Month: April 2018

13 Signs that You’re a Witch

Some people are natural born witches. You might have resisted the calling, but in the end denying who you truly are is more trouble than it’s worth. If you still have any lingering doubts, check out the list of common witchy traits below 😉… Continue Reading “13 Signs that You’re a Witch”

Why do we have so many Human Rights Movements?

I’m not proud of this, but I got into an Instagram fight with a teenager. How does something like that happen? Twitter fights, sure, Facebook spats, yeah maybe, but Instagram? That’s like trolling on Pinterest, it just doesn’t happen. So the thing which sparked… Continue Reading “Why do we have so many Human Rights Movements?”


There’s a lot of advice to live life with an Attitude of Gratitude, but what does that mean? For most of us, it may feel unnatural to express gratitude when in the middle of a situation which is dragging us down. Whether you’re in… Continue Reading “Gratitude”

The Awakening Crisis

Call it what you will; Kundalini Awakening, Shamanic Crisis or the Spiritual Ordeal. In the end it amounts to the same thing, manifested in a variety of ways and viewed from a multitude of contexts. You’re waking up. No one can say if the… Continue Reading “The Awakening Crisis”