Quantum Physics & Consciousness

What if quantum physics could explain some of the more obscure parts of religion?

Even though science is now finding good evidence that our reality is most likely a virtual construct, the basis of that construct is an underlying consciousness, AKA God. The idea that science may ultimately prove the existence of God instead of disproving it has ruffled a few feathers to say the least and researchers are hesitant to use the “G” word when expressing a fundamental, collective consciousness which gives rise to matter and not the other way around.

But what if ancient cultures already knew this and wrote about it in their “myths” and “legends”? So far, historians have always dismissed the more fantastical aspects of ancient stories as pure myth. However, over the years those myths (such as the city of Troy) have been dug up in exactly the right places and have foundations just as they were described in folklore.

Such irrefutable evidence can’t just be ignored and sparks the ultimate question; is everything in our ancient stories from around the world true?

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, first we need to look at the facts.

According to the latest theories by researchers such as Quantum Gravity ResearchReality is experimentally observed to be geometric at all scales, from the Planck level to the largest structures. Our group hypothesizes that an entirely geometric language or code, using geometric symbolism, is the fundamental way in which meaning, in the form of our physical reality, is expressed… For more info, have a look at their video:

The Simulation Hypothesis is also worth checking out. It shows an in-depth example of the double-slit experiment which led to the theory that consciousness directly affects matter and not the other way around:

Ok, now that you’ve watched all of that, how does it relate to the Judeo-Christian bible? In the New Testament gospel of John, the first verse of the first chapter says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This is a very odd statement and doesn’t ever really come with an explanation. It’s also very different but also similar to the opening verses of Genesis; In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.

The bible often refers to something known as “the Word of God” which we interpret as strict instructions from the big man as outlined in various verses throughout. But what if it isn’t instructions at all? What if the Word of God is the invocation of God?

Many cultures across the globe have a sacred word which does more than convey meaning or provide a label. The intonement of the word itself is just as important as what it says.

For the Sanskrit culture the word was Ohm. In Druid culture it was Awen. For Judeo-Christians it can be either Yahweh (the name of God) or Amen (a word which means so-be-it).

In many religious practices it is common to find chanting and intonement used as a means of altering consciousness. Being able to enter a state of altered consciousness allows the practitioner to receive insight, make connections to ideas which they couldn’t do before, communicate with unseen spiritual beings and journey to different places in space and time which would be physically inaccessible.

Back to the Quantum Gravity Research we go; Emergence theory views spacetime in a way that builds on Einstein’s spacetime model, in which the future and past exist simultaneously in one geometric object. We view this object as a system in which all frames of spacetime interact with all other frames all the time. In other words, there is a constant, dynamic, causality loop relationship between all moments in time, in which the past influences the future and the future influences the past… We view consciousness as both emergent and fundamental… This fundamental,  primitive, yet highly sophisticated, form of consciousness steers the patterns on the quasicrystalline point-space toward more and more meaning. Eventually consciousness expands into higher degrees of order such as nature and life as we know it… There are no known laws in physics that place an upper limit on what percentage of the universe can exponentially self-organize into freewill systems such as us humans. Indeed, physics allows the possibility that all the energy of the universe can be converted into a single, conscious system that itself is a network of conscious systems. Given enough time, what can happen will eventually happen. 

This theory also sees our reality as a 3D quasicrystal which has an 8D crystal source:

Emergence theory focuses on projecting the 8-dimensional E8 crystal to 4D and 3D. When the fundamental 8D cell of the E8 lattice (a shape with 240 vertices known as the “Gosset polytope”) is projected to 4D, two identical, 4D shapes of different sizes are created. The ratio of their sizes is the golden ratio. Each of these shapes are constructed of 600 3-dimensional tetrahedra rotated from one another by a golden-ratio based angle. We refer to this 4D shape as the “600-Cell.” The 600-Cells interact in specific ways (they intersect in 7 golden-ratio related ways and “kiss” in one particular way) to form a 4D quasicrystal. By taking 3D subspaces of this 4D quasicrystal and rotating them from one another at a certain angle, we form a 3D quasicrystal that has one type of proto-tile: a 3D tetrahedron.

You can read the complete theory overview here.

So reality is crystalline, geometric, mathematical, binary, full of waves of potential, based on the Golden Ratio and only possible because of consciousness.


To get an idea of where the Word fits into all of this, we need to look at how geometry, maths, time, distance, crystals and waves of potential can all be expressed by sound. Check out this video on Sonic Geometry and the golden ratio:

Another link between geometry and sound is the construction of the human ear and Fibonacci sequences. Perfect mathematical geometry in nature also happens to be a receiver of sound waves…

human ear
Image sourced from and article on Unicorns http://www.oneletterwords.com/unicorn/html/

Read in this new context, the first verse of John might instead say: In the beginning Consciousness started Vibrating, and the Vibration made a Sound, and the Sound made a Word which became aware of itself and by doing so became Conscious. It’s almost like the big bang theory, but instead of dealing with matter, we’re dealing with consciousness. This consciousness is ever expanding and simultaneously co-creating itself.

I guess the question now is; what other evidence do we have that this is a fundamental truth about our reality? If ancient cultures have known about sound for thousands of years, perhaps concepts about consciousness go even further back…

If we go back as far as the paleolithic times, you can find references to spirals found on petroglyphs (AKA rock art), not just in one area of the world, but globally:

Not only can sound frequencies can be found within geometric patterns, but sound can also produce geometric patterns:

If we think of waves of potential as sound waves, then references in the bible about a Word suddenly becomes relevant. What if the sound is more important than the word itself? Why do we call social and spiritual cohesion Harmony? Why are bad feelings and actions known as Discord?

