Month: May 2019

Twin Flames and the Dark Night of the Soul

There’s a lot of dangerous mythology about twin flames which I want to talk about in this article. Most people think it’s “divine love”, which it is, but that’s an overly simplistic definition. I refer to “twin flames” as “twin souls” because it takes… Continue Reading “Twin Flames and the Dark Night of the Soul”

Dealing with the Ego

A lot of spiritual teachers will say that the ego is always bad and that you need to remove it, but personally I think they’ve missed the point of the ego. We need an ego as part of our protective systems and it does… Continue Reading “Dealing with the Ego”

5 Signs that it’s True Love

We all want real love in this lifetime, but how do you sort out the real from the fake? And how do you move on if it isn’t going to be true love for you? There are 5 key indicators that you have true… Continue Reading “5 Signs that it’s True Love”

What is a Twin Flame?

What most people think of as a “twin-flame” is really more like a soul-mate or even a karmic relationship. Sometimes the easiest way to define something is to describe what it isn’t… There’s nothing wrong with karmic or soul-mate relationships. They’re extremely important in… Continue Reading “What is a Twin Flame?”

Synchronicities… what is the Universe saying to you?

My home is crawling with ladybugs. Like, they’re a plague inside my house for some strange reason. I moved in and less than a month later, so did they. For those who don’t already know, ladybugs are considered to be a sign of good… Continue Reading “Synchronicities… what is the Universe saying to you?”