Non-Duality & the Yin-yang

There’s a lot of buzz at the moment about being “non-binary” or obtaining a state of true neutrality. But what is neutrality? By its very definition it is an absence rather than a presence of anything.

So if Non-Duality is a red herring, how does duality work?

First off, we need to stop looking for a bad guy. Masculine is not any more a dirty word than feminine. Light is not better than dark. Data is not always more reliable than intuition.

Have you ever seen Inside Out? It’s an animated kids film about emotions. The overall message is that we’re told to “be good” for others and always put on a happy face. We’re supposed to shun sadness and suppress all our “uglier” emotions. However, the reality is that we feel things for a reason and we need to honour and process the whole spectrum of our emotions. If we don’t, then they fester and become toxic.

In the same way, duality isn’t good-guy/bad-guy: it’s not antagonistic. It is complimentary opposites.

What are complementary opposites? They’re the Yin-yang within us, which make us complex emotional beings with rich inner worlds.

Think of the most boring and stereotypical people you’ve met. I can almost guarantee that they have either subscribed to neutrality or they’re caricatures of stereotypes.

Either way, they haven’t explored their masculine/feminine or their sun/moon or the shadow-self/light-self.

When you know your dark side, when you can man up and nurture others, or when you embrace the power of the sun as well as the moon, you’ll truly know yourself. You’ll also be able to draw on aspects of your personal power which others might not know you have.

In short, whether you’re male, female or a sliding scale in between, being able to reconcile your own duality will make you a bad-ass witch.

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