13 Signs that You’re a Witch

Some people are natural born witches. You might have resisted the calling, but in the end denying who you truly are is more trouble than it’s worth.

If you still have any lingering doubts, check out the list of common witchy traits below 😉

  1. Curiosity – the first trait is the fact that you’re searching in the first place. This usually stems from the need to know more and understand the mysteries of life, the universe and everything. You will have started reading books, articles, blogs and watching videos in an effort to gain more understanding.
  2. Intuition – Somehow you know things which you can’t explain and others have a hard time believing you. In the end you’re usually proved correct, but it can make you look and feel crazy in the meantime. This may have made you feel as though others don’t have any faith in you, or have let you down. It’s important to remember that most people don’t have this kind of insight and you can’t expect them to make that leap of faith to back you up with almost no evidence. At the same time, never compromise what you know to be true or put yourself in a bad situation just because someone else said you were being paranoid or “unfair”.
  3. Clairvoyance / Clairaudience – You see or hear things which aren’t really there, but you can tell the difference, so you’re not crazy. If you have been taught to be fearful of things, then you may have only seen the scary stuff. Raising your vibrations and working from a place of joy and love will shut out the riff-raff and only let in the higher realms.
  4. Empath – You not only know what other people are feeling without them talking about it, but at times you can feel an emotion without knowing where it came from and it doesn’t make sense for you to feel that way. Your emotional state may fluctuate wildly as a result. This is something you will need to work on and involves strengthening your boundaries and also understanding energy better.
  5. Introvert – This refers more to a need to be alone at times rather than an inability to be social. Witches are often quite outgoing and exuberant in social situations but you may find yourself becoming either overwhelmed or drained by social activity, especially in crowds. The thought of a crowded place might stress you out. You will need to have alone time just to recover and get back to being yourself again.
  6. Night Owl – If you love watching the stars and moon phases, you may be in tune with the cosmos. This is very important in witchcraft, so a natural affinity will put you in good stead for magical practice. You may also find that you are lethargic during the day and then suddenly come alive when the sun goes down.
  7. Sensitive – Physically and emotionally you may be more sensitive than most people. For example, your sense of smell of hearing might be very acute and you can experience sensory overload. Or perhaps you cry easily when watching a movie because you have internalized and processed the story at a deeper level than most people would.
  8. Nature Lover – You need time with nature and animals in order to ground yourself. Sometimes you may prefer the company of wild beasts over people, which is perfectly understandable. Too much disconnection from the natural world and you may find yourself becoming highly strung. However, lying on a rock, or sitting under a tree, or feeding some ducks next to a river will pretty much cure anything which ails you.
  9. Justice Warrior – You’re a fierce advocate of justice for other people and the environment. You always want to do the right thing and can’t lie easily because the energy of a lie strikes a discord in your very core and throws you out of whack.
  10. Authentic – You have trouble acting in any way contrary to who you really are. This may have resulting in you being branded a weirdo by other people. On the plus side, you probably have a sense of style which is unique and full of flavor. Never give that up, it’s a beautiful thing.
  11. Old Soul – You may have been born a 50-year-old-man according to your parents, or you may have past life memories which you can’t explain. This is not your first rodeo, my friend, and you may need to process some of the baggage which comes with that.
  12. Energy – If you can sense energy flows, or visualise another person’s life trajectory and where it is leading, you are probably a witch. One of the biggest tells for this trait is if you feel released from pent up energy when a storm breaks and subsequently you may enjoy weather events which others would fear.
  13. Ballsy – People may admire you for your sheer ballsy-ness. It isn’t because you’re actually tough, it’s because you don’t know how to be any other way. You fling yourself head-first into things because you trust your intuition and you know stuff which others don’t. You are 100% authentic and can’t fit in with the herd so you end up standing out. You’re a beacon of light which shines brightly into dark corners and that can be very confronting to anyone who has something to hide. Never be ashamed of that light, or try to hide it. You’re not the one with a problem, other people need to lift their game.

Just remember that even though this is a guide for people who were pretty much born with witchiness running through their veins, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t become witches. If you’re prepared to do the work and are brave enough to do something completely different with your life, you can develop into a witch.

For some, it has been a long road of trying to hide, deny or bury who they are. In the end, you always need to be true to yourself. If you aren’t, that’s when things like poor health,  depression and anxiety can creep in.

Whichever background you’re coming from, embrace the natural power within you, nurture it, honor it and develop it into the beautiful gift it was always meant to be.

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  2. UR THE BEST! You are making my dreams come true!


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