Is Atheism Just Another Religion?

Can an Atheist credibly claim that their religious “beliefs” are solid fact? Is the notion that the absence of God/Goddess or spirituality, in itself, a religious belief system?

If you look at what is entailed in a religious belief, then yes, atheism is just another religion. All it requires is firm, faithful belief from its followers and a set of doctrines (thank you Richard Dawkins) in order to fit into the mold of a mainstream religious construct.

A lot of Atheists* argue that their beliefs are founded upon solid fact, backed by empirical scientific data which disproves the notion of spirituality. Only problem is, science doesn’t agree. In fact, science can’t agree with itself about the nature of consciousness and the presence of subtle energy which could be described as the soul.

Good scientists understand the difference between theories and laws. They know that no matter how good a theory might be, unless it can be measured in some way and data collected to back it up, infallibly, every time, it remains a theory and subject to question.

Atheists seem to disregard the basics of scientific inquiry, instead gripping tight to what is essentially just a theory or indeed a belief system, and refusing to even entertain the notion that they may be disproved at some point.

It’s almost as though they’re acting like religious fundamentalists…

I’ve never heard of any belief system throughout the course of human history which was based on irrefutable fact: including the lack of a belief.

Spirituality is a personal thing. Granted, it has been heavily tied in with the state and systems of power for an extremely long time, but I think the human race is past that point in it’s evolution. We can now decide for ourselves what we want to put our hearts and souls into, regardless of how our parents raised us, or what the majority of our culture ascribes to.

This is a brilliant time to be alive. Religion has been extracted from the law of most countries and is now relegated to the realm of individual’s personal lives. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s still a bit of kick-back from the fundamentalists of every religious persuasion, and Atheism is not immune to this. For some reason, there are people out there who are more invested in “being right” than in being kind.

Perhaps this new wave of soul sovereignty, where it ain’t nobody’s business but your own, is what we need to counter the dogmatic nature of most belief systems.

*Please note that not all Atheists behave in this way and are actually aware of the tenable nature of their personal belief systems. This article is referring to “fundamentalist atheism”.

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