Why Summoning Demons is a Bad Idea

There are plenty of witches out there who see no problem with working really dark magic. From poppets to demons, curses and hexes, the options for utilizing dark power is quite extensive.

But what are the risks of dipping your toes into the black, fathomless lake of evil? Is there ever an appropriate time or place for such things?

Obviously the allure of power and knowledge is very enticing. Flexing your magic muscles is just as addictive as becoming a gym junkie, or developing an eating disorder. If you have ever struggled with addiction, then magic can become a new drug and like any other addiction, you start out with the small stuff and graduate to the much harder substances when the highs need to become higher.

The other problem a lot of people face is dealing with their own shadow self. Delving into your own darkness can pull you into the black hole of depression. The shadow is all about your pain, your fears, your psychological wounds, and all of your weaknesses. The density of shadow vibration can become overwhelming and strip you of hope. Once you are devoid of hope, depression sets in and suicide becomes a real danger.

Don’t get me wrong, shadow work is vital for your growth, understanding, and ultimately maturing into a stronger person who has conquered (or at least made peace) with their inner demons.

However, shadow work needs to be done in small doses and balanced out by higher vibrations and more joyous emotions.

Half the time when you begin witchcraft, you have to be very mindful of what vibrations you’re putting out and ultra-hygienic with your spiritual practice. Cleansing is a major part of everything you do because if it isn’t, you leave the gate open for all sorts of vampiric, negative entities to latch on like a tick.

It can be so easy to let in the wrong energy, and so hard to get it out.

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought; Who the fuck are all these assholes I keep being surrounded by? Why is so much bad luck happening to me? Are all of my friends and family just using me?

I know I’ve been there, before I began my journey into personal sovereignty and self-care.

When you get stuck in the lower, more dense vibrations, where all the jerk-faced people and evil entities exist, then you get stuck in survival mode. That world is dog-eat-dog. There’s no room for growth. No room for expansion. No room for love and joy.

Ultimately you have to figure it out for yourself, but for me I know I can’t allow room for that shit in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things which piss me off and make me consider taking the option of revenge. Some days I really have to consciously choose which sort of person I want to be: Do I want to get bogged down into negativity, or do I want to be free of it? Would I like to waste my time and energy on people who don’t deserve it, or would I like to spend that time on something nice for myself?

Discernment is key.

We all have choices, and those choices ultimately shape our lives.

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