Witchy Tools

People might not tell you this, but it’s not really essential to use tools in witchcraft. On your own, you’re far more powerful than any magical implement can ever possibly be and the key to magic is knowing this and using it.

However, all that energetic potential you have swirling inside your being sometimes needs a focal point or a direction in order to be sent out with purpose and clarity. That’s where the tools of the trade come in. They’re symbols to help you direct your energy into a focal point in order to manifest and set intentions.

A tool is also an extension of your physical being, since magical workings will incorporate it into your energy field. That’s why no one shares tools and also why it is really important to choose them carefully.

Never rush the process of acquiring your tools. Always take your time to source them and make a connection. How do you know that you’ve found “the one”? You’ll feel a thrill in your heart and a longing in your gut which fills you with excited energy for all the possibilities ahead.

The reason why I say “acquiring” instead of “purchasing” is because not all tools are objects which money can buy, nor should they be. For example, I work with feathers and sea shells which I have stumbled across while walking and connecting with nature. I also acquired my staff that way (it’s a Druid thing, I know, not all witches feel a connection to using a staff).

That’s another thing; some blogs or videos or covens or orders will tell you which tools to use and what you should have. The problem is, not every witch is called to use every tool. It depends on what your skills are, or which area of witchcraft you’re most drawn to. A garden witch will work with tools attuned to gardening, whereas a kitchen witch will need different tools. Some witches like to work with the ocean, other prefer to work with fire, or crystals, or any number of other paths.

Your practice also evolves over time. What you connected to a year ago might not serve you anymore, or you may have expanded your repertoire to include more interests.

No doubt you’ll collect over the years, and that’s half the fun of it.

As a Hearth Witch these are the tools I have found most useful to me so far:

  • Book of Shadows (invaluable for keeping a record of rituals)
  • Shells and Feathers
  • Wooden staff
  • Sage smudge stick
  • White candles with black holders
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Crystals
  • Selenite wand (I was so excited to find it in a crystal shop, I was expecting to get a wooden wand but knew this was my wand when I saw it)
  • Glass bottles for all my potions, herbs and salts
  • Cauldron incense burner (I love working with iron and this is especially cute)
  • Oracle deck (I have the Druid Animal Oracle deck, which has lovely drawings)
  • Wooden chest for little treasures (my brother gave me this when I was a teenager and he had filled it with Frankincense. These days I keep my little crystals in it and my pendulum, the Frankincense goes in a metal container)
  • Bessom (a witch needs to be able to clear her space for rituals)

No doubt the list will expand as I work. I’m currently getting a friend to forge me an Athame so that’s very exciting.

If you have a tool you like to work with, add it to the comments below and tell us what you love about it.

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