Month: May 2018

Witchy Tools

People might not tell you this, but it’s not really essential to use tools in witchcraft. On your own, you’re far more powerful than any magical implement can ever possibly be and the key to magic is knowing this and using it. However, all… Continue Reading “Witchy Tools”

Black Salt Recipe

As all good witches know, black is a powerful colour to absorb and neutralise negativity. As all good healers know, activated charcoal is an excellent ingredient to absorb toxic chemicals from the body and transport them out. If you have a need to cleanse… Continue Reading “Black Salt Recipe”

Energy Cleansing Ritual

This is a ritual which you can use to clear stagnant or discordant energy from your life. Use as often as you need to. Incense Ingredients White Sage Frankincense Myrrh Cinnamon Bark Lemon Zest (dried overnight) Rosemary (dried) Lavender (dried) Juniper berries Crush or… Continue Reading “Energy Cleansing Ritual”

Why Healers are Always Sick

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a sick person must be in want of healing. But what if you’re both the sick person and the healer? How does that work? A continuously healthy person cannot understand the healing arts. They haven’t spent enough time… Continue Reading “Why Healers are Always Sick”

The Moon, the Goddess & the Pentacle

For the last 2000 years the number 13 has been demonised by the Romans and subsequently the Christian Church. But what is the significance of the number 13? Why does it pose such a threat to patriarchal religion? The obvious answer is that it… Continue Reading “The Moon, the Goddess & the Pentacle”