Month: March 2018

The Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians

There are a great many hieroglyphs written on all of the ancient temples at Karnak and Luxor in Egypt and it became the 15 year work of one woman to translate them. Ihsa Schwaller de Lubicz published books on her translations full of ancient… Continue Reading “The Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians”

When the Body Calls BS

Severe migraines, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, vertigo, hypoglycemia, anxiety, tremors… The list can literally go on. You may have sought medical advice, but what do you do when your doctor tells you it’s all in your head? Well, if you have already done… Continue Reading “When the Body Calls BS”

Quantum Physics & Consciousness

What if quantum physics could explain some of the more obscure parts of religion? Even though science is now finding good evidence that our reality is most likely a virtual construct, the basis of that construct is an underlying consciousness, AKA God. The idea… Continue Reading “Quantum Physics & Consciousness”