Synchronicities… what is the Universe saying to you?

My home is crawling with ladybugs. Like, they’re a plague inside my house for some strange reason. I moved in and less than a month later, so did they.

For those who don’t already know, ladybugs are considered to be a sign of good fortune from the universe and fall under the category of a synchronicity.

But what are synchronicities, how do you know when you’re experiencing them, and why are they showing up?

It’s different details for all of us, but essentially we receive these subtle messages from the universe to tell us when we’re on a divine path and to encourage us to have faith in the face of circumstances which might seem overwhelming, or illogical, or challenging… or all of the above.

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of something it can be like not seeing the forest for the trees. We need higher level assurance that what is unfolding around us will ultimately be for our higher purpose and greatest good.

It can also be a message that we’re not alone in the universe and that love is available if we need it and ask for it. Our loved ones on the other side, angels, guides, and even our own higher self can be trying to get our attention for reasons which we can’t yet see or don’t understand… yet.

My own story is a prime example of this.

As I mentioned, the ladybugs turned up not long after I did inside the small shack I rented for the holidays through Air-BnB.

ladybug 2
Literally a plague

Lets just say that I didn’t have high expectations for that place before I got there. It’s profile had one sideways picture of an old couch and a description stating plainly that there was no bathroom, no power and no road access unless you had a 4WD. Also, the host went only by the initial “S” and his profile picture was some shady roid-fueled gym junkie.

I was expecting to be murdered, but I booked it anyway.

Desperation was the key motivation since I had quit my job, sold my share of the house to my now-ex-husband, and driven from Queensland to Tasmania via the rough sea crossing with everything I owned packed in a trailer hitched to my car and the dog.

(Check out the trip south in my video above)

I was running out of money, couldn’t find a place which would let me have my dog over Christmas, and had no solid plan for how exactly I was going to actually find a place to live or a job.

It was completely insane. The only saving grace was my house settlement and 3-months of leave from my job so that no one thought I had completely lost it. I probably would have moved with less, to be honest, but I was lucky.

As I arrived at this place, I was forced to trek by foot up a mountain dragging my suitcase through the dirt and being towed by my over-excited Samoyed, Ghost. I found a man with a chainsaw and figured I should at least be polite and introduce myself to my serial killer.

He turned out to be the host’s dad re-stocking firewood for my visit just in case I needed a fire in the middle of a heat-wave in summer. He said something I’ll never forget: that asides from nights getting cold, I might like the company.

It was an idea which struck me as very true; fire is a living thing which often has a unique energy signature of it’s own. Its also part of the elements and attracts the fire lizards known as salamanders. It is, in fact, company. This was a concept I had been divorced from after 15 years in the city, but a Tasmanian farmer was fully aware of it.

The place was actually far better than I had expected, although I think it was still a bit of a low point for me having to shower in town, cart drinking water, and walk for miles to get to my useless city car.

I was quietly freaking out that my endeavour to move to Tasmania was failing miserably as I had been there for a month at that point and hadn’t heard anything about work or housing. No one wanted me and it was demoralising.

I could feel myself losing hope, even as I enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, nearby beaches and magical starry nights. It was becoming overwhelming.

One day I stood outside the shack waiting for my dog to do his business. I couldn’t just let him out, as there was no fence and he was pretty keen to murder wallabies. He started to disappear into the treeline and I called him back inside the shack, but my curiosity was piqued as to what lay beyond the thicket.

I ducked through the branches and came to a little clearing bordered by a couple of giant boulders and towering trees. The creek could be heard cascading on the other side, but there was something more than plants in that clearing and I felt myself pause to listen.

grove 2

The energy was calm but powerful and I knew with absolute certainty that an intelligence lived there which could, and would, listen to me if I chose to speak. I left the space and gathered my things from inside the shack to go explore a new town I hadn’t yet been to.

