The Ultimate Crossroads

If you’re a spiritual person, chances are you have encountered THE crossroads, either in the past or perhaps right now in your life.

So what is the ultimate crossroad?

When it comes to living your purpose, for people who incarnated with a mission in life, usually we all fall into the trap of living basic, or living mediocre. The world around us tells us who we’re supposed to be what we’re supposed to aim for and generally it is very superficial, consumption based, material based and generally devoid of real heart connection.

So what happens after a while of getting bogged down in the base chakras is that our bodies literally start overriding our intellect. When I say “intellect” I’m referring to the conscious mind which relies on tangible evidence in order to make choices and usually disregards emotions and extra senses.

The body, on the other hand, pays attention to meta-data or extra-sensory perceptions and is usually based in heart logic, not brain logic. The heart knows things about the world which the conscious mind may not be aware of, or may have dismissed as “fanciful” or “emotional” (and therefore inferior).

When your body has reached it’s threshold for being ignored and maligned by the intellect, or it has been drained by others around you who may be just energy vampires, it has a breakdown. The symptoms for this can be found in a previous article about the Awakening process.

That breakdown serves two purposes:

First, it forces you to take better care of yourself and to listen more closely to what your body needs. After all, the body is your truest ally in life. It nurtures you, protects you, and gives you the means of performing meaningful actions.

Second, the breakdown usually purges your life of all the meaningless crap you have been surrounding yourself with and striving to obtain. You will find relationships either falling away or dramatically imploding. Your job, house, car and other material goods may be either taken away from you or you may end up rejecting them yourself. You might no longer be physically able to perform certain activities which once made your life meaningful, such as sport or fitness.

All of this is a massive and traumatic purge. You will probably hate it.

Congratulations, this is the crossroads.

A lot of people assume that an awakening process takes away our free-will and forces us to evolve into the stunning butterflies we were supposed to be, however, that’s not entirely true.

We always have a choice, it’s just that the choices often suck at this point in the process.

Choice number 1: Truly change your life for the better and embrace a spiritual way of being which provides you with self-care, integrity, autonomy and courage. AKA finding the path of love and joy.

Choice number 2: Stay in hell and bemoan your trials in life because you don’t want to change, don’t feel like you should have to, or believe that its too hard and too painful. AKA living out of fear.

Choice number 3: Bowing out of life permanently.

A lot of the time no one wants to talk about option 3 because it is such a taboo subject, but I’m sure if you have endured the crossroads and come out the other side, you probably thought about option 3 at some point.

That’s the biggest challenge of the cross roads; you have to choose life. If you don’t, then you stay in a place of despair or you give up entirely.

Living life to it’s fullest and being an authentic person is a huge act of bravery and not everyone has the guts to step up. However, if you do decide to cut the crap and do what you came here to do, the rewards are surprising, amazing and definitely worth the trials undertaken to finally get to that point.

Anything worth having is going to demand your very best. I’m not saying it needs to be difficult, I’m saying that it needs to be of high quality. You need to bring forth honesty, bravery, integrity, decisiveness, strength of character and conviction. Add to that pure, unabashed, unapologetic kindness and love.

Other people probably will call you a nut. But who gives a shit what scared people say? Don’t let other people’s fears and lack of conviction throw you off course from what you need to do with your life. If they can’t handle it, and aren’t willing to let you try, then they aren’t up for the journey and all they’ll do is hold you back.

Find a new tribe, forge a new path, discover new worlds hidden in plain sight. Keep a sense of wonder and curiosity about life and the rest will unfold. Have the back-bone to be yourself.

Most importantly, realise that the crossroads is just a phase of transition. It’s not the end of your world, just the start of a new one.

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