Intuitive Personality Types and Paganism

As an INFJ I’m always curious about personalities, what makes different people tick, and why we’re all different. Even though I usually describe myself as a witch, I actually came to Paganism through the Druids.

On the Druid Facebook page last year (yes, we have a Facebook group) one of the members posted a question asking for everyone’s personality types. She was studying psychology and had an interest in the subject, herself an INFJ.

50 people responded to the question and out of that number 20 were INFJ, another 20 were in the NF camp also, and the other 10 were NT personalities.

These are astonishing results if you consider that INFJ personalities only constitute 1.5% of the general population and they represent a whopping 40% among druids. This is statistically improbable unless there’s a key factor involved.

For those of you not versed with Myers-Briggs typology; N stands for intuition, F stands for feeler and T stands for thinker. In front of that is the extrovert or introvert function. So an INFJ is an introverted intuitive feeler who judges.

It’s more complicated than that, but if you’re interested you can research it for yourself through sites like 16Personalities to find out more.

Long story short: the common factor between 100% of responses was a dominant intuition. Literally that’s the first cognitive function in everyone drawn to Druidry.

A similar result is found in witchcraft when the question is put out there like I saw on an Instagram post by Stargirl the Practical Witch a little while ago:

Her followers also responded with personality types with dominant intuition, regardless of their introversion/extroversion or other subsequent functions.

What this says to me is that people who rely a lot on their intuition eventually find spiritualities which allow them to self-determine.

A lot of mainstream religions are dogmatic in nature and require followers to entrust their spirituality to middle-men such as priests, and to look for insight and answers in a specific set of writings and rituals which cannot be altered or added to.

This narrow view of the spiritual experience is unnatural for an intuitive who literally follows their own inner guidance through life. To deny their own truth leads to physical, emotional and psychological breakdowns and an inevitable dark night of the soul.

Intuitives cannot be “sheeple” and if they try it backfires.

For anyone who has been searching for a group of people to connect with and to find others who understand you; find your local pagans. If a personality type as rare as the INFJ can meet others like themselves, chances are you’ll be in good company.

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