In the main street of Latrobe is a little shop called Grandlee Cottage which lured me through the doors thanks to a mixture of intriguing window display and heady scents wafting out. I’m always interested in natural beauty products and was excited to find a place which made their own.

Asides from the hemp hand-cream I bought, they also had dried florals so I bought a bag of rose petals, a bunch of lavender and a sheaf of wheat. A plan was forming in my mind and I felt guided to perform a ritual back at the shack.

When I had put away my shopping back at the accommodation, I took my dried botanicals and went back to the clearing in the forest. In the centre I placed the wheat and lavender, then scattered the rose petals in a circle around the edge.


I stood in the centre, fallen leaves under my feet and the chattering stream behind the boulder cooled the air in my lungs. I could feel the energy all around me: wise, ancient, patient and deeply rooted to that place like the blackwoods towering overhead.

“I brought you something,” I said out loud. “I’m grateful to be here right now, and I don’t expect anything, but I need help. I need to figure out how to stay here.”

I listened to the stillness and felt the answer within my body, but it wasn’t what I had expected and I realised my words were not quite right.

“I mean, to stay in Tasmania… in general,” I clarified. “Not this exact place as such…”

Too late.


I stayed at the shack for almost a week before the host actually turned up, having been in Queensland of all places. As I shopped for food in the nearby town I got a message on my phone saying; “omg, you have the cutest dog ever!”

Sam was not at all like his profile picture. A bright, sunny smile greeted me at the door attached to a tall, slim and relaxed young guy.

As he cleaned the cabin, I sorted out my food shopping which I had hefted up the track in a bag strapped across my torso. I spotted my camera and decided to offer decent photos for his Air BnB venture. He clicked through the camera, examining the pictures I had taken, his expression still cheerful and relaxed.

“Yeah, these would be great,” he said. He gave me his email address to send them to and I in turn took my dog Ghost outside to get out of his way.

first stay

After he had finished cleaning up like a good host he came and found me to ask if I wanted the tour of the land around the shack. I was keen to know more about the place and fell into step beside him.

He explained that the property had been a family farm for generations and as he was growing up his parents used it for forestry. The trees had been harvested about a year before which is why the neighbouring paddock on the side of the mountain was covered in stumps. The shack itself had been built in a place which used to be a potato paddock.

It was the strangest introduction to someone I had ever experienced. There was zero discomfort in being around this complete stranger and had no hesitation in showing him my photos or telling him about my travels so far. Usually, being quite sensitive to other people’s energy, I would pick up on either good vibes or bad vibes from someone. I had never experienced neutral vides before.

As we walked back up the hill from the rocks overlooking the valley, he turned and asked if I wanted to see a secret spot.

He led the way through the trees and straight into the hidden grove I had left flowers in, still scattered among the leaf-litter on the ground.

“I’ve actually already found this spot,” I told him.

“Ok,” he said, “but have you climbed up the rock before?”

I had to admit that I hadn’t gotten that far yet so he walked ahead, tramping down the brush next to the rock and scaling the side which had some natural ledges in it. From the top he turned and held his hand down for me. I knew that I could get up without him, and I usually avoided contact with other people as there was always that sense of friction with another person’s energy, but again I had to qualms about his presence.

Completely neutral. So strange.

Why couldn’t I feel anything different or unusual?

The best explanation I had as I silently puzzled it out on top of the rock, looking down at the creek flowing on the other side, was that his energy was somehow at the exact same frequency as my own. I could see him scrutinising my reaction in my peripheral vision.

“So what do you think?” he asked, kicking a pebble off the edge.

I glanced around me at the trees and the rocks. “I think it’s like fairyland.”

His head snapped up to fix me with a look. “Have you seen them?”


The story will continue in another blog article…


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  1. Hey there, how you doing!? I just went through your blog and its totally fab, you really speak the language of heart. Keep up this effort love and have a nice day! ❤
    Looking forward to reading from your blog more 🙂
    You have a new follower 😉

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