In the Hindu and Buddhist religions, based on ancient Sanskrit teachings, there is a word designed to raise a person’s consciousness; Ohm. It promotes well-being, peace, and a connection to universal consciousness:

States of consciousness can be altered through different sounds and patterns of sound. Our brain waves can be directly affected by sound waves via a practice known as Sonic Driving. Shamans throughout different cultures across the globe have used sonic driving (as well as medicinal plants such as magic mushrooms) to undertake what is known as shamanic journeying, or an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state they can communicate with spirits, receive information and also retrieve aspects of a person’s soul which have become lost to them. To do this, they transcend the space/time continuum to visit the past, present and future as well as parallel timelines.

Sonic or Auditory Driving with musical instruments and singing have been found to induce Theta Brainwaves. This pattern of brainwave is associated with meditation, visualisation and hypnosis. It’s also connected to short and long-term memory encoding in the brain as well as emotional responses. Because of this, scientists have linked our ability to remember with heightened emotional states. In other words, if we don’t experience a strong emotion, we’re unlikely to remember an event and the level of emotion associated with a memory will affect how well we remember it.

One of the reasons why music is so good at inducing there brain patterns is because it is emotive by nature. Music gives us all the feels. It also allows us to access memories which are otherwise inaccessible, such as past lives. Since those memories have not been carried within our current physical form, we can hypothesise that memory is not necessarily stored in the brain.

The other name for theta brain state is “hypnogogic” which is the state that we enter into when we’re about to fall asleep or about to wake up. It’s also referred to as “twilight” state. If you have ever had strange experiences when trying to fall asleep or just waking up, you’ll know that in this state you’re more susceptible to contact with the spiritual plane. Unexpected things can occur in this state.

To learn more about sonic, or Auditory Driving, you can read a research paper published by Stanford University here.

The research also touches on the concept of entrainment which is when two or more rhythmic cycles become synchronised due to their proximity. In other words, if you have two or more differing beats happening within the same space, they will automatically synchronise their rhythms in order to match. In 1665 Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist, set a room full of clocks to differing rhythms of pendulum swing and when he checked on them a day later they had synchronised.

As Gabe Turow writes in his paper: This principle posits that any two vibrating bodies will entrain if exposed to each other for long enough. It’s true of clocks and electric driers sitting in close proximity to each other; it also describes the way musicians manage to play in time together in groups, the way women’s menstrual cycles fall into synch when they live with one another, and the way our body systems interact.

As Nikola Tesla said: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Vibration underpins everything. Energy doesn’t exist without vibration and frequency is a measurement of vibration. All things are vibrating, whether on the macro level or on the micro level. And if something is vibrating, it must also be emitting a sound, whether we can hear it or not.

The brain itself is a complex organism. Laurence Ward from the University of British Colombia wrote about brain waves as oscillating neural networks. He described the observable patterns as being like the sequence of bumpers hit by a pinball shot from its spring. However he was stumped as to the source or presence of the actual “pinball”, only being able to see the different areas of the brain light up as they were “hit” by thought processes.

To learn more about different types of brain waves, see this video:

Not only can brain waves be measured, but they can also be picked up by other living organisms. For example, there are service dogs which can alert a person with epilepsy when they’re about to have a seizure. This means that brain waves aren’t just contained within the brain, but are emitted and can be received by external parties.

This also ties in with frequencies studied by the Heart-Math Institute which are generated, emitted and received by the heart. Heart frequencies can be synchronised among a group of people, and also other species of animal such as dogs. They also tap into a field of information which exists outside of linear time. For more info, see the video below:

Raising your vibrational frequency is a common goal in the spiritualist movement, but what does this mean?

Because all the universe and every dimension is vibrating, they generally have differing frequencies at which they vibrate. Whether this makes one frequency “good” or “bad” is a point of conjecture since that implies a dualistic and binary reality. All harmonic frequencies are part of the symphony of the multi-dimensional universe, but frequencies of discord produce unease and chaos, disrupting the flow of harmony. This suggests that rhythm also plays a part, not just the tone. In that sense, a lower frequency is merely a base tone rather than “bad”.

How to Find “Flow”

So if it’s possible to tap into Universal Consciousness and find your higher path in life, how do we do it?

The first step is to start practicing meditation. Some people find this really difficult so may need to start with a physical practice such as Yoga or simply going for a walk.

The basic rules of meditation are:

  • No distractions (this means phones, people, TV, radio, loud noises…)
  • Calm, rhythmic music which can be sustained for a long period (you can find meditation music or play it yourself if you have a drum or singing bowl)
  • A comfortable setting (this is NOT self-flagellation, this is self-care)
  • Comfortable clothes (see the last point)
  • Nice smells like inscence
  • A starting point
  • A way of getting back

If you can start with just 5 minutes a day, you’ll eventually be able to build up to a good half-hour practice. You may like to download a guided meditation, or even create one yourself with a recording. Getting in isn’t the hard part, it’s getting out again without jarring yourself back into reality which poses the biggest issue (hence the do-not-disturb sign for other people).


Leave a comment below on how your meditations go!

Bright Blessings /|\

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