Sex and Magic: a Witch’s Opinion

There’s a long-standing association between witchcraft and being openly sexual. Think about “skyclad” rituals and covens which practice ritualistic sex.

In the past sexual liberation was a necessary part of breaking down old systems of oppression which put shame on anyone wanting to exercise choice regarding sex. Performing rituals while naked was all about reclaiming your own body and rejecting any sense of shame surrounding nudity.

This was an important transition which also assisted the quest for equality for women and LGBTIQ people.

Orgasm is also a very powerful manifestation tool as the creative and ecstatic moment of release can be used to activate an intention. However this doesn’t have to include a partner in the process and is often more effective as a solo exercise.

All that being said, a lot of witches have broken away from the traditions of Wicca in order to practice eclectic witchcraft where they can choose whether they want to use nudity or sex as part of their practice. Witchcraft is now a lot more friendly to people who aren’t comfortable showing everyone their bits or crossing that physical barrier with others.

There’s lots of good reasons to exercise personal choice and discernment on this subject, rather than just following a tradition or set of rules within a coven. Sex magic is not for everyone.

One of the important aspects to consider is that of personal energy.

Sharing such an intimate act with another person should always be done with due diligence and precautions. You need to know what the other person is bringing into the situation and you also need to be aware of your own assumptions, attachments and triggers.

A lot of people pretend that sex is no big deal, or use it as a bartering system in order to receive scraps of love from others.

If you have truly checked your shit before engaging in sexual activity and have no illusions about what you’ll find in casual encounters then all the power to you.

However, if you’re using it to find love and self-worth, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Love and self-worth should never be outsourced to another person. They need to be discovered from within and through a personal connection to divinity which isn’t dependent on bargaining your body or your energy.

When you understand the power and sanctity of your body and your essence, you can truly master magic within your life. You’ll also have less trouble protecting yourself and maintaining good boundaries.

From that vantage point, practice all the sex magic you like ❤️

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