The Empath Paradox

If you’re an empath, then chances are you know all about the paradox of what you are and why you’re here.

On the one hand, you find people overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. On the other hand, your entire purpose in life is to help them.

If you’re on the spiritual awakening journey, you have either been through or are currently going through the hermit phase. This is when you just can’t handle people anymore because they have sucked you dry and they don’t even seem to notice or care. You may have stopped going places and doing things you used to do normally because you don’t have the energy for them anymore.

This phase is vital for an empath for a few reasons:

  1. You need to establish distance from others in order to figure out which emotions and what energy really belongs to you, and what you’re simply picking up from other people without knowing it. This lets you practice shedding or blocking other people’s crap which they subconsciously dump on you.
  2. You need to rebuild yourself, possibly from a very low point if you have been through the breakdown phase of awakening. This phase is all about stripping away the bullshit from your life so that you can’t use it as an excuse, or security. You may find you lose vital things like relationships, jobs, homes etc. Don’t worry, in time you will find that those particular things were holding you back and the universe had something far better in store for you.
  3. You need to start practicing self care, and if you no longer have the capacity to just give everything to others, then you’ll be forced to finally look after yourself. Learning that you not only need this, but also deserve it, is usually the hardest lesson in an empath’s life and the most vital one of all.
  4. The final reason for the hermit phase is to start expanding your consciousness and researching your inherent super-powers. This is something you may need to do alone at first because explaining it to other people makes you sound crazy.

Once the hermit phase is over, though, you need to get back on that horse called life and start having at it. This is problematic for a lot of people because they become comfy in hermit-ville, population of one.

If this is you right now, get ready for another breakdown phase. The universe won’t let you sit on your laurels for very long, even if it seems like you only just managed to get your shit in order after the last time it all went to hell.

But why!? I hear you yelling at the sky.

Because you’re vital to the collective consciousness and you can’t do your job if you’ve shut yourself away from society.

The truly weird, sideways thinking, highly sensitive, empathic, human barometers in this world used to be pulled aside by the tribes they lived in to be the Shamans. That doesn’t happen in western society anymore because our communities are not that closely knit and have less of a focus on the spiritual and emotional well-being of their citizens and a higher focus on productivity and profit.

I hate to say it, but you have to forge your own path in this culture. You may find like-minded individuals who support you, but you can’t limit yourself to just those people.

Empaths are the embodiment of uncomfortable truth. They’re the people who hold up a mirror to other people’s ugly aspects and this can make them outcasts from a society which glorifies those same aspects.

However, while the role of the empath is to shine a light into dark corners, that same light is also needed to illuminate the path out of darkness.

You’re the beacon others need in order to transcend lower vibrations and reach for higher ones instead. How do you do that? By forging the path for yourself and showing other people that it isn’t an impossible feat.

Is it hard? Yeah, it’s incredibly hard. Does it suck to be you? Fuck yeah, it sucks to be you. Are you required to have a back-bone of steel? Yes. Yes you are.

Having the courage to come into your own truth, your own light, and your own path less traveled is no small thing. Showing others that it is worth all the discomfort is why you’re here.

That is the paradox of the empath: An underdog who is kicked to curb by others becomes the hero. Someone who feels all the sorrows of the world, still has the courage to love. When everyone else is pretending that things are fine the way they are, the empath stands up and says “not good enough, we can do better”.

If you’re one of those people, never underestimate how needed you are.

courage of the empath

3 Comments on “The Empath Paradox

  1. I am an empath and know in my heart it’s my job to heal others and help them smile, there are definitely times when it’s just too peopley out there. I dream of a home by a lake in the woods, away from traffic and noise, just the sound of the rain on the lake. I also realise that I have to be present and help those I can.. no easy journey.


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