Black Salt Recipe

As all good witches know, black is a powerful colour to absorb and neutralise negativity. As all good healers know, activated charcoal is an excellent ingredient to absorb toxic chemicals from the body and transport them out.

If you have a need to cleanse and protect your space or property, Black Salt is an excellent tool to use and really simple to make. The only difficulty is that it’s more effective to make black salt from the ash of your incense cauldron or burner than to simply mix salt and activated charcoal (although you can do that too).


  • Salt (Epsom or sea or Himalayan salts are all good)
  • Activated Charcoal (can be bought from health food stores)
  • Ashes from your incense burner and sage stick
  • Scrapings of iron from your cauldron or cookware (only a small amount needed)
  • Black Tourmaline (only to sit in the salt and infuse with energy, can be cleaned afterward and placed back on your altar)
  • A jar with a tight seal, preferably in glass or metal.

For details on a cleansing ritual, click on the link in this paragraph. You can use the ash and salt from this ritual as ingredients in your black salt mix.

Grind any rock salt in a mortar and pestle, then add salts to the jar. Depending on how much area you need to cover, you might use a cup or two of salt.

Add a couple of teaspoons of activated charcoal and mix through.

Collect the ash from your burner and sage stick and grind them into a fine powder in the mortar and pestle. Add that into the mix.

Add the iron shavings and black tourmaline crystal. Secure the lid and then roll the jar around gently to mix the ingredients. Say the following invocation as you roll the jar around in your hands;

Salt of the earth and ash of the fire, absorb all negativity and set me free to inspire.

Carefully extract the tourmaline before using the salt as a boundary sprinkle outside, or an additive to your bath (clean the tub thoroughly afterwards) or sprinkle a little on the floor of your car, or keep a little open jar of it beside your bed. The uses are almost endless, but remember it will make a serious mess if not contained.

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