How Does Ascension Work?

Ascension is a bit of a buzz-word these days, but how does it really work? Is it like some sort of vegan-fuel, yoga-pant wearing version of the Rapture?

Well… no.

None of the process of ascension is without effort on our part. Like any kind of growth and development, it cannot be done without a degree of discomfort, or even an element of pain.

Sometimes in life we have no choice but to cut our ties and free-fall for a short time. We can feel our carefully constructed lives crumbling around us.

This breakdown is essential to the process. You may have felt yourself stagnating for a while before, but the impetus to do something about it wasn’t there. Familiarity is comfortable, even if it isn’t good for us. Not until we literally can’t stand the heat do we really choose to get out of the kitchen.

So the universe bumps up the thermostat, inch by inch, until we can no longer stand it.

That being said, there is no guarantee that just because someone is being pushed out of their comfort zone, that they will actually take much of a leap. A lot of people will be trying desperately to hold onto what they know and can become defensive of those things, or even outright aggressive against change.

However, the new cycle of energy (aka; ascension) doesn’t wait for everyone to be comfortable with the changes. It just moves through, regardless of how we fell about it, sweeping aside the energies which no longer serve us and ushering in the ones we will need for the next cycle of our future.

The symptoms of this process will be noticeable in people doubling-down to preserve their “beliefs” even if those beliefs breed hatred (eg; pro-life activists calling for the death penalty for abortions). The flip-side is others becoming almost militant about “truth” to the point where they cannot allow others to live differently (see vegan’s protesting at steak restaurants).

There is very little difference between these two types of people. Their opinions might be at polarities from one another, but their attitudes and methods are not. They have no tolerance for differing views.

Anyone who holds that tightly to a set of ideals is in for a bad time.

The process of ascension is all about questioning EVERYTHING. From what you believe in to who you are as an individual. You cannot afford to align yourself with anything in such a hardcore fashion or you’ll never be flexible enough to ride the waves which are swelling.

I liken it to something Australians are familiar with; rip-tides.

A “rip” is a stream of fast back-flowing water near the ocean shore. If someone swimming at the beach is caught in a rip, they will be rapidly swept out to sea against their will. In fact, the more you struggle against a rip-tide, the worse it will be. You will never win against the current and fighting it will simply tire you out and result in drowning.

The recommendation for dealing with a rip-tide is the same advice I would give anyone caught in the energy streams of an ascension moment. DON’T STRUGGLE. Let the current carry you to where it is going and when it stops, swim sideways to a different area of the ocean and start making your way back to shore.

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, you will feel like you’re way out of your depth and possibly about to die. That’s not an unrealistic feeling. You ARE out of your depth, and this is do-or-die.

Ascension is the call to step up.

When the universe demands us to step up, we either do it, or we go the way of the dinosaur and become obsolete within our own times. There is no package-deal guided tour of this shit. The energy is so powerful that no one can tell you where it is going to take you, what you will have to give up to make it happen, or how big it will go.

So how do you deal with times like this?


You will have to trust that if you ride the tide, it is taking you to something bigger and better than you can possibly imagine, because ascension is also expansion.

Ultimately, the demolition of what has been crumbling is happening whether we like it or not. The real question which we need to start asking is: where do you want to be? What do you REALLY want?

Start imagining the potential. Start dreaming bigger, even as the walls fall down around your ears. Start cataloguing all the ways in which you have matured, learned important skills, and stepped up for yourself.

The universe is about to ask you to be bigger and better than you have been, but in exchange you will need to make room in your life by removing the excess baggage and you will have to remain open to new horizons you’re not aware of yet.

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