Month: August 2018

Mirrors, Portals & Scrying

In a world of saturated social media it is rare for anyone to not be constantly connected to a black mirror, or to not have an image of themselves on display in cyberspace. We’re so used to being surrounded by reflective surfaces that not… Continue Reading “Mirrors, Portals & Scrying”

The Broom Closet

I grew up devoutly Christian. My family went to church at least once a week, if not twice with a bible study thrown in for good measure. I sang in the choir with robes and all. Even though the Anglican church doesn’t have as… Continue Reading “The Broom Closet”

The Empath Paradox

If you’re an empath, then chances are you know all about the paradox of what you are and why you’re here. On the one hand, you find people overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. On the other hand, your entire purpose in life is to help… Continue Reading “The Empath Paradox”