit isn’t restless, as such, just curious and caring.

What a lot of people don’t know is that being dead isn’t really the end at all. The soul continues on in different dimensions/frequencies/planes of existence or whatever you want to call it. This is the classic version of heaven, although its not as separate from our reality as we think it is.

Souls that no longer have the confines of a body can do some amazing things, like pop in and out of their loved-one’s lives at will and in perfect timing, be in multiple places at once (time is not as linear as we think either) and offer assistance during times of stress.

That’s the positive aspect of wandering souls.

The negative aspect is when a soul is stuck and can’t move into the higher dimensions because they are either afraid or so badly traumatised that they aren’t really aware that they’re supposed to transition.

Then there’s the dicks.

You know those guys; people so evil that they can’t find rest in death because all they see is their own shit staring back at them. That’s mostly what hell is; having to really look at what you did in life and to see it from a higher perspective where you can’t justify it anymore.

Those guys stay around because moving on can only be achieved by facing the truth and accepting responsibility for it. The higher realms vibrate at the frequency of love and if you’re not vibrating at the same frequency, you can’t access them.

Some of those souls choose to go into other dimensions like the lower astral where shadows live. There they become darker and more lost than they were as a person.

This leads to the next type of haunting: shadows and demons.

Not every haunting has a human soul behind it. There are all kinds of different spirit beings out there and while the majority come from the higher realms and offer guidance, protection and love, there are others which don’t.

Those are the hauntings which feel awful. Where you have the prickling sensation of being watched and you know that whatever is watching you is filled with hate and loathing. You know that if it could, it would choose to hurt you.

A lot of those hauntings happen when a human opens a portal to the lower astral. This is done in a variety of ways including violent acts, summoning evil spirits willingly, or living in a state of depression and wallowing in it for so long that vampiric, parasitic entities start latching on.

These spirits feed off lower emotions such as fear, anger, pain and depression. If you move into a house which already has a haunting like this, they’ll start inducing those emotions in the living occupants so that they can feed.

Another way that negative entities can pop up is when a place is abandoned and no living energy is present anymore. Sometimes this happens in nature like in a dark and creepy pocket of forest where the animals refuse to go, but humans create a lot of these places by leaving abandoned buildings to rot.

Stagnant energy is a favourite of these parasitic spirits because they’re the etheric version of cockroaches. Living and moving energy is grating to them, so they try to keep their environment stagnant, cold, decaying and depressed.

Why do these spirits even bother haunting the 3D realm? Because even though they hate the vibrations of joyful living, they also crave it. They can’t find that source of love and light within themselves anymore, so they have to steal it from other sources. However, it’s not consumable to them in its pure form so they have to distort it first into fear and other low-vibration emotions.

Basically, humans are their cows, but they’re lactose intolerant.

The last type of haunting you’re likely to encounter is an echo.

Echos are simply an energetic imprint which has burned itself into a particular location. Time is essentially stuck in that place so the same event keeps looping back in tandem to natural time and you get layers of time within one location. Kind of like a photo-shopped image.

These can be cleared, but it takes an emotional processing of the event to release it. You’ll need an empathic psychic to do this for you and it can be very taxing for that person to process the pain through their emotional and physical body.

The crux of the matter is that processing heavy emotions requires a physical state of being. Without the physical body, the energy becomes stuck and can’t be processed. That’s why we need others to grieve our passing in life. It doesn’t just help them to deal with the loss, it also helps the departed soul to actually depart.

We’re attached to the 3D world through our etheric and emotional bodies also known as the soul. To detach from the 3D we have to release emotions. Those emotions are sometimes our own, but are sometimes other people’s. A loved one can keep their deceased relative stuck by refusing to let go.

Both sides have to willingly detach and allow the other to move forward. That’s why learning the difference between authentic love and attachment issues is so important in life; because it can help you to move onto the next phase in a much healthier way.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a haunting, please contact the resident witch, Louisa, for help.